MechWarrior Online River City reveal trailer shows an unrelenting terrain

Saturday, 25th August 2012 19:53 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

MechWarrior Online will contain an urban map called River City, which Piranha Games has described as having “unrelenting terrain.”

According to the description provided, the map will contain plenty of areas for those who prefer everything from “stealth scouting to long range support to all out brawling.”

The river itself splits the city into two opposing sides and is spanned by two bridges. A fortified citadel stands in the center and players will fight for control of two key sites: “a space port high on a plateau and a crucial industrial port facility on the ocean shoreline.”

River City is also surrounded by conflicted hillsides where airstrikes and artillery barrages are taking place.

If this sounds interesting, you should apply for the closed beta here.

Those who are interested in participating in the Founders Program have until September 6.

The free-to-play MechWarrior Online will launch on PC later this year.



  1. OlderGamer

    I am so not impressed :(

    MechAssult is still my fav online shooter ever made. But this stinks of the same stench that held the PC games back: too much Sim. In a mainstream marketplace, this game won’t do too much. I expect a dedicated and prolly vocal(against what I am saying) group. But a modern game needs a jump in a grab them feel to it. This doesn’t have that.

    I can’t say I am disapointed, because in truth it is exactly what I expected from it. Slow and clunky.

    #1 2 years ago

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