Mistwalker – Wii U controller “works best for browsing and arranging information”

Saturday, 4 August 2012 21:09 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Mistwalker’s Takuya Matsumoto, lead designer on The Last Story, feels Wii U’s controller and its screen would be a useful tool for organizing information and something he would like to explore further.

Speaking with Siliconera, Matsumoto said: “I feel that the Wii U’s interface, as with other tablet devices, works best for browsing and arranging information.

“One merit is the ability to use a touch screen to directly manipulate information, such as looking up a monster’s weak point or, like with a car’s GPS, as a tool to understand battlefield conditions on a sub screen,” he said. “This special feature will likely bring about opportunities for deep research into JRPG strategy.”

Matsumoto said the controller’s screen would also be useful for saving gathered information, adding “character memories and experiences”- much like a journal we suspect – and sharing with other players via MiiVerse or WiFi.

Matsumoto said back in June the developer was interested in exploring the RPG space on Wii U.