Basement Collection: Edmund McMillen Details new game features

Monday, 20 August 2012 08:12 GMT By Dave Cook

Basement Collection, a compilation of older games developed by Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen will receive a slew of additional extras when it launches sometime this month.

McMillen revealed the additions over at his blog, such as a new version of Time Fcuk, complete with a new second chapter that consists of 33 levels with a unique story arc and ending.

The six game collection will cost $4 and includes six games: Time Fcuk, Aether, Spewer, Grey Matter, Triachnid and the NewGrounds edition of Meat Boy.

Elsewhere, McMillen has overhauled the control systems for Meat Boy and Triachnid. The former will include a new soundtrack by Super Meat Boy composer Danny Baranowsky.

You can even watch 10 minutes of behind the scenes footage from Indie Game: The Movie, where McMillen talks about the featured games, take in some concept art, soundtracks and much more.

Thanks IndieGames.