Plants Vs Zombies 2 release date revealed

Monday, 20 August 2012 14:22 GMT By Dave Cook

Plants Vs Zombies 2 has been revealed by PopCap, and is heading your way in 2013.

PopCap has dates Plants vs Zombies 2 for release in northern spring 2013, but no formats have been revealed.

The accompanying press release included comments from an “unidentified spokesperson”.

“Spring is crullest curlie ungood time, and plantz grow dull roots. So, we are meating you for brainz at yore house. No worry to skedule schedlue plan… we’re freee anytime. We’ll find you,” it said.

Sonny F. Lower, a “representative of the Flora Forever Foundation”, added:

“There was a time we relished a bracing, hearty blend of zombies, in the morning. But first, a brisk shower and some strategic pruning are required. Tomorrow is near!”

The announcement comes just hours after rumours of imminent lay-offs at developer PopCap.