GTA 5 watch: Take-Two investor call tomorrow

Monday, 30th July 2012 15:48 GMT By Dave Cook

GTA 5 chatter and rumour-milling is set to go into overload once again tomorrow, as the Take-Two Q1 2013 investor call kicks off at 4:30 PM eastern time.  Read all about it here.

Absolutely nothing is known about the Take-Two investor call, but you can listen to the whole thing over at the company’s investor website.

We’ll be keeping an eye on what goes down during the call, although rumours are already flying around regarding the elusive release date for GTA 5.

We’ve already heard that GTA 5 won’t be shown at Gamescom, but analysts are hopeful GTA will launch this year, even if it wont help stem decline in the games industry this year.

What about you? When do you think GTA 5 will launch, and do you care?



  1. bitsnark

    There is absolutely zero chance of GTA V coming out this year.

    Zero. Chance.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Dave Cook

    @1 Seems like there isn’t enough of 2012 left to properly market/hype it doesn’t it?

    #2 2 years ago
  3. ballz

    all their major releases were april-may so that date seems logical
    pc following in autumn/december

    #3 2 years ago
  4. drewbles82

    Its GTA, they dont need to market it big, enough hype already.

    May next yr would be a mistake, think about it. E3 the month after where most likely Sony and MS will show new consoles. People will want to save for that, unless they port over GTAV to nextgen as well.

    Don’t forget how big the DLC was for GTA4, a later release will no doubt damage sales of DLC, first being ready for end of Summer and the next March 2013, by then we could have a new console.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. anik_lc

    May release date of GTA 5. Rockstar always release games during late April to May. :)

    Hope PC version will not delay much as Console is almost reached its capacity.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. bitsnark


    Exactly my line of thinking – especially with the distinct lack of any sort of Gamescom reveal.

    We’ve had one teaser trailer (released last year) and basically nothing else.

    Given Rockstar’s typically protracted schedule with marketing and such, the April/May date next year that many appear to think is likely seems about right to me.

    #6 2 years ago
  7. schnide

    To all journalists everywhere – if you want to sound like a twat, use dated Web 2.0 phrases like “..after the cut” and “..after the jump.”

    You may have a future as an extra in Nathan Barley should they ever require reshoots – oversized BMXs at the ready!

    #7 2 years ago
  8. SlayerGT

    While I’d love to see it as soon as possible. I think it’s a May release pushed to October.

    Fingers crossed im wrong

    #8 2 years ago
  9. Moonwalker1982

    I really don’t see a October 2013 release happening anymore. Look at how ridiculously little marketing it has gotten. Although, they could do without any marketing and people would buy it anyway, it’s GTA! And it’s possible. Dan Houser of Rockstar last year said that they didn’t want to give much info on GTA, to keep the surprise for people. He said he was aware that plenty of fans wouldn’t like this approach but it is what it is.

    Then there’s also the possibility that Rockstar wants to be 100% sure before they announce a releasedate. If they had announced a release date last year right after the trailer, for a October release this year…and they weren’t able to release it, they had to delay it. Chances of a delay when the game’s releasedate is announced three months before it comes out, is alot less big. Also February 2013 has Bioshock, so an early 2013 seems out of the question. More like April/May 2013. October this year i just don’t see it happening.

    #9 2 years ago
  10. Phoenixblight

    “I really don’t see a October 2013 release happening anymore. Look at how ridiculously little marketing it has gotten”

    It can still happen ROckstar always starts the marketing 6 months prior to release and that is when the information starts tricling out unlike EA, Ubisoft or other publishers who just put out info while its in development until its release.

    #10 2 years ago
  11. Moonwalker1982


    That’s true. But October is only 3 months away from us :D. True marketing hasn’t started yet for GTA V. But it’s possible that they’ve decided to start marketing three months before release. I also find it weird they are not at Gamescom..could either mean they simply have no time for this and rather spend it on finishing the game or it’s still really far off.

    Also during the Q&A on their website when they released the two screenshots…they contradicted themselves. First they said something along the lines of ‘We won’t have new information for a while’ and in the same Q&A they said…we will have new stuff for people soon. Rockstar is so goddamn unpredictable. If not this year, i certainly expect we have it around May. October 2013 just sounds too crazy..too many ‘risks’ as well, cause it sure looks like we’ll see new consoles at E3 next year and maybe even the releases of them too around holiday. Rockstar don’t want to bring out a new GTA then.

