Kickstarter: Gaymercon obliterates funding target

Tuesday, 7th August 2012 11:36 GMT By Dave Cook

Gaymercon, the world’s first gay-focused gaming convention has been fully funded on Kickstarter, netting $31,301 in just six days and climbing – and all they wanted to begin with was $25,000.

Over at the Gaymercon Kickstarter page, a descriptor for the convention sets out stall, “The stereotypes about gamers are many, but the core is the perception that gamers are usually straight white guys in dark rooms furiously mashing at a controller. That’s not the reality.”

“Community is important,” The descriptor continues, “We believe that there are a great amount of Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, Gender Queer, and Bisexual folks out there, of every color and creed, that at the end of the day, love to geek out.”

“Geek about video games, tabletop games, tech, comics – all that fun stuff. And we believe that creating a community for these folks, Gaymers as they are affectionately dubbed, is important to help shape a more tolerant and safer space in gaming. After all, everyone games.”

While backed on Kickstarter, the convention has attracted a critical response in some circles for the way it distinguishes between sexual orientation.

What’s your view on the issue? Should this be a catch-all convention for everyone, or is the need to distinguish still valid? Share your views below.

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  1. Prof.Dr.Moertel

    Pardon my French, but that’s just stupid, discriminating bullshit. We’ll probably have a gaming convention for people with blue eyes next…

    Gaming is about gaming. Who the fuck cares if you’re gay or not?

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Ireland Michael

    @1 Gay people?

    Have you ever wondered why the phrase “girl-gamer” also exists?

    Look… we really don’t need to get into a debate about discrimination, equal rights, and all that, but the simply truth of it all is… certain groups are discriminated against more than other. As a result, many of those groups feel the need to stand up for themselves, and that’s how communities like this get involved.

    When the existence you were born into is undermined, mocked, insulted and discriminated against for your whole life, I think you have something of a right to be allowed to celebrate it a little more. It gives people who otherwise might feel very alone the sense of worth and understanding that they deserve.

    …ugh, we really don’t need to debate this subject. It’s way too freaking serious. We already have a topic about good parents. That’s enough for one Next!

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Freek

    Depends on the conventions goals. If it is intended to only be for so called “Gaymers” (terrible name*) then it is pointless. It simply creates more segregation and more discrimination.

    If on the other hand they set it up like Gay Pride events, a giant party where everybody is welcome, celebrating diversity, then it can be succesfull.

    *gaming isn’t about gender or sexual orientation or religion or any of that. Creating more sub groups only increases discrimination rather then recogize that we are ALL gamers and are all in this wonderfull hobby together.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. Moonwalker1982

    What the fuck is this nonsense? I have nothing against gay people but why this? I thought they want to be accepted and that people see them like any person, which is fine, so why make this special event then? This is pathetic.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. Ireland Michael

    @3 “gaming isn’t about gender or sexual orientation or religion or any of that. Creating more sub groups only increases discrimination rather then recogize that we are ALL gamers and are all in this wonderfull hobby together.”

    No it doesn’t.

    A gay pride festival does not cause gender discrimination any more than a hen night causes male discrimination. It’s just something people want to take pride in. They have that right.

    “This is pathetic.”

    Wanting to spend time with like-minded people is “pathetic”?

    It’s not like they’re going to ban straight. Christ.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. viralshag

    I have been to quite a few gaming events in my time, the last thing I thought was “where’s all the gay people…”

    At most of the events I find myself thinking “what an amazing variety of people”, usually all and every sort turn up. I don’t have anything against this, I just never thought you would actually need a distinction between a LGBT gaming event and a “regular” (for lack of a better word) gaming event.

    I’m looking forward to hearing what Silk thinks. :D

    #6 2 years ago
  7. Moonwalker1982


    I know that but i just find it incredibly stupid. Like Viralshag said, as if people go to Gaming events to see if there’s any gay people, of course they don’t. I might sound cheesy but it’s true, we are all the same, all human beings. Who the hell cares if i see gay people at game events, i don’t care at all. But if they want their own event…whatever.

    #7 2 years ago
  8. Freek

    @5 That’s my point: at gay pride events everybody is welcome to celebrate, infact that’s the point.
    If you make your convention “gaymers” only then it doesn’t work. There is no tolerance and no change if you segrate yourself off from the rest of the community rather then come together to recoginice the diversity.

    An calling yourself something differnet also doesn’t work, it simply re-enforce the biggots view that you are somehow not part of the community, that you shoulden’t be a gamer. If the goal is tolenrance and understanding that the word gamer needs to be taken back to what it means: a person who enjoys games. A word to discribe everyone, not just white straight males.

    #8 2 years ago
  9. viralshag

    @8, Just to be clear, they do say everyone is welcome. So it’s not a “closed” event where entry is determined by your sexuality. ;)

    Edit: I also just want to add that I admire what they want to achieve by opening the minds of some gamers… I just don’t think the type of gamer that make “homophobic, racial, and misogynistic slurs” are the types that will go to these events.

    As I said before, I find most gaming events (and Comic-con in the UK more than most) to already be attended by a huge variety of people.

    #9 2 years ago

    Very gay indeed.

    #10 2 years ago
  11. Ireland Michael

    @7 When you are part of such a marginalised group, it’s a lot harder to find other people like yourself. Straight people don’t have that problem – they’re the 99%, almost literally in this case.

    Some people just want to be comfortable in their own skin, and with the amount of discrimination the whole gay thing gets, that’s not always possible, especially with the rampant lack of maturity that exists in a large portion of the gaming culture.

    Try and understand it from their perspective, not your own. Because that’s kinda missing the point.

    @8 No-one is segregating anyone. Straight people aren’t “banned” from the event, and anyone is free to go.

    #11 2 years ago
  12. Freek

    You’re not grasping what I am saying. It is important to have such events, just like it is important to have Gay Pride festivals.

    The most important thing however is that not only do you have to make it about celebrating gay, lesbian, transgender gamers, you also need straight gamers to be welcome. Just like everybody is welcome at gay pride events. To show the world that it is okay.
    If you make it “gay only” then you’re getting your message of tolerance out there. Infact you are doing the oposite: reinforcing the discrimination.

    #12 2 years ago
  13. Da Man

    Gay pride? Wow, you learn something new daily.

    Gayming these days..

    #13 2 years ago
  14. Ireland Michael

    @12 It isn’t “gay only”. It says so on the page. It’s about gay pride, but it’s not “closed off” of straight people. So the point is redundant.

    #14 2 years ago
  15. KrazyKraut

    omfg. When ppl see “gay”, there must be a debatte. Nice to see how your fucking stupid comments have nothing to do with the topic.

    Not bad, hope they get more to have more possibilities at this awesome event.

    #15 2 years ago
  16. Deacon

    Some gay people really do have a chip on their shoulder huh?

    That’s all this is, surely. We don’t get mixed-race gaming conventions, or obese and sweaty gaming conventions, do we?

    I thought the mere fact that we all love videogames was enough to bring us all together and break down the proverbial (non-existant) barriers. Clearly not.

    Wow. You’re gay. Big deal. Oh you want to bang on about it and ‘celebrate’ it?

    I’m sorry I just find that weird and pathetic.

    [EDIT] in fact, I see more need for a gaming event aimed at obese people than one aimed at gay/bi/trans/polar bears/pixies/fairies etc.

