Casual gamers don’t read reviews but use word of mouth instead, says Rovio

Wednesday, 27th June 2012 13:34 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Rovio’s Teemu Huuhtanen has said while coverage of casual games is important, most titles benefit the most from word of mouth and consumers don’t need or use reviews when choosing what to buy.

Speaking during a presentation at Gamelab in Barcelona, Huuhtanen said the exposure Angry Birds received was “vital”, but any positive reviews from blogs and specialist press was trounced by word of mouth.

“We try to monitor social media, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and even reviews,” Huuhtanen told the audience. “I think they are all important, especially in the beginning. But I don’t think many casual gamers actually read any blogs or reviews – they hear about games from their friends, mostly.

“But to gain momentum in the beginning, it definitely helps to get good reviews.”

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  1. OlderGamer

    Not just your average Angry Birds playing Bejwelled loving gamers either. A lot of people playing a wide range of games don’t visit sites like this. That is why it is such a narrow scope of the bigger picture.

    Look at Nintendo, if all gamers came here then the Wii would have failed. Most people here hate the system and its games, but if you look at the sales of said hardware and software over the scale of this generation…obviously someone has been buying it.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. DSB

    I’ve bought two, but I’m still critical of Nintendo :P

    #2 3 years ago

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