Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Super-Grind, part 1: Demolition, St Marc

Tuesday, 28 August 2012 20:00 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Here’s something new. We play a game for ages, show off everything we can find in it, video it, put it on the internet. We’ll call it “Super-Grind” because it’s late and I can’t think of anything better.

We’ve been playing a bunch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so we’re going to start recording everything to show off all the maps and modes. Below you’ll be see Sam and I playing a game of the new Demolition mode on St Marc.

Demolition’s a slimmed-back version of the classic shooter, in which your weapon changes for the next round if you kill an enemy in the current one. You don’t “buy” anything.

The small map’s one of eight new stages created created specifically for Arsenal, which includes both the Demolition and Arms Race modes. It has a single bomb-placement point in the centre, outside alleyways and central buildings. And a bunch of toxic barrels ripe for terrorising.

Watch and see. You can buy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now.