    #16 2 years ago
  17. Christopher Jack

    Definitely unnecessary. Not that I have any problems with it, I just feel it’s unnecessary.

    #17 2 years ago
  18. KrazyKraut

    The other problem is: What would happen when, lets say, two gay pairs walk hand in hand at the e3 or gamescom? Most people will look at them and think how weird that is. So, thats why the Gaymercon is a good idea.

    #18 2 years ago
  19. Christopher Jack

    @18, With all that cosplay shit going on, it’d probably be the most normal thing you’d see at such an event.

    #19 2 years ago
  20. viralshag

    @18, Would that actually happen though? I’ve been to Eurogamer here in London and seen plenty of lesbian or gay couples walking around, just as there are plenty of straight couples.

    #20 2 years ago
  21. TheBlackHole

    If you don’t want to feel maginalised by society, stop fucking marginalising yourselves!

    Seriously, how is separating all the “Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, Gender Queer, and Bisexual folks out there” from the rest of us going to create “a more tolerant and safer space in gaming”?

    It’s absolute nonsense.

    #21 2 years ago
  22. Ireland Michael

    @16 @21 Posts like these are exactly why events like these need to happen.

    #22 2 years ago
  23. Da Man

    Wow. You’re gay. Big deal. Oh you want to bang on about it and ‘celebrate’ it?

    in fact, I see more need for a gaming event aimed at obese people than one aimed at gay/bi/trans/polar bears/pixies/fairies etc.

    Very well put.

    #23 2 years ago
  24. Christopher Jack

    Okay, I get gays, lesbians & even bisexuals but transsexuals freak me out. Ain’t they really just queers who like cross dressing? I don’t know what to think of ‘gender queer’, I assume that’s when someone’s born with both sets of genitals, I can’t really comment on them because I’ve never seen one, if I did, I certainly wasn’t aware of their difference from anyone else.

    #24 2 years ago
  25. lexph3re

    @22 actually no thats not why they need to happen. Clearly heterosexuals have already been battered and customed to the existence of homosexuality. You can barely watch the news play a game or now go to a convention without it being thrown in your face. Then if you have an opinion on it that doesn’t concur with their “rights” you are an asshole.

    This event is unnecessary I go to conventions and they are a safe haven for homosexuals. No one in gaming/anime/ cosplay community cares about your sexual preference . personally i would like them to shut up. its like the overbearing rasist awareness guy/girl.

    Yeah, we get it its there…. is it relevant to the current situation? No.

    Homosexuals victimize themselves the majority of the time and nobody really cares. unless its political or semantics.

    #25 2 years ago
  26. TheBlackHole


    How so? Surely a better way to promote tolerance and understanding is to meet, share experiences with and get to know people with different backgrounds?

    How does cutting yourself off from everyone else help develop understanding amongst people?

    #26 2 years ago
  27. TheBlackHole

    @25, that’s a good point actually – I don’t remember being at a gaming convention where any group would feel/be unwanted. Gamers are (on the whole) a fairly liberal bunch, especially those who attend global events like Gamescom and E3.

    #27 2 years ago
  28. Deacon

    @22 – I disagree. I believe events based around peoples sexual orientation do nothing but irk those who really couldn’t care less.

    Let ‘em get on with it, sure. Doesn’t matter what the rest of us think. I firmly believe that it makes them look somewhat pathetic, and that they’re the only ones choosing to make a big deal about being ‘gay’.

    I’ve been to gaming and anime conventions over the years, and as #19 says, gay people are the LEAST ‘weird’ thing you can expect to see.

    Some people just love to think of themselves as being different from the norm.

    #20 & #21 have it spot-on IMO.

    Michael I think you’re just trying to play the public correctness hero. Do you honestly believe that events such as this are ‘important to help shape a more tolerant and safer space in gaming’..?

    Seems I’m not the only one that thinks it does the complete opposite.

    #28 2 years ago
  29. Ireland Michael

    @22 “Ain’t they really just queers who like cross dressing?”

    Wow. Just… *shakes head*

    A transsexual is someone who identifies themselves in a gender fashion inconsistent with their physical sex. What you are physically doesn’t always correlate with what you feel psychologically.

    @22 “How so? Surely a better way to promote tolerance and understanding is to meet, share experiences with and get to know people with different backgrounds?

    How does cutting yourself off from everyone else help develop understanding amongst people?”

    What part of “everyone is welcome to the event” do you have trouble comprehending? Nobody is being “cut off”.

    You can “meet, share experiences with and get to know people with different backgrounds” at this event.

    @28 “Michael I think you’re just trying to play the public correctness hero.”

    Oh please. Spare me. One week I’m a troll trying to offend everyone for kicks, the neck week I’m “politically correct”. I can’t be both.

    I believe what I believe. I don’t give too flying fucks if something is politically correct or not, it’s simply a matter of what I believe is right.

    #29 2 years ago
  30. Christopher Jack

    @26, That’s not the way to think of such an event. It’s simply a gathering of like-minded folk, they get each other far better than any straight person ever will so I see nothing wrong with such an event. I mean you could argue that we don’t need any gamer events because gamers are just people too so we should only have people events.

    @29, I hear that but after seeing so many overly effeminate homosexuals, who dress & act as woman but refuse to accept the transsexual tag, I fail to see the difference.

    #30 2 years ago
  31. DSB

    I don’t see anything irrational about minorities wanting to come together, especially when they’re still having to fight for their rights.

    The same thing happened during the civil rights era, people even moved to certain neighbourhoods based on color, formed associations like the NAACP, or the Congressional Black Caucus.

    Why is that so puzzling? If you’re a guy acting effiminate or a girl acting butch at a regular convention, chances are that someone, somewhere is going to say something about it, that isn’t going to be positive.

    I don’t see anything weird about wanting to avoid that by stacking the odds against those people.

    You’re right though, it doesn’t bring people together. But when societies fail to include people and grant them equality, it’s a logical step.

    @25 So you’re asking people to be tolerant of your intolerance. Surely you realize why that’s never going to happen?

    #31 2 years ago
  32. OrbitMonkey

    The real issue here is that if this Gayfest kicks off, it will be a BO free, zero threatening environment for straight girls.

    It will be a fucking catnip, that will suck (non-sexually) all the females from the *hetro* conventions.

    After a few years of being stuck in sweaty conventions with no female contact, the straight guys will eventually *go gay*!!

    It’s the fucking masterplan man!!

    #32 2 years ago
  33. Christopher Jack

    @31 “So you’re asking people to be tolerant of your intolerance. Surely you realize why that’s never going to happen?”
    Which is why tolerance fails, there’s always exceptions. If you can’t tolerate an intoleratnt person, that makes yourself an intolerant person.

    #33 2 years ago
  34. Da Man

    The amount of time and money they spend on these festivals, they could put into making sex change operations cheaper and more frequent..

    Unless they’re better off playing videogames with gay people instead.

    #34 2 years ago
  35. viralshag

    @31, Maybe it’s just a London thing then but honestly having attended Eurogamer for the last four years I have seen nothing to suggest that people are being harassed or treated any differently based on what they look like or what their choice of partner is.

    Like #28 said, gamers at these events are generally a very liberal bunch.

