Video – Spec Ops hits Europe today, development laid bare

Friday, 29th June 2012 14:03 GMT By Patrick Garratt

With Spec Ops: The Line releasing in Europe today, Sam Clay takes you behind the scenes of the shooter’s development at German studio Yager, speaking to the people that created this surprise hit.

Spec Ops: The Line released in the US earlier this week to solid reviews, and it available now in Europe. Below you’ll get in-depth information on how the game was put together from developers at Yage. For gameplay, hit this.

Visual effects development


Engineering and bug-fixing

Art and design



  1. YoungZer0

    Finished it again yesterday, got the other two endings. God, this really might be the most important game of this year. At first i thought that it really would be just like Apocalypse Now, but right around the end the game makes a 180 and goes into a completely different territory.

    So glad it got the positive ratings. Just hope it also sells successfully, because the many things they tried with the story deserve to rewarded.

    Though i definitely think they should’ve tried to be as courageous with the gameplay as they were with the story. That’s the only thing where the game is lacking.

    Really like the progression of the characters, something so god-damn many developers just miss.

    Not only does their appearance change, but also their voice and of course their character. I just love how around the end the characters are just exhausted. Their voice is rusty and the only thing they can say are swears. You really feel the frustration when Walker starts just fucking hating everything.

    #1 3 years ago

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