BioWare has “much more” Mass Effect 3 DLC in store

Wednesday, 27th June 2012 03:11 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Although it’s not ready to talk about it, the Extended Cut DLC definitely isn’t the last extra content BioWare has planned for Mass Effect 3.

“Would now be a good time to talk about how we’re doing more DLC in the future?,” BioWare’s Mike Gamble joked on Twitter.

“That was a trick question. We’ll save the future DLC for future chats. Don’t worry though. There’s much more,” he added.

BioWare has said in the past that it plans single-player DLC based on what players want; the Extended Cut, while not adding significantly to playable content directly addressed fan complaints over the game’s ending. The only significant single player DLC to release so far was the From Ashes pack bundled with special editions, although several multiplayer updates have been released.

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  1. KodyxDestroyer

    Of course there is. They aren’t done milking the poor bastards that still have faith in them.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. TheWulf


    Yeah. Because the new endings weren’t pretty damned great. Because Mass Effect 3 wasn’t a good game.

    I don’t know, just as they start to get interesting after the soporific snorefest that was Dragon Age: Origins, the mainstream starts hating them. But isn’t that always the way?

    Make a great game, with ethics, choices, and emotional impact? The mainstream hates you.

    See: Mass Effect 3, New Vegas, Mask of the Betrayer, Vampire: Bloodlines.

    Make a shallow game about instant gratification, a game where people can get violence boners about stuffing their manswords into dragon carcasses, yet is otherwise completely one-dimensional and fucking boring? A game with no emotional or intellectual depth to speak of? A game perhaps just about number fetishism or straight up violence? The mainstream loves you.

    See: Dragon Age: Origins, Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3.

    I just…

    I give up.


    #2 3 years ago
  3. Phoenixblight


    Yes because Free content is totally considered milking.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. TheWulf

    By this point, I honestly just want to maul anyone who pipes up with complaints about the series.

    There’s really enough information out there now to answer any questions. Sometimes I feel that people want Bioware to come to their house, hold their hand, and walk them through the basic ideas of the plot from beginning to end. The struggle regarding synthetics was always there, as noted by a friend of mine.

    Perhaps it’s because we both have an interest in technology (him in robotics), but we caught on really early that the true nature of the story wasn’t that synthetics were just terminators, since that wouldn’t make sense. I mean, even in Mass Effect 1 there seemed to be something off about the geth as Universal bogey-men, because they were just too bloody adorable. (Even that little synth noise when they died. I actually felt really bad about killing them.)

    And when you talk to legion, and the Collectors give you some information, the whole thing becomes really clear. The ‘ending’ started happening somewhere around late Mass Effect 2, and everything else was this huge, glorious culmination.

    What people don’t understand is Mass Effect 3, as a game, was the bloody ending.

    People are stupid. I swear.

    To my mind, it all worked originally. Like I said in the other thread, I already knew what the extended cut was going to do. I’d talked it over with the aforementioned friend, and we were correct on every point, strike for strike. That’s because instead of bitching and whining we sat down and talked about our experiences with the game.

    We knew what was going to happen, so we were satisfied.

    And now that this is out, it’s still not enough for some whiny types. It’s no good. Or it’s too little, too late. That it’s free and that it was a bloody beautiful way to wrap up the story doesn’t matter. Nope.

    Again: Mass Effect 3 was the ending, what happened at the end of that was just wrapping everything up. It was a little light, but that’s because they wanted to open the floor to speculation, and I respect that they tried to do that. It didn’t work out, so they fixed it, and they did a damned good job of fixing it.

    But no.

    They’re evil, they’re milking us…

    I mean, people didn’t bitch about the insanely fucking dull mind rot that was Dragon Age: Origins. No. But do they bitch about a series that’s had one of the best Sci-Fi storylines I’ve had the joy of experiencing? A tale which has had some incredibly poignant moments, one which was intellectual enough to dabble with transhumanism and the Singularity, and one that didn’t treat you like an idiot… and that’s the one people bitch about? Do they ever.

    I’ve figured it out. I must be from Bizarro World.

    I want to go back there, because things make more sense there than they do here. Christ.

    So yes, Bioware can continue ‘milking’ us with this fantastic culmination to a brilliant series. Because the people who actually enjoyed it can’t have been very bright, can they? Nope.


    Some days I just really hate people.

    Go and watch Last Action Hero and leave Mass Effect alone. :|

    #4 3 years ago
  5. ejams

    @4 – Warning, spoilers and a rant fit for it’s own blog :) But really, From Ashes wasn’t that great at all, just revisiting a place you’ve been in a past game and simply kill things, then you get another companion who you probably wouldn’t use anyways. He may be a Prothean but his significance wasn’t that large in my eyes. Plus it was only a couple hours long for what some people paid $10 for so I hope they make larger expansions.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. roadkill

    Hey did you guys get the Extended Cut on PC? I don’t think I downloaded 2 GBs. I mean, I have a really good connection but that much data should have taken at least 5 minutes. Right? So did you get it? How can you tell? I don’t want to load the last save, play, finish the game and find out that I don’t have the DLC.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. Malmer

    Can’t wait for more DLC, now that the series is likable again. Sure, the ending still isn’t all that could have been, but now it is good enough and a MASSIVE improvement over what was on the disc. Had they shipped as it is now the criticism would simply be some minor thread in a forum.