    #35 2 years ago
  36. Deacon

    @29 – mate I know you’re not the sort to say anything other than what you believe. And I personally don’t recall having called you a troll (though I know others certainly have). I also get your stance on this. Leave them be and all that.

    Sure, they’re not hurting anyone. I just find the whole idea and concept behind what they’re doing to be a little fucked up and backwards. Hey ho.

    #36 2 years ago
  37. Ireland Michael

    @30 Dressing and acting like a prinny princess and acting like a diva does not making you a transsexual. It’s makes you a moronically stereotyped homosexual who is far too self obsessed with yourself.

    @36 So you’re saying black people shouldn’t have banded together to support each other and fight for their rights during the civil rights era? Because this really isn’t all that different.

    Yeah, the troll remark was referring to other people. I find the irony hilarious, and it just goes to show the incredibly narrow field of vision most people have when it comes to their opinions.

    #37 2 years ago
  38. lexph3re

    Where did I say i was intolerant? I clearly said that the fact that they batter it into people it has become annoying because the fact majority of people in tbe gaming/anime/cosplay community don’t segregate them. Its stupid to turn around and make an uncomfortable situation that even from the name seperates the people who are already tolerant.

    Gamescon, collosalcon, ohayoucon, e3, none of them segregate by title they are about the event. Call me intolerant as much as you like but i have been more than tolerant across the board. More then your assumptions can fathom, but my belief in the obvious segregation is still my belief in it.

    Also, NAACP actions were taking into affect due to organizations like KKK and arian brotherhoods. They were responses to a collective of people who empowered themselves through hate. This is not tbe case in the gaming/anime/cosplay communities. Pull a hate crime in one of these events and watch how fast you get thrown on your ass. There is zero tolerance for that in these events.

    #38 2 years ago
  39. Deacon

    VG24/7 – aka – the O’Connor show


    Good banter here today!

    #39 2 years ago
  40. DSB

    @33 I’d say the opposite is the case. Intolerance serves to show people how ugly the world would be if it were run by bigots.

    Whether it’s the church, the monarchy, racists, fascists, or anyone else trying to make hatred seem constructive.

    A lot of people are going to be intolerant of something right up until they actually acquaint themselves with it, and generally speaking, that’s only a matter of time.

    Which of course isn’t even considering the fact that minorities will continue to claim their rights, for much longer than anyone will be able to deny them.

    @38 Right, and I think it’s incredibly annoying that people are going around with their black skin right in front of me, like they want me to see it. They also don’t talk like me, as if my way of speaking is hard to learn.

    See a problem there, champ?

    Have you failed to notice the immense political spectacle being raised with bullshit terms like “family values” over the last decade? Gays aren’t fighting the Ku Klux Klan, they’re fighting every other nutjob church using warped theology to cover their bigotry, as well as most of the Republican party.

    Blacks haven’t faced that level of opposition since the 1800s, except back then it was the Democractic party.

    #40 2 years ago
  41. Ireland Michael

    @38 They “batter it into people’s faces” because straight, white men spent their entire lives dedicated to fucking them over and denying them the same equal rights as everyone else, on nothing more than the grounds of “because they say so”.

    Black people didn’t get equal rights by sitting on their asses and asking people nicely to treat them good.

    You’re going to deny it, but the simple fact is that you’re a homophobe.

    @39 *bows*

    #41 2 years ago
  42. lexph3re

    You aren’t getting the concept i put in front of you clearly. Theres a difference between a black person just being their doing his thing and a black person who deliberately goes to a white area and screams racism if someone doesn’t look him in the eye. When you intentionally put yourself in a position to get a reaction why the hell are yoh surprised when you get one?

    #42 2 years ago
  43. DSB

    @42 The fact that you think gays actually do that is the problem. That’s what I’m saying.

    Most gays I know aren’t dancing and prancing around in pink tutus. They’re just ordinary human beings who happen to get sexually aroused by a different demographic.

    The fact that you immediately resort to stereotyping them, is very much part of the problem. And likely also why they wouldn’t want to hang out with you at a convention.

    #43 2 years ago
  44. Ireland Michael

    @42 The vast majority of gay people do not do that.

    #44 2 years ago
  45. OlderGamer

    Pretty much what Mike and DSB said.

    I think DSB said it perfectly with this one: “So you’re asking people to be tolerant of your intolerance” Spot on. Ironic isn’t it?

    #45 2 years ago
  46. lexph3re

    Well clearly you are on a different spectrum of view then I. because it is thrown up everyday and in everyway. Hell take this for instance as I have already stated and others as well its a pointless Segregation. Even by title sure they say others are welcomed but look at the damn events name! The average person DOES not ask about admission purposes they look at the name and they let it draw them in or repel them.

    You blantantly put a title by injecting a clear seperation of characteristic your going to get people turning away. Gay-mer tells the average person its for gays only.

    And when with the hell did i say anything about pink tutus or acting over the top? Thats not the only way it gets thrown in your face. How about when your on a college campus and they have a petition circulating that you choose not to sign like every other petition you choose not to sign. You instantly become a homophobe or a racist.

    You have a different view on how homosexual marriage should be handled instantly you a into hate crimes.

    People can barely have an Opinion on these things without being called a racist or homophobe. give me a break on that bs

    #46 2 years ago
  47. Christopher Jack

    @43, They stereotype themselves, I’ve seen quite a few who live up to their stereotype but I certainly know better than to assume that they all behave like that.

    #47 2 years ago
  48. Ireland Michael

    @46 Yeah, my spectrum of view being actual real life experience. I protest for gay right with these people on a constant basis. Some are effeminate, and that’s a genetic thing, but almost none of their walk around dressed like Lady Gaga rejects. Most of them are completely indistinguishable from everyone else.

    “People can barely have an Opinion on these things without being called a racist or homophobe. give me a break on that bs”

    Your “opinion” is inherently intolerant.

    It would take you five seconds to sign that form, for something that’s actually worth standing up for. What exactly is the problem? You’re simply “too lazy” to stand up for people?

    I’m curious, how exactly is it being “thrown in your face”?

    DSB’s retort said it perfectly.

    “Right, and I think it’s incredibly annoying that people are going around with their black skin right in front of me, like they want me to see it. They also don’t talk like me, as if my way of speaking is hard to learn.”

    #48 2 years ago
  49. Ercarret

    I don’t see what all the fuzz is about. It’s a gaming convention, hosted by people from the LGBTQ gaming community, for everyone, for fun and for tolerance. How is that not awesome?

    #49 2 years ago
  50. Ireland Michael

    @49 Because closet homophobes.

    #50 2 years ago
  51. lexph3re

    DSB retort was not peerfect because you guys are crearing something completely different iut of what im saying because you are looking at it from a linear view. Yiu have already categorized me into a “anti” group because i told you clear as day how the heterosexual is IN fact segregated from the event on initial injection into a large demographic of people. Regardless of the fine print all are welcome they have already established tbeir primary crowd they are catering to.

    If i don’t want to sign a petition over brief information that i have not fully evaluated i am not gonna sign a petition. That has nothing to do with being lazy or intolerant thats actually being responsible. And If i have to keep repeating myself over and over again then maybe you should just back track and reread what i have said over again because i am not going to be a broken record spinning until you get a skip in my convictions so you can attempt to try and make me into what you want me to be.

    That’s nice that you run about trying to fight others fight for them in a sense of personal gratification. But, I don’t have to do that if i don’t care too.