    #11 2 years ago
  12. Phoenixblight


    You said October 2013 not October 2012. Yeah its not happening this year.

    #12 2 years ago
  13. Moonwalker1982

    Oh shit, lol. I meant 2012, my bad. October 2013 would be nuts. I highly doubt that. The problem with Rockstar is that they say two different things at the same time. Maybe they really were serious when they said we won’t see an update for awhile…but at the same time….maybe they were serious when they said we’ve had something more soon.

    Last year they also said GTA V is their most ambitious game yet. So they are definitly gonna make sure it’s finished. Ah well…we’ll see tomorrow. The news of GTA IV being delayed in 2007 was also during happenings like these…so it’s possible.

    Oh this is a very informative and interesting thing to read by the way

    I can’t say i think the same about the game coming out this year, but he makes alot of valid points. Especially valid points why it can’t possibly be planned for a October 2013 release.

    #13 2 years ago
  14. ianos

    Dave: Why did you move here?

    #14 2 years ago
  15. drewbles82

    Maybe MS or Sony have brought exclusive rights to the game or just the DLC but for nextgen. Its too close to nextgen stuff to release next year I think. They want people to play their game for a few years, if new consoles come out late next year, earlier 2013, that won’t happen.

    GTA itself can sell games just by the name so 6months publicity isnt needed.
    All we can do is wait and see.

    #15 2 years ago
  16. Phoenixblight


    The game is not next gen the game informer and rockstar have explicitly said so. And MS and SOny will still be endorsing current systems when the new systems come out so ROckstar could still put out the game next year or even after.

    I suspect GTAV will be out next summer.

    #16 2 years ago
  17. Moonwalker1982

    Well, so far Rockstar games have always come out either in October or in April and May, right? So if it’s May..that would be right before summer. I expect that too yeah.

    #17 2 years ago
  18. NightCrawler1970

    GTA 5 will released next year, for me just wait, hopefully GTA 5 will come out for the next gen and other consoles :D

    #18 2 years ago
  19. drewbles82

    @16 I agree, would be a bad move as look at how many people own xbox and playstation compared to the first yr of next gen. Sales would be dreadful. It would certainly help sell nextgen hardware but rockstar wouldn’t do that.

    They would wait a few years before releasing anything on nextgen. I suspect Bully 2 and Red dead 2 will be nextgen.

    #19 2 years ago
  20. fearmonkey

    I bought GTAIV due to all the hype on 360 and it was ok, never finished it. I saw all the videos for the PC version and the Icenhance path and bought it on the PC for $5 on the steam summer sale.
    All I can say is wow……. What a difference that patch made and I’m playing the game and enjoying it more than before.
    If anyone reading this hasnt seen the icenhance 2.1 videos, go check them out on youtube…GTA5 won’t look that good….

    #20 2 years ago
  21. Moonwalker1982


    No of course it won’t look like that. But the GTA V trailer looked good enough and those recent screenshots too. If they manage to make it look like that on 360 i’m happy. It’s not all about graphics you know, i look forward to several improvements in the gameplay and i can’t wait to see the crazy attention to detail that Rockstar is known for.

    #21 2 years ago
  22. IL DUCE

    I agree with comment #1 absolutely NO chance of it releasing this year, even with as big a name as GTA proper marketing campaigns and lead up coverage need to be done…I think Spring 2013 is a fair date to assume but I wouldn’t be surprised if they delay it 6 months and make it a next-gen launch title, thus maybe why no info or platforms have been provided on it

    #22 2 years ago
  23. Moonwalker1982

    @ 22

    I don’t really agree with that though. Three months is plenty. I wasn’t aware of this. But apparently GTA SA got that same kind of treatment too. It had three months of marketing and it came out in October of the year. It didn’t happen for GTA IV because it was delayed because they ran into troubles with the PS3 version. It’s very possible that Rockstar has changed their ways. Don’t forget what they said last year and this year that they weren’t gonna give much information on the game. So maybe marketing starts August and release in October?

    Ah…who am i kidding. However….GTA V going next gen? No chance in hell. Alot of people won’t buy a new console right away, and Rockstar will miss those way Rockstar wants that. Not gonna happen.