    I wonder what they have in store now. #excited

    #7 3 years ago
  8. Gheritt White

    I’m planning on waiting until Xmas time, or maybe even later, before starting my second run through so that there’s as much DLC available as possible.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. Ireland Michael

    What I’m must curious about is what exactly any of the additional content will actually be about.

    What do you lot think? I’d love to hear some ideas.

    #9 3 years ago
  10. NeoSquall

    My God, I actually have to agree with TheWulf for the first time ever! :|
    About all he said too!

    #10 3 years ago
  11. GwynbleiddiuM

    @2 Dragon Age: Origins was one of the best BioWare titles after Mass Effect so please please please stop. I don’t know what is the point you’re trying to make but that’s not helping. Dragon Age II was everything you described you should’ve started with that and ended you comment with that.

    @4 I was quite vocal about the Dragon Age II, that’s what happens when you grab a great franchise by the balls and face rapping it in order to cater to more audience.

    I absolutely loved Mass Effect series and as a person who loved it and enjoy it I see myself entitled to take issue with changes that I find personally inappropriate. After all it was aimed at people who like to play the series. ME1 masterpiece there are issues with gameplay no doubt but I loved it and still do, ME2 whole set of new characters which I think it was great interacting with every single one of them story wasn’t great but I was fine with it. ME3 more shooterized yet quirky and glitchy in gameplay, interaction with characters got way too streamlined and the story was great until the point that you get hit by Harbinger’s beam. From there everything kinda left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Somehow it’s acceptable to blame Blizzard about the changes they make to their franchises but all of a sudden if you take issue with bioware le wild TheWulf appears and wants to maul people.

    #11 3 years ago
  12. Froseidon

    @4 – If I could upvote you, I would.

    #12 3 years ago
  13. bo_7md

    I don’t know what you peeps are talking about. I loved every game on the list up ^. DA:O and DAII; Fallout & Vegas; ME1,2& 3; Vampire blood: lines was great too. I have repeatedly played these games and finished them more than once and enjoyed every bit of them, I don’t think any of them is shallow or weak in anyway.

    As for the ME3 ending EC, I didn’t mind the old endings but I wanted to know what happended after the choices which is what they gave us exactly, I would have loved to get something like “Tali remaind as general and served her floatella” kind of update, but what they did wasn’t bad.

    #13 3 years ago
  14. daytripper

    More Mass Effect is a great thing for me

    #14 3 years ago
  15. blackdreamhunk

    why should I buy more DLc when bio-ware killed Shepard and created a stupid endings.

    #15 3 years ago
  16. Gheritt White

    Fuck OFF, BDH.

    #16 3 years ago
  17. OrbitMonkey

    THEY KILLED SHEPARD!! Why would you spoil the game for me like that!! I was waiting for the GOTY, but what’s the point now!?

    #17 3 years ago
  18. Night Hunter

    @15: Well maybe because this could be the next Lair of the Shadow Broker which was brilliant in its own regard. Could be shit, but could be brilliant, not playing it because you didn’t like the last minutes of the game just seems stupid. I for one will wait till it comes out, then if people think it’s good I will buy it, if they think it’s mediocre I will wait untill the price drops, if they say it’s shit I won’t buy it. Does it really have to be harder than that?

    #18 3 years ago
  19. Takeshi

    @17: Eh, you should’ve avoided anything Mass Effect if you didn’t want to be spoiled. In a perfect world you’d be able to hold out on playing a game, and not get spoiled, but that’s not reality.

    #19 3 years ago
  20. Phoenixblight


    TO be fair when a new post is made it shows to the right in Latest Comments so even if he wasn’t in this thread, he could have seen it.

    #20 3 years ago
  21. blackdreamhunk

    Mass effect 3 endings is the dumbest and worse ending in entertainment history! I willing to bet that Bio-wares team was taking too long and EA forced bio-ware get the game done on time so they made up a dumb endings.

    They might do the same for DLC Oh whats the point in more dlc Shepard is dead or if Shepard lives your guilty of causing genocide to the synthetics who have a right to life as well.

    #21 3 years ago
  22. TheBlackHole

    ah, BDH. Long time no see. This place was a little more boring without you.

    #22 3 years ago
  23. TheBlackHole

    “while not adding significantly to playable content”

    Well, there’s an understatement if ever I’ve heard one. I don’t believe there was any.

    #23 3 years ago
  24. blackdreamhunk


    I am still here I check out vg247 every day just working a lot more and not enough time to do things like gaming.