    Also, my opinion is only intolerant because you have categorized it into something its not. As i have said before my tolerance isn’t a question of the topic thats your own personal quarl I have nothing to do with

    #51 2 years ago
  52. TheBlackHole

    “@36 So you’re saying black people shouldn’t have banded together to support each other and fight for their rights during the civil rights era? Because this really isn’t all that different.”

    Isn’t all that different? Are you fucking kidding? This is COMPLETELY different. The civil rights movement was a campaign against the establishment with the intention of outlawing racial discrimination and restoring voting rights to black Americans.

    This event is not campaigning for any rights – it’s a community event celebrating the difference between sexual orientations, except for straight white guys of course, because they’re not being oppressed.

    That is unless you think the gaming community is withholding certain rights from these groups…?

    #52 2 years ago
  53. Ireland Michael

    @51 “That’s nice that you run about trying to fight others fight for them in a sense of personal gratification. But, I don’t have to do that if i don’t care too.”

    I am attracted to men as well as women. Nice assumption though. Go blow that up your points.

    Even if I wasn’t, I don’t have to be something to stand up for their rights. All human beings deserve that.

    You still haven’t told us how exactly it’s being “shoved in your face” all the time.

    @52 “The civil rights movement was a campaign against the establishment with the intention of outlawing racial discrimination and restoring voting rights to black Americans.”

    The US gay right movement is a campaign against the establishment with the intention of outlawing sexual discrimination and providing marital rights to homosexual Americans.

    Not really all that different. Just a different coat of paint.

    “This event is not campaigning for any rights.”

    I wasn’t talking about this event when I made that post. I was responding to someone else’s discriminatory remarks. You’re taking it out of context.

    #53 2 years ago
  54. absolutezero

    I would love to see the reception to a Furry Gamer Convention. You know instead of having a convention for the over-riding idea just staple “Gaming” onto the side and job fucking done.

    Also DIE CIS SCUM /tumbler.

    #54 2 years ago
  55. Ireland Michael

    @54 They already have one of those. It’s called Summer of Sonic.

    #55 2 years ago
  56. absolutezero

    Oh was that the one where people in full fur-suits had sex on the bonnet of a car?

    Actually I think that was a BBQ funded by whatever city it was in.

    #56 2 years ago
  57. lexph3re

    Actually, I have told you do i care to share them specifically? No. Because as I do not have to. its EVERYWHERE! Chic fill a, Facebook, News, THIS Site, and now conventions. General people just don’t give a shit anymore because its been battered into their heads everywhere. Hell tbe president was recently dragged into it. When i was working for Lesbians they were constantly call Men dogs and horney bastards as they had a stripper pealing her clothes off for them for money.

    Can you even comprehend correctly? Nothing of that statement even suggested you had homosexual tendencies. I would spell out what it meant but i think if you read it again you Might just get it.

    #57 2 years ago
  58. TheBlackHole

    “I wasn’t talking about this event when I made that post. I was responding to someone else’s discriminatory remarks. You’re taking it out of context.”

    Then my apologies.

    #58 2 years ago
  59. Artheval_Pe

    The real problem is that homosexual gamers [b]felt[/b] the need to have such a convention. Most gamers should wonder why instead of whining about that. Maybe if Xbox LIVE wasn’t filled with young teenagers and other douchebags calling everybody gay and using that word as an insult, then maybe homosexuals would still feel welcome at most gaming conventions.

    The fact is that some of them don’t feel good hanging around people that think that gay is an insult. And personnaly, even though I’m heterosexual, I can perfectly understand why.

    lexph3re, you should probably look at what most gamers did wrong, instead of blaming some homosexuals for feeling insecure among the common crowd. For exemple, it’s weird how most people just don’t react online when some 12 year old idiot calls somebody gay. Instead of telling him how it’s not an insult and how he should shut up, everybody just stays quiet most of the time…

    #59 2 years ago
  60. Ireland Michael

    @57 Yeah, I know, sexual discrimination *is* everywhere, isn’t it?

    Fucking sucks, doesn’t it?

    If you don’t want to deal with the real world, go live under a rock.

    @58 No worries.

    @59 Bravo. Well said. *loud clap*

    #60 2 years ago
  61. absolutezero

    In all honesty there are multiple LGBT cinema festivals and conventions and no one ever has a problem with that.

    Its slightly depressing that wanting something similar for video games is seen as an insult to straight people.

    Of course theres an entire industry creating LGBT media for those conventions to consume and discuss, theres nothing like that in Video games, a game is a game and very very little of them have an agenda.

    #61 2 years ago
  62. lexph3re

    You guys just don’t get it. I’m cool on this discussion whats the point of talking to walls.

    Also, clapping for a 12 year old being responsible for saying gay when they scream obscenities across the board because they are CHILDREN and words hold no merit to them like over sensitive adults who have to make an agenda out of everything. Good on you sir

    Living under a rock gives you a straight shot to victory but regardless what you say the difference in opinion and the methods that should be done does not merit your suggestion of segregating myself from the said situation.

    The fact you can comply with one side then call another side that goes through it unjust just leaves you as a hypocrite. We don’t live in a perfect world that everyone gets their way. At least I can see that unlike you

    #62 2 years ago
  63. Ireland Michael

    @62 You call the constant news about homosexual discrimination as something that is “constantly being forced on you” and you accuse *us* of being the walls? Hilarious.

    Man, you would have been a riot during the civil rights movements. “We’re being exposed to too many black people. Get that crap away from me!”

    These stories wouldn’t exist if the sexual discrimination wasn’t a problem in the first place. It’s a big deal right now fir a reason. The reality is that you’re a homophobe, and you just don’t want to be exposed to homosexuality, full stop.

    Hey, straight couples, sure? But keep those gay people out of our sight!

    Grow up.

    It’s a part of human society. Deal with it.

    #63 2 years ago
  64. DSB

    Segregation means distinguishing between two groups and keeping them apart. There’s no such thing involved with an LGBT gamer convention, where everybody’s welcome.

    If it said “Breeders – Fuck off”, or “Whites Only” that would indeed be an attempt at segregating that convention. This however, is simply trying to bring gays together around gaming, and I don’t see why that would be a problem.

    ChrisJack, you’re obviously right in that there are outrageous homosexuals. There are outrageous straight people too. Should we ban Ted Nugent for being an ignorant, sexist, racist, parody of a classic macho fuckface? Can’t be done man, we all have to live with people like that. He’s allowed to procreate, marry, speak, and form whatever assembly he likes.

    Why is it any of my business how those people choose to live their lives? Who’s hurt by this?

    You don’t have to kiss a gay person to give them their rights. You don’t have to go to an LGBT gaming convention just because you’re welcome at one.

    It’s really just about taking a deep breath and allowing people to differ from you, even if you do feel very far removed from how they live their lives.

    @52 That’s pretty selective. Blacks were allowed to vote in America with the introduction of the Fifteenth Amendment in 1870.

    What’s commonly referred to as the civil rights movement was actually about a demand for social equality, just like gays are today. Even if the oppression of homosexuals doesn’t involve dogs and watercannons outside of places like Russia.

    Gays are denied economic benefits as spouses because their relationships aren’t aknowledged by the establishment, they often don’t have the right to marry, and very recently it was cause for immediate termination if you served your country as an admitted homosexual, and for what? Biblical definitions?