    #23 2 years ago
  24. Erthazus

    Xbox 360 version of GTA IV was a horrible trash that barely could show 30 frames per second with horrible visuals overall.
    I will shoot myself if i will play another sandbox game on current gen consoles.
    Current gen consoles can’t do nothing right when it comes to sandbox games.

    Even first party title from Sony – inFamous had frame rate drops when you tried to blow something that involved physics (Everything else was in 30 fps). I enjoyed the experience but damn, why should i suffer through these horrible frame rate drops and pop ups?

    also, GTA V looks from a visual standpoint as a small upgrade to GTA IV or should i say there are just lightning improvements and better visual design, but nothing spectacular.

    Icenhance mod all the way.

    #24 2 years ago
  25. Moonwalker1982


    I’m sorry, but you are exeggerating madly. And no offense, but that happens now and then with you. Framerate wise it was hit and miss on the consoles…alot of the time it was doable but it was never really impressive. Look at RDR though and you see a huge difference. Now that game-world is alot less crowded, but i expect it to be quite ok in V.

    Visuals were only ‘horrible’ during the day when the game had these ‘waterpaint’ graphics. When in the evening and night in the game though, it looked quite impressive and crisp, big difference. Nothing horrible.

    V is much more than a small upgrade. Look at the screenshots and trailer and compare it to GTA IV on PS360.

    #25 2 years ago
  26. Erthazus

    @25, Don’t let me start to talk about Red Dead Redemption and i played the worst version aka PS3 version.

    don’t let me start to talk about That horrible port. Game is fantastic, but frame drops in the small cities and a horrible looking grass that appeared in front of the player is just madness…

    “V is much more than a small upgrade. Look at the screenshots and trailer and compare it to GTA IV on PS360.”

    it’s because trailer was a PC footage and it was not impressive at all after the PC version of GTA 4. PC version looked great at it’s time but it was… 2008.
    Do you really think that someone shoot a trailer using your Xbox 360 or PS3? xD

    #26 2 years ago
  27. Moonwalker1982

    We will see when it comes out. But i don’t see why it can’t be possible what we saw in that trailer to be from console. Framedrops in RDR? Maybe on PS3 my friend..on 360 very very little.

    #27 2 years ago
  28. tmac2011

    im wanting just a new trailer, i dont need the release date yet. but would be great, i think rockstar needs to take there time on GTA V. i really want to play this game. its prolly just a meeting lulz! let’s hope they decide to announce a release date im ready to get a collectors edition down and a standard game with stratedgey guide!!!

    #28 2 years ago
  29. sb319

    @26 Shows what you know. The trailer and screenshots were very clearly all current-gen console (likely PS3) footage. Of course, some of the textures are likely to be higher res than what ships in the final game (as compromises are made late in the day to get the thing running well) but it is definitely current gen console footage. For anyone with eyes, it is a clear continuation of GTAIV but with a few new tricks and bits of tech. Looks fantastic.

    #29 2 years ago
  30. Moonwalker1982


    I don’t really understand why it likely would be PS3 footage though. So far, except for LA Noire, Rockstar games were better on 360. Digital Foundry did tests with GTA IV and RDR and i believe RDR doesn’t even run in 720p on PS3. I highly doubt it’s PS3 footage.

    #30 2 years ago
  31. Giskard

    @30 It’s not PS3 footage. It’s from the PC, without a doubt, if it’s running in-game that is. Could be semi-prerendered, which would mean the PC anyway!

    I’d give a kidney for it to release this year though.

    #31 2 years ago
  32. Moonwalker1982

    Rockstar has recently said that it was comprised of actual gameplay footage.

    #32 2 years ago
  33. bitsnark


    Actually, GTA: SA kinda set its own sort of precedent.

    The game was not only announced in March 2004 but release dates for all regions were also announced along with it:

    In addition to this, the game also appeared at E3 that year (E3 was in May in 2004 and as we know, GTA V didn’t show up at either this year’s E3 or Gamescom next month) meaning that they had as a bare minimum five months to market the thing (not including the two months between E3 2004 and the original announcement).

    Therefore I still maintain, not only is three months just not enough to properly market GTA V, but that also GTA: SA and GTA V shouldn’t really be compared at all in terms of release date and marketing activities – it was a different playing field back then.

    #33 2 years ago

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