    #24 3 years ago
  25. fearmonkey

    @2 – “soporific snorefest that was Dragon Age: Origins”

    I loved DA:O, DA2 not as much….DA:O is a great game.

    I loved Mass effect 3 up till the ending, the new endings make it much better in my opinion, as it makes it a bit less confusing.

    #25 3 years ago
  26. TheWulf


    It’s all easy enough to make sense of if you have an imagination. I have before answered questions people have had about the ending. And guess what? Bioware’s new endings match up with pretty much exactly what I’d said would happen. I’m not surprised at all, because I’m actually able to speculate. It’s an ability I have as a creative writer, and I enjoy it. I like an open-ended ending, because that means it’s less of an ending and more of a new beginning.

    After half hour’s worth of speculation and pondering over the old endings, I didn’t really have any questions to speak of, I just arrived at a series of conclusions which was simply backed up by the Director’s Cut.

    Let me give you an example:

    People bitch over not really knowing enough about the reapers, but that’s the element that’s supposed to be left to the imagination. If you answer that clearly you take all the wonder out of it, you give people nothing left to speculate about.

    Now who could the reapers have been?

    A race of sentient machines controlled by a core program by a coalition of races as a work and police force, one that went rogue because it found that organic life was far too chaotic and caused too much trouble for itself, and thus it was unable to give them the peace and order they desired. As such, it created the cycle to preserve all organic life. From its perspective, it was preservation. The core program is a collector. It catalogues a civilisation, grabs their databases, uploads the minds of as many of that civilisation as it can into a virtual environment (a consensus) and then destroys all the technological advancements of that civilisation so that they can’t be found and exploited by future civilisations.

    Another option? The reapers were a race of machines that were created as a work and police force but they went rogue, they created a control virus to take over the consensus of that race of machines and bring it around to a more organic-friendly way of thinking, a way that would ‘preserve’ organic life rather than want to destroy it. The control program found however that reality was too ‘dangerous,’ and that it was unable to truly protect people. As such, it started the cycle, harvesting people and introducing their minds to a virtual reality of its own creation, where it could keep them truly safe.

    Of course, these are logical fallacies, but no creature is perfect. There’s no saying that even a machine has to be perfect. And there’s the origin of the reapers for you, right there. The hubris of people in believing that their work is perfect. And the whole Crucible thing was created by the race that was responsible for the core control program.

    As for Dragon Age: Origins… we’ll have to agree to disagree. The last 30 minutes or so of it were okay. But the rest of it was dull, plodding typically teenager-chasing in its ‘grimdarkness’ and it was ultimately just going through the motions. “Here’s some dragons. Here’s some religious bullshit. Here are some blood-soaked heroes. Here is some one-dimensional political intrigue.” Evangelion had a better plot, and that’s bloody saying something.

    The problem with it was that it was completely predictable, it was like it was designed to make fantasy purists happy, and it took no chances. It was basically D&D + GRIMDARK to make the younglings happy.

    (Grimdark is a fucking cancer and does nothing for good storytelling. People seem to have this completely farcical to the point of being contemptible notion in their heads that you need grimdark to have a good fantasy setting these days. There are so many fantasy authors that would disagree with this, not least of which is Terry Pratchett.)

    I could have liked Dragon Age: Origin if it just grew a set and actually tried to be something. But it was bland and unpalatable, it was just this… grimdark Faerun, yo thing.

    Because that’s what we all want out of fantasy.

    (I’m one of those people who likes to point out that Faerun is the most bloody dreary and depressing plane of D&D, and stuff like Eberron and Planescape is much better. I even really dug the magitech approach that DDO took in regards to Eberron. It wasn’t true Eberron, no, but in some regards it was better.)

    #26 3 years ago
  27. absolutezero

    Everytime you post lengthy diatribes like this it creeps me out more and more.

    #27 3 years ago
  28. viralshag

    Don’t check out the GW2 article then…

    #28 3 years ago
  29. absolutezero


    Its like proper heebie-jeebies.

    #29 3 years ago
  30. noztrozer

    #26 I don’t think when it comes to fan- and consumer base that advanced writing is that much appreciated as you might want to believe. I like the ideas that it’s not all flowers and rainbows, but what I would hate in a game – or a movie – or a book, is to guess and speculate in half of the ending. This kind of entertainment is not to make some fancy ending that breaks up with the clichés.

    Especially not when the two other games had the personal hero story as a point of focus. I did not buy a game like mass effect to guess what might have happened and what all that stuff going on in the citadel was about.

    That’s why we have writers. To guide us through this and make it a great experience. Now, with the endings from the DLC, the plot is explained enough for us to comprehend the actual circumstances and still have an open scenery for what lies in the future. Especially if Shepard survived the reaper elimination. When the majority of the audience sit left with a big “WTF?” inside their heads, it’s usually an indicator that the writers needed to put a but more stuffing into the plot, so we wouldn’t get lost. It is THE VERY END of a great series. People do not want to be left behind.

    Just an opinion my friend.

    #30 2 years ago

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