Survey finds UK kids play eight hours of games each week during hols

Thursday, 23rd August 2012 03:15 GMT By Brenna Hillier

In a survey of UK children’s habits during their summer vacation time, toy manufacturer Galt found many parents are concerned that their children spend too much time gaming.

The survey took in over 2,000 respondents and found that kids average around eight and half hours of video games every week.

The gaming time is part of the 12 solid days, on average, that kids spend in front of a screen of some kind over their summer holidays.

One sixth of parents say that their children are in constant possession of a games console, and “64% of parents would like their children to play traditional non electronic games rather than contemporary video games”.

Additionally, 12.5% of kids have an iPad and on average, each has £581 worth of electronics in their bedroom.

Gosh it certainly sounds like a fair bit of gaming and telly watching is going on, although I’m no judge of what’s too much. But what’s this? Six in ten parents “regularly put their children in front of the TV as there is nothing else to do”.

Welp. Hit this link for an infographic of results.

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  1. Digital Bamboo

    8 hours of video games a week doesn’t seem like so much.

    I’m quite sure I played more than that in a regular week as a kid, never mind during the “hols” Still had plenty of time to play outside, visit friends, draw pictures & read books. What else have kids got to do that’s so pressing?

    I teach in Korea, & I think a lot of kids here spend 8 hours a week playing mobile games WHILE AT SCHOOL.

    The more surprising thing I find about this survey is that, on average, kids have close to $1000 worth of electronics in their bedrooms. WTF!? I had $0 worth of electronics in my bedroom, until I was old enough to work & pay for them, or build them, myself. Unless you count a clock radio.

    At least games are interactive, and require some degree of thought, puzzle solving, and skill. Unlike TV. I wonder how many hours of television these parents watch that feel their kids play too many games.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. deathm00n

    When I was a kid I played 8 hours a DAY(and now I sit in front of a PC programming all day and learning how to program at college at night) and I find no harm in it, it’s better than watching the same amount of TV, with videogames you develop logic and a lot of other skills

    Of course it would be better to get away from electronics the longer you could, but if that’s what you kid like, let him play, imagine if no one were allowed to play more than 8 hours a week, this site would not exist probably… you think game developers played only this amount of time? The games industry would not be big as it is today.

    #2 2 years ago

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