    It quite obviously has a lot of things in common with the black civil rights movement, and it’s really not a coincidence that the NAACP has recently declared solidarity with their cause.

    #64 2 years ago
  65. Ercarret

    @Article: Their initial goal was $25,000, not just $25. :D

    #65 2 years ago
  66. TheBlackHole


    “Segregation means distinguishing between two groups and keeping them apart. There’s no such thing involved with an LGBT gamer convention, where everybody’s welcome.”

    Not really. I can’t see how ‘The ‘straight’ gamer convention, everybody’s welcome’ would be seen as welcoming. This is a targeted event, which is fine, but let’s tell it like it is.

    #66 2 years ago
  67. lexph3re

    @63 call me whatever you like you have no idea how I feel you can fuck off with that remark

    The simple fact I’m arguing for the correct inclusion of the hetero into the event without the inclusion of said “Gay-mer” or “Gay-nited”. You don’t have this type of segregation in default convictions why in this one?

    #67 2 years ago
  68. daytripper

    Don’t see the problem with this at all

    #68 2 years ago
  69. Ireland Michael

    @67 I know exactly how you feel simply by the fact that discrimination against other human beings is being reported by the media and all you can think about is how it’s being shoved in your face too much.

    #69 2 years ago
  70. DSB

    @66 Comparing a targeted event with actual bigotry is still about as nonsensical as you can get, though. There’s no comparison to be had.

    I hear Lady Gaga concerts are often targeted at Lady Gaga fans. But I’m pretty sure you can still get away with liking Nicki Minaj at one of those shows. Targeting an event isn’t sinister in any way.

    I’ve been to a gay pride parade in solidarity with one of my friends, and I didn’t feel left out in the slightest. It was just another party, I wasn’t the only straight guy there, and I’m sure the gaymer convention is going to be the same thing.

    It has nothing to do with hate or intolerance, it’s about coming together (oh dear, pun!) and having fun.

    #70 2 years ago
  71. Ireland Michael

    @70 Gaming events are targeted at gamers. What about non-gamers? They’re being excluded. Clearly it must be bigoted!

    Mind you, anyone who willingly supports Nicki Minaj probably deserves to be ostracised anyway.

    #71 2 years ago
  72. absolutezero

    It just confuses me that Video Games are being levereged into something thats a hell of alot more far reaching and important as gay equality is.

    Its bizarre. What exactly are the panels going to be about? Gay characters in games? What gay gamers prefer in shooting games? Gay MLG? How to get more homosexual video games characters included in games which will make no mention of any of the characters sexuality over the course of the entire thing?

    Sounds good to me.

    #72 2 years ago
  73. OrbitMonkey

    @71, Bigot X(

    #73 2 years ago
  74. DSB

    @72 Personally I’m looking forward to the inevitable panel discussion about Link and whether he’s actually serious about saving that Princess, or just preserving his straight cover.

    He’s tried to keep it going long enough, if you ask me :P

    You can only streak across the sky wearing a leather harness on a brightly colored bird for so long, before the question starts to answer itself.

    #74 2 years ago
  75. absolutezero

    Next Legend of Zelda re-introduces Shiek as an actual guy. Link and Shiek work perfectly in sync with each other while trying to rescue whats her face and end up walking into the sunset with each other at the end.

    OR what if Link was a girl? Keep the exact same structure and characters. What now?!?

    #75 2 years ago
  76. Da Man

    If all homosexuals across the world would suddenly undergo a sex change operation, many people would lose a purpose in life. Much like in the case weed got legalized.

    #76 2 years ago
  77. DSB

    Or, what if…. Link is Zelda? His struggle to rescue her is really about coming to terms with his innermost desires.

    Obviously, this discussion has a lot of merit already :D

    #77 2 years ago
  78. TheBlackHole

    @70, @71,

    Easy tigers, I’m not suggesting that the event is bigoted in any way. If people want to celebrate what they are that’s fabulous.

    “It has nothing to do with hate or intolerance, it’s about coming together (oh dear, pun!) and having fun.”

    Isn’t that what gaming events are all about?

    #78 2 years ago
  79. OrbitMonkey

    @76, Why would gay guys want to be women? They like cock and like having a cock.

    Not that a big tough hetro like me cares *cough,,*

    #79 2 years ago
  80. viralshag

    @78, Agreed. I think a lot of people here are mistaking homophobic for indifferent. I don’t think anyone is really against them doing this, I just think they would rather see something that is aimed at everyone.

    It’s the same situation as going to a gay nightclub, everyone is welcome but straight people are normally in the minority there because it is primarily a gay nightclub for gay people.

    #80 2 years ago
  81. Da Man

    #79, oh.


    I thought gays are the ones who were born as males but are females in regards to sexual orientation.. So obv it’s just some people having some.. unusual fun then, oh well.

    #81 2 years ago
  82. absolutezero

    I feel like Molyneux!


    #82 2 years ago
  83. wheezal

    wow, what a powder keg this topic is.

    to me it’s more akin to people with like-minded interests deciding they want a chance to host an event that celebrates their lifestyle.

    if the LBGT community wants to have a gay gamer convention, then let em. it’s no different to me than if koala bear lovers decided to host one or if i host a small LAN party that only includes my frieds.

    #83 2 years ago
  84. lexph3re

    Viral why is it you are the only one who got that?

    #84 2 years ago
  85. viralshag

    @84, I don’t know about others but my problem with this, having been to a lot of events previously, is that they feel they need to host their own event in the name of gay gamers.

    I’ve always felt like gaming events have been open and accepting to pretty much anyone and everyone. I have met great straight and gay people at these events in the past.

    I just feel like some people will be put off going to this event because it’s aimed at the LGBT community. And I don’t see how it can be held against straight people for feeling out of place for going to an event like this. Especially if they don’t have any direct gay friends to go with.

    It can be an intimidating situation and could end up pushing away the people you hope to attract.

    #85 2 years ago
  86. ManuOtaku

    I think the issue here is not the mistaking homophobic with being indiferent, becuase in the end the people that are criticizing this because this is aimed torwards the gay comunity, therefore it will be separating them from the straight comunity, it will be the complete opposite of being indiferent, being indifirent is not having a qualm being against or approving it.

    I think they need to do this, and iam ok with this, because in the end in normal gaming conventions, or any other conventions for that matter, they will not be free to express their sentiments torwards their own gender, they will get demostrations indicating that their behaviour is a bad thing(in diffirent ways possible), in the eyes of the straight comunity, instead in their own conventions they can walk and being free with themselves, and of course being a open event, for the open minded that doesnt care about this free expresion of their way of living,in this regard if the steampuk, cyberpunk ,etc comunities that like gaming, decide to make a convention while they use all their flair style without the annoyance of being criticize, why not, the same applys here IMHO, is a thing of how they are being perceive and the way they are being shown that perception torwards them, this society is not ready yet to support all kinds of things, or different ideas, or different ways of living, mixed alltogether as one, therefore why cant they do it, if this will let them be good with themselves while they enjoy gaming with their peers, kudos for that.
    p.s i known iam late to the party here, but my piece of mind

    #86 2 years ago
  87. lexph3re

    Not true at all Manu. My best friend is Gay and we went to several conventions and it was never an issue. In fact, I attended panels with him on Yaoi and it’s history. They had tons of other panels geared towards homosexuals and guess what? No one went in there trying to disrespect them or anything.

