Wisecrack Games cancels Sam Suede Kickstarter

Friday, 29th June 2012 07:16 GMT By Matt Williams

Wisecrack Games has chosen to cancel funding for the Kickstarter project Sam Suede in Undercover Exposure, but claims the project will be re-launched at a later date.

“After much deliberation, we have decided to take a step back, regroup and brainstorm as to the best approach to re-launching this project,” reads a statement on the project’s Kickstarter page.

“Within an hour of the Kickstarter launch, erroneous and misleading information was posted and declared to the media about Wisecrack Games, attempting to derail any progress of this Kickstarter campaign. It was the leg work and research of the gaming community that revealed the foul play. Eventually, the truth prevailed, albeit too late.”

Shortly after the launch of the Kickstarter project numerous articles began to appear, stating that Wisecrack Games had misrepresented Al Lowe’s participation in the game, and that the Leisure Suit Larry creator wanted the campaign taken down.

“We will continue working with Steve and the Wizarbox team as we re-group and press forward despite this unfortunate setback,” the statement continues. “We are very confident in the direction we are headed to bring this game to fruition.”

Wisecrack Games had set a funding goal of $500,000 for the project. Upon cancellation just $14,290 had been pledged by 436 backers.

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  1. TheBlackHole

    and… no one cares.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. ptrowe


    Ken Wegrzyn should really stop lying to the fans, public and media. Their initial Kickstarter campaign had Al Lowe and Leisure Suit Larry all over it. In addition, it was entitled “Al Lowe & Ken Wegrzyn present Sam Suede” which couldn’t be further than the truth. In fact, Al had nothing to do with legal action against Ken Wegrzyn or Wisecrack, it all came from Replay Games since they were using our IP, which we paid a hefty price tag for, w/o our knowledge or consent. My personal emails to them went unanswered so our lawyer sent a demand letter to their corporate address. They then took Al’s pictures (all 10 of them) off the page along with all the screen shots of the various MULTIPLE Larry games.

    When reporting something, do your freaking homework.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Talkar

    It amazes me that people will go to such an extend just to lie and screw over a kickstarter project (assuming of course that Wizecrack games are telling the truth)…

    #3 3 years ago
  4. gator17

    Totally agree! Gotta love the honesty and sportsmanship! See below!

    Paul Trowe is a former beta tester from Sierra On-Line, hired at the age of 12 (really) for his obvious and tremendous talents. He has since become the founder of Replay Games, a company that has made nothing of merit, but which he has decided to dub “Sierra 2.0″ because of a handful of other nobodies from Sierra that work there.

    “Paul Trowe of Replay Sabotaging Other Kickstarters”

    #4 3 years ago

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