Wii U may miss European launch window — Rumour

Friday, 10th August 2012 17:17 GMT By Jeff Dunn

The Wii U may see its initial November launch window pushed back a month due to manufacturing issues, sources tell CVG.

The core dilemma appears to lie in producing the Wii U GamePad controller, which is not too surprising considering how complex its build is. Key GamePad features include a 6.2 inch touchscreen, a front facing camera, and motion sensing and Near-field communication capability, among others. In simpler terms, there’s a lot that goes into making one of these things.

The report does note that Nintendo is determined to release the new console in the US before the Thanksgiving holiday, though.

Obviously, manufacturing any console is a long and complicated process, but the Wii U may be cutting it especially close this time around with regard to its launch.

Nintendo declined to comment on the matter.



  1. Razor

    Well as long as they don’t do an SCEE and push it until after the holiday season.

    I know that wasn’t SCEE’s fault back then, but seriously. Missing the holiday season would be a disaster.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Lightmanone

    Oh well.. Not that it really matters. Only New Mario WiiU that is really noticable for this release. Move along people, move along. >.>

    #2 2 years ago
  3. CPC_RedDawn

    This is exactly what Nintendo want. Soon you will see a slew of adverts promoting the Wii U. There will be booths set up everywhere you go for people to try it out for themselves. Then when demand reaches high volumes. They ship only a fraction of the amount to drive demand higher and higher. Which means prices get driven higher and higher. Just look at the Wii. The thing was basically a Gamecube in a new case and the controller was EXTREMELY easy to make as well. They had millions made for launch and we KNOW they purposely held back units to drive demand and prices sky high. In my area of the UK Wii’s around christmas for the first two years were nearly as much as 360′s and PS3′s chipping in at around £250!!

    #3 2 years ago

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