    That’s why the topic of separating a common hobby into sub-genres is just completely unnecessary. And, as I have been saying and as Viral said it; it is separating the group by using a name like Gay-mer distinctfully does that.

    #87 2 years ago
  88. Fin

    “I’m not homophobic, my best friend is gay!”

    Only teasing bro.

    Don’t understand why anyone would have a problem with this, or why there are so many comments.

    #88 2 years ago
  89. Da Man

    To be continued after the break…

    (Next up in the internet reality show series of ‘Discussions with merit’, O’Conner and his resident brah, armed with nothing but their passion for freedom and a search engine, Tag teaming an ex-addict who thinks hard drugs shouldn’t be accessible).

    #89 2 years ago
  90. viralshag

    @88, To be fair I think lexph3re’s comments have been taken out of context somewhat and turned to mean something they’re not.

    As I said before, I don’t think people have a “problem” as such. I just think a lot of gamers, especially those that went to gaming events, feel like this is unnecessary because there is usually a really good sense of community as gamers as a whole – at these events that is.

    I think it has more to do with some people feeling like this is excluding, or in a much lesser sense segregating between LGBT and straight gamers. Obviously, they say all are welcome but one of the problems with a specifically targeted event like this is you will lose some people who may not feel confident or comfortable going to it.

    And that’s not because they are homophobic, it might just be because they would feel out of place or don’t want to “intrude” being a straight person. It might sound ridiculous to some but I honestly think a lot of straight gamers would think that way.

    #90 2 years ago
  91. TheBlackHole

    @90 Nail > Head

    #91 2 years ago
  92. Fin


    Ah yeah I didn’t mean anything by it, I haven’t even followed what ye’re all arguing about, just find it funny when people say their best friend is [insert minority here]. Not saying he/she’s lying or anything or anything, just funny.

    #92 2 years ago
  93. viralshag

    @92, ah yeah I wasn’t saying you were taking the piss or anything. I really just wanted to say that I though this/her comments were being a little misunderstood is all. ;)

    #93 2 years ago
  94. Sini

    This would never fly in Hitler’s Germany.

    #94 2 years ago
  95. DSB

    @78 “Isn’t that what gaming events are all about?”

    I certainly think so, which is why I fail to see the problem. Some gaming conventions focus on the indie scene, some focus on AAA, and this one focuses on the gay perspective, or indeed the lack of same.

    Where’s the harm in that?

    @90 So why would that ever be a problem?

    Not comfortable around gay people? Don’t go. There are lots of gaming conventions that are perfectly suited for a more straight audience. There aren’t any aimed at the LGBT community.

    What if you’re a gay guy and you see another guy at a regular gaming convention, and you want to check him out? Do you honestly believe that you can flirt with them without causing a scene?

    Do you think you can cosplay as an effeminate guy without being ridiculed?

    I think the argument that this isn’t neccesary fails to take into account what those people have to go through every day. If a gay guy hits on an insecure straight guy, it’s like he’s tried to infect him with AIDS.

    It’s taken as a terrible violation, even though he’s basically singled him out as supremely attractive.

    Personally I feel for those guys. I can’t imagine being an ordinary human being, that isn’t allowed to be an ordinary human being.

    In a perfect world it wouldn’t be neccesary to target a covention in this way, but right now a lot of people feel they’re under siege by people who are fundamentally unable to accept them as equals. I don’t blame them for wanting to take a time out, and not have to worry about stuff like that.

    #95 2 years ago
  96. silkvg247

    Well it looks fun, but it isn’t in the UK so I don’t really give a shit. :p

    Being a lesbian, some of the comments on the thread have made me literally laugh out loud, like how my kind apparently accuse men of being dogs.

    Well hey, without stereotypes where would all the fun in the world be?

    Dunno why anyone would have a problem with this, it’s just a convention. It isn’t about segregation, it’s about like minded people not feeling quite so alone.

    #96 2 years ago
  97. Da Man

    I don’t know how you can think it’s okay to hit on people you see literally for the first time (which means you want to, no matter how you put it, just bang them, once or maybe not once) and talk about ‘lonely human beings’ in the same sentence. I mean, yes it’s fine to do that in public places but not when you meet someone for bloody one time…

    Answers on a post card indeed…

    Up there with ‘anything can be art’.

    #97 2 years ago
  98. viralshag

    @95, but this seems to be the reoccurring problem with a lot of these replies. People seem to think that when they say they would be uncomfortable going, it’s because they are uncomfortable around “gay people”. I know plenty of people that are comfortable around gay people, are they comfortable about going to a gay nightclub… Not so much because they know it’s primarily for gay people.

    Like I said, there’s no problem with the convention itself. I just never thought gaming events were breeding grounds for ridicule and bigotry. Maybe that’s because I’m not gay and haven’t experienced it first hand. And as people say, this is a good chance for like minded people to meet up… I just prefer the idea of the common ground being gaming rather than sexuality.

    As people said before, the people I tend to meet at these sort of things are generally there for the gaming and couldn’t care less about what people’s personal habits are. If what I have seen at the London MCM expo is anything to go on, some of those guys that dress as effeminate cosplayers are treated as gods… If their outfit is good that is.

    #98 2 years ago
  99. monkeygourmet

    This has been hilarious!

    Michael “give quiche a chance” o’ Conner in fine form…

    Sometimes I feel like smashing my head against a wall…

    This is complete bullshit… Gaming transcends age, race, gender and sexuality… That is the beauty of the medium…

    Sure there are arseholes out there who go against this, but, hey… That’s life! We are never all going to, “get along”…

    If you surround yourselves in the right circles gaming is a truly liberating hobby.

    This is just media attention seeking whores out to make a quick buck, using bullshit and propaganda. Has E3, Eurogamer, Gamescon etc… Ever had ANY bad publicity regarding gay rights?!

    No they haven’t… Starting events like this only increases the separation in society.

    I like how they use the phrase ‘geek out’, then try to talk about stereotyping, what a bunch of idiots…

    #99 2 years ago
  100. OrbitMonkey

    If someone was to set up a kickstarter for a gaming convention for hetro boys and girls to talk about games and date, the site would crash from sheer overload…

    And that’s probably the issue here. This Gaymer convention will be the only convention where the attendees stand a solid chance of scoring more than a accidental face to armpit.

    #100 2 years ago
  101. silkvg247

    @97 gonna assume that wasn’t aimed at me since I never mentioned banging anyone :p

    @100 That’s only be a problem to me if it said gay people not allowed. This event welcomes anyone.. so long as they aren’t going with the intent to bash gays.

    Where does dating come into it? I admit I skim read the site but didn’t see anything about it being a place to hook up, or have some folks just made that assumption because that’s all that gay people care about (clearly) :/


    Also is it that hard to understand why this event is being organised? Perhaps people should try to stretch their imagination a little and imagine what it’s like to have sneers and jeers aimed your direction simply because the gender of the person’s hand you are holding is the same as yours.

    The reason these events are held isn’t to say.. omg we’re gay and special look at us! They are held because we rarely get a fucking minute to just breathe and be ourselves without ridicule, ignorance and hostility.

