Sega files trademark for Shining Ark

Tuesday, 14th August 2012 14:05 GMT By Nick Akerman

Sega has filed a trademark for Shining Ark, possibly a continuation of The Shining series.

The folks at Siliconera have uncovered the listing. Last year’s Shining Blade was also spotted early when it became apparent a trademark had been filed.

Shining Blade came out for the PSP in March 2012, so it could be time for a sequel. If the game is legitimate, it’ll be interesting to see if Sega opt for the PSP again, or upgrade to Vita.



  1. silkvg247

    Hmm, Shining Force would have been a much nicer announce, Ark was mediocre.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. OlderGamer

    Well sign me up, I loved the Ark games. Tho the last console one I played was on the Saturn I think. Looking forward to it. But would much rather have it on a console. When I rant about lack of jpn console focus (instead focusing on cheaper handhelds) hurting PS3, this is what I am talking about. A full blown console version for PS3 would have sold systems. Imo.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. silkvg247

    @2 Well thinking about it a bit more, the reason I did not like “Shining the holy ark” was because I played the far superior prequel, “shining in the darkness”.

    Ark was a letdown after darkness. I don’t know why but it missed the same magic. Darkness rocked my world; I think I completed it four times.

    A current gen version of this style of game could be interesting, but I suspect they’ll try to modernise it too much. They’ll probably turn it into an action dungeon RPG, since turn based games don’t appeal to the masses. Shudder.

    I agree a game like this would work better on fullscreen e.g. ps3 but oh well. :(

    #3 2 years ago

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