Eurogamer Network launches Outside Xbox, a new website run by industry veterans

Wednesday, 15th August 2012 13:27 GMT By Nick Akerman

Eurogamer Network has revealed a new site that focuses on all things Xbox.

The site is edited by veteran journalists Andy Farrant, Mike Channell and Jane Douglas and will produce daily video content for the Xbox community.

Farrant was formerly an Xbox Live producer on Microsoft’s award-winning Inside Xbox channel, Channell was previously deputy editor at Official Xbox Magazine, and Douglas was section editor at GameSpot.

Expect to see a number of regular features, including the “Show of the Week” video.

The Outside Xbox launch is in partnership with Square Enix, who are using the site to promote Sleeping Dogs, released in Europe this Friday.

“We’ve been fans of Mike, Jane and Andy’s work for a long time so it’s brilliant to have them join the Eurogamer family,” said Rupert Loman, Managing Director of Eurogamer Network.



  1. Hunam

    Nice little poke at Microsoft! Gratz guys (and gal)!

    #1 2 years ago
  2. DSB

    Pat isn’t in on this? I thought he was like a 360 historian or something.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Ireland Michael

    Kinda says a lot for Microsoft’s treatment of gaming when they end up becoming the butt of the joke for a website’s name.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. DSB

    I had a funny moment yesterday. I found a feature in MSN messenger that actually convenienced me.

    I was like “I’ll be damned!”. It’s just pretty uncommon for a Microsoft app to actually accomodate you in anything.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. Gadzooks!


    Sure MS apps are bad, and getting worse (Office 2010 has the worst UI I think I’ve ever encountered), but have you ever used thier dev tools? I’m concinced they were built for, or maybe by, aliens. Humans like things straightforward and concise, not overly complex and verbose like MS make them.

    Not a day goes by where I dont curse some aspect of .Net development, or this shitty clusterfuck of a windows phone, which incidentally made me type this twice.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. DSB

    @5 Thankfully I’m not on that level :P

    I did like how easy it was to set up the Windows Media Center though, but it pretty much stops there.

    #6 2 years ago

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