    Note that being ourselves doesn’t mean banging each other like rabid dogs, it means not being scared to cuddle our other half, or act camp, or butch, or to just be ourselves. It’s something that straight people take for granted, and that in itself is the biggest reason that they don’t understand why “zomg gay fest” events occur.

    #101 2 years ago
  102. viralshag

    @101, I think I’m just going to have accept my view of things is based on a London view point. I’m not saying the dickish things don’t happen, it’s just that I see all sorts of couples going about their business just fine. I can honestly say I’ve never seen any trouble when I’ve been out with gay mates and I don’t think that’s because they had a big burly hetro guy (that’s me ;) ) scaring off the homophobes! :p

    #102 2 years ago
  103. silkvg247

    @102 Trust me it’s VERY different in some places. Worse one I had in Bradford was a guy come up to me and my GF in the pool room (at uni bar) and act really aggressive, thrusting hips at us asking whats wrong with this, you need some of this in you, you ain’t right, etc.

    Why? Because I pecked her on the lips in public, shocking I know.

    So far I haven’t had much aggro at gaming events, I go to the big multiplay events in the UK and so far so good, no problems, really nice people.

    But the internet is a different story again, with faggot and homo remarks every other minute. I think it’s one of the reasons I basically don’t play anything online anymore.

    I just think people should hold off being so judgemental when they don’t have much of a clue what it’s like to be discriminated against in the first place. If the discrimination didn’t happen, then these events wouldn’t happen either, as there’d be no need for them.

    #103 2 years ago
  104. ManuOtaku

    “I think I’m just going to have accept my view of things is based on a London view point”
    Well consider some first world countries lucky then, here in South America things are worst, gays most of the time are kept in the closet due the social repercusions, society has a strong discrimination here torwards gays, they are open to the public scorn, mockings, call names and are treated in a pretty bad way overall, sometimes with hate especially in the male population, is really strong, sadly, thats why sometimes we need to see the overall picture not all the time things are like you see it in your everyday life, things can be a lot worse in a lot of ways on other parts, empathy is really a good thing, and this last part is not direct it at you per se.

    #104 2 years ago
  105. DSB

    @Viralshag “I know plenty of people that are comfortable around gay people, are they comfortable about going to a gay nightclub… Not so much because they know it’s primarily for gay people”

    To me that just goes to show they don’t actually know what they’re talking about. I can think of few places more “dangerous” for a straight female who doesn’t want to get picked up, than a gay bar.

    I have straight guy friends who go to gay bars, purely because they know the straight chicks will have their guard down there.

    The idea that a gay bar is just for gay people, is just as ridiculous as assuming that a dive joint is just for straight bikers.

    To me it just screams ignorance, really.

    I simply don’t see why a club with a primarily gay audience would be a threat to anyone, unless they were uncomfortable with the sexuality, and had some pretty flawed notions of what actually goes on in there.

    I guess it could be a London viewpoint, but it sounds a little onesided to me.

    I have a friend who was viciously beaten just for being gay. There was absolutely no provocation, no prior contact. The guy just knew who he was and decided to kick the shit out of him. He spent 3 months in psychiatric care trying to get over it. And there’s very little risk of that ever happening to me in a gay bar.

    #105 2 years ago
  106. Stardog

    “The stereotypes about gamers are many, but the core is the perception that gamers are usually straight white guys in dark rooms furiously mashing at a controller. That’s not the reality.”

    Err…replace controller with keyboard and that’s me.

    This stinks of “commercial geek” like Comic-Con or the Nerdist channel, etc.


    #106 2 years ago
  107. viralshag

    @DSB, I’m talking about your average joe straight guy or girl, how many of them would choose a gay bar over a hetro bar? And when I say “comfortable” I’m talking about people making that choice I just mentioned, comfortable with the crowd, the music, the general vibe of the place.

    You’re taking what I’m saying way out of context. I don’t think I’ve said anywhere that gay bars are “just for gay people”, but the truth of the matter is if you’re going to go to a gay bar, there is a high likelihood you will be in the minority of straight people there. And for some people that has absolutely nothing to do with ignorance, it’s simply the fact they don’t want to go to a LGBT focused event.

    And if you want reasons as to why, you can just look at my #90 post as I think people are trying to make this discussion out to be something it’s not. No one here is attacking the gay community for wanting their own event. It seems more like most people want to know why they feel the need they should host their own event.

    If groups of society don’t feel that they are welcome at an event that is meant to be aimed at everyone regardless of their race, colour or sexuality then obviously something is failing. But my argument is that gaming events, from my experience, have always seemed like a welcoming place for everyone anyway and this seems like a somewhat unnecessary breakdown of that.

    #107 2 years ago
  108. absolutezero

    I wish someone would think of the poor video games.

    Oh the humanity.

    #108 2 years ago
  109. DSB

    @107 Fair game, in that case I misunderstood the use of the word.

    Uncomfortable to me means a pretty negative attitude towards something. The fact that it isn’t your preference is fair enough.

    Funny story though, the gay clubs in Copenhagen are openly complaining that there are too many straight people in there every weekend. It makes it hard for them to actually do their thing.

    It seems to me like there are plenty of people clearly scoffing at the idea.

    “Why would the gays need their own convention?”

    Think about it. Ask yourself why people get so offended when they’re hit on by a member of the same sex. Or public displays of affection, that don’t concern them in the least. Why not ask how it can be that gays often aren’t afforded the same rights as everyone else in a relationship?

    If you asked those questions, you’d really have your answer.

    When you don’t feel welcome anywhere else, the constructive thing to do is make your own place.

    Things are moving forward, and they’re only going to get better, but I think this is simply a neccesary response to an imperfect time in history.

    #109 2 years ago
  110. cubman

    Been an avid reader of VG24/7 for ages but virgin poster.

    I’m gay and proud of it. I would fully support this kind of event (should there ever appear one in the UK), as I would fully support any kind of gaming event (can’t wait for EuroGamer in September!). I’ve been to several gaming events with my boyfriend, and we’ve never once faced any kind of disrespect, aggravation or homophobia – but then again, we don’t conform to a gay “stereotype”.

    I’ve had a good chuckle at some of the comments on the thread, and can fully appreciate most people’s views.

    But let’s be honest here, the LGBT community is vilified enough, so why not host a convention where a gay person can meet and talk to other gay people that share a common passion for gaming?

    If you don’t agree with it, don’t attend! Simple as.

    #110 2 years ago
  111. Yoshi

    I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be offensive or anything but do gay people REALLY need their own game convention? Why not just go to the ones now for everyone? If I went and set up a Hetero-gamer Convention people will go and have a hissy fit.

    #111 2 years ago
  112. DSB

    @111 Booth babes really aren’t there for the lesbians. I’d say gaming conventions are inherently aimed at heterosexuals as is.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that (that’s not sinister either) but it does answer the question why these guys and gals might appreciate one with a focus that’s closer to home.

    Aside from just being a theme, it also gives them the opportunity to discuss things within a context that a traditional convention isn’t likely to cover.

    Imagine if someone gets inspired to make a decent gay protagonist based on one of those discussions? Wouldn’t that be something?

    #112 2 years ago
  113. Da Man

    How do people think like lifeless alcoholics whilst not being drunk.

    Or are they really just lifeless alcoholics.

    #113 2 years ago
  114. viralshag

    @110, Welcome to the posting section!

