Gaikai has “reached the point where raising money isn’t a problem” according to CEO David Perry

Thursday, 28 June 2012 10:39 GMT By Matt Williams

Responding to speculation that a possible buyout of cloud gaming provider Gaikai is looming, CEO David Perry has admitted that the company has reached the point where money is not a subject of concern, as interest in the company reaches an all time high.

In an exclusive interview with GameIndustry International, Perry claims that “people are calling all the time asking if we need funds.” On the contrary, Perry claims that money “is not a subject of concern any more. We’re focusing more of the onboarding and scaling of the company.”

In the interview, Perry questioned “which company wouldn’t want to partner or own a company like Gaikai?”, using the examples of Microsoft, Apple, Citrix, Facebook, and Google as companies that may have interest in Gaikai’s services due to the long engagement times “compared with a normal ad”.

The likes of “Intel, Qualcomm, Limelight and the VC guys” are companies that have all invested in Gaikai at present according to Perry.

Regardless of any possible buyout however, Perry has made it clear that he will stay on-board at Gaikai to see the service through to the end.

“My objective is clear. In the history of the game industry, some day there will be a chapter in the book on cloud gaming. We have to see this through to the end. We have to finish what we started. We’ll stick around for a good time yet. There’s plenty more work to be done. I’m not selling and moving on. I’ll continue working.”