    You (and Silk) really highlighted the only point I have been trying to make, in that you both say you have been to gaming conventions and haven’t faced any problems with the fact you’re gay.

    Outside of the internet hate and stupid chat you get – which you get whether you’re actually gay or not anyway – I’ve always thought that this is another area where gaming is quite unique in that you always find a wealth of people from different backgrounds coming together purely for the love of gaming.

    I can’t stress enough that I have no problem with the event itself, my opinion is just that from my experience, gaming expos are one place that has always seemed to welcome the fact you’re a gamer and pretty much everything else is irrelevant.

    #114 2 years ago
  115. lexph3re

    Honestly, I would really prefer sexuality to stay a sideline thing to these event’s. It’s like I’m in high school again where all people can think about is sex. Sure sex is a common thing but why the hell do we always have to talk about it? I don’t play darksiders wondering if War is into dudes. And honestly outside of Link being a Fated warrior stuck in a time stream of preserving order from chaos. The relationship between him and Zelda is practically based on friendship and their shared fate. Not whether He want’s to plow her or not.

    Heck in metal gear I love the fact Solid Snake has no Sexual Interest. He is completely focused on his task. Because that’s the story, fleshing out other characters like Boss finding out she was a Lesbian for a while was a great twist on a character you learned to respect. but, it wasn’t the primary focus of who the Boss is as an individual.

    It’s just annoying that you can’t leave this neutral ground NEUTRAL.

    #115 2 years ago
  116. silkvg247

    @115 Sexuality != Sex

    The event isn’t about sex, it’s about people feeling comfortable and able to be themselves. If they could do that everywhere already then yeah, there’d be no need for said events.

    If we ever get to a place like that then great.

    @Viral I’ve had no issues..yet. I don’t doubt that gay guys get more hassle though since it’s mainly a male crowd and there’s a lot of young ‘uns. We still get faggot screamed out across the halls etc. but I personally don’t care much about that.

    #116 2 years ago
  117. DSB

    @114 I think it’s probably rarer in gaming. Maybe because (core) gaming itself is relatively marginalized. Growing up in the 90′s, I often felt like a freak for saying that I liked playing with computers.

    It’s probably one of the overlooked truths of gaming that the people do tend to stick together, when they’re not plotting to kill everyone or shoot heroin from playing too much Grand Theft Auto.

    But things are a bit different when you turn off the computer and have to face the rest of the public. Xbox Live was banning gay nicknames “to save gays from being made fun of” for example. I think it’s fair to say that there isn’t enough focus on gay culture in videogames.

    @115 That’s a fair question.

    If all the preachers and politicians would stand down, and give people the equality they demand, there would be little left to shout about.

    If those people want quiet and neutrality, the fastest way to do it, is to give them their rights. Praying the gay away doesn’t seem to be a roaring success, so it’s not likely to end until they do.

    #117 2 years ago
  118. TheBlackHole


    “If the discrimination didn’t happen, then these events wouldn’t happen either, as there’d be no need for them.”

    And that’s EXACTLY the problem – that sentence suggests (intentionally or not) that gaming events are a haven for discrimination, causing the need for an event like this, which is patently untrue.

    #118 2 years ago
  119. lexph3re

    @116 Sexuality = Sex it’s one and the same. And the event which focuses on sexual preference attached towards a hobby make’s it a sexually oriented event.

    And, even as you and cubman stated the main events you go to already don’t make you feel un-welcomed. Make it a gaming event without the pull of a distinct sexuality and then you can have all the panel’s of homosexual focus with some hetero one’s that still achieves overall agenda.

    It’s just a easier way to go about this.

    #119 2 years ago
  120. DSB

    @119 Fair enough. Please do explain booth babes.

    The notion that current conventions don’t already have a preference towards a distinct sexuality seems batshit to me. Have you not seen those pictures, man?×298.jpg

    #120 2 years ago
  121. Da Man

    Also, silkvg247 thank you for being the first internet person in here who is, not only articulate and intelligent but rational too.

    I must’ve misread you between the tedious alcohol induced essays and hysteria of some deprived folks longing for freedom. Perhaps I pressed the space bar somewhere at the wrong time. And #97 had nothing to do with you (obv).

    #121 2 years ago
  122. viralshag

    @Silk, That’s fair enough. And don’t forget I’m mostly basing my view on being a straight guy at these events. I think DSB raises a good point in #117 in that gamers have usually stuck together because of the assumption that playing games means your some kind of daylight skipping basement troll that only comes up for air, red bull and to get pizza from the delivery man.

    #122 2 years ago
  123. lexph3re

    I think it’s hilarious that all you can use is Booth Babes and don’t go as far as the HOMOSEXUAL INSPIRED PANELS that are always at conventions. What about those? What about the Transgender Cos-players that roam freely and smiling in the place? I even took a picture with a few before.

    Your selective questioning in trying to make the one hobby that is possibly the most neutral places something its not.

    #123 2 years ago
  124. viralshag

    I got a great picture at MCM of Master Chief teabagging someone…

    #124 2 years ago
  125. Craig E

    “The stereotypes about gamers are many, but the core is the perception that gamers are usually straight white guys in dark rooms furiously mashing at a controller. That’s not the reality.”

    Err, it hasn’t been the perceived reality for about ten years now, nor would anyone really describe gamers as “geeks” any more. Do try to keep up, Gaymercon.

    Having said that, it is pretty cool to see some weight being given to this if the gay, lesbian, etc. communities feel they are being given short thrift. I would argue that gaming is so universal that those perceived stereotypes are Gaymercon’s own: I would be no less surprised to find that a gimp costume-wearing trans-gender ladyboy enjoyed a bit of CoD than I would be to see my mother playing Bejewelled 3 on her iPad.

    #125 2 years ago
  126. DSB

    @123 The most neutral? Really?

    Can’t say I’ve ever heard of homosexual inspired panels, but I have seen plenty of actual girls dressed up as transsexuals for cosplay purposes.

    Not exactly provocative stuff.

    And I don’t see how cosplayers have a lot to do with the actual conventions themselves, as opposed to booth babes that are paid to wear next to nothing and flirt with guys to make them look at videogames.

    #126 2 years ago
  127. lexph3re

    Outside of major event’s like e3,gamerscon where you have corporations at the head you don’t see booth babes in the average convention. See your thinking of this convention as a convention where developers are going to be showcasing their games and technology. This is not an expo, this is a themed convention like the average cosplay/gamer/anime/comic convention.

    In the average convention you cosplayer events where the floor cosplayers sign up to participate in live action role play. And they have themed panels all the time where you get a healthy dose of everything and nothing is forced as a main event.

    Conventions are indeed neutral grounds. This is a convention not an expo. so combining 2 different things doesn’t count towards the overall position this is focused as

    #127 2 years ago
  128. viralshag

    @126, To be fair, most of the time I think the booth babes look bored. Usually because the guys ARE more interested in what’s on the screen they’re standing next to.

    I hate PR hired helpers at expos. You ask them about the game and the standard response is usually “I don’t actually know. I don’t really play games… It looks cool though, right?”

    And that’s from a guy and not a booth babe. Makes my blood boil. I would rather they hired a geek who would probably do that job for free entry and would probably know more about the games because they’re actually interested.

    #128 2 years ago

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