UKIE hedges July 23 PEGI introduction

Wednesday, 13th June 2012 07:41 GMT By Brenna Hillier

After literally years of delays, the UKIE hopes Britain’s dual games rating system will be supplanted by the pan-European PEGI by the end of next month.

MCV reports the British trade body expects the new system to be in place barring further problems – but as the transition process has already hit dozens of roadbumps, nobody wants to commit just yet.

“The latest date that we have for PEGI implementation is July 23. Although we are not expecting any further hold ups, it is still technically possible for this date to change due to the legislative processes involved,” CEO Jo Twist said.

“We shall be confirming the date at the soonest possible opportunity and in the meantime we will be holding PEGI briefing sessions to make sure that games businesses are fully aware of what the changes to PEGI mean for them.”

PEGI is poised to replace the BBFC’s system, and will ensure age ratings are enforceable at retail, with fines levied at offending merchants.



  1. Hirmetrium

    I still think this is the most redundant change in years. The BBFC have done a pretty good job in the past, and as a system fundamentally aimed at adults with young children who already don’t understand rating’s on video games (but were brought up with the BBFC ratings) I think its just going to make the matter worse.

    I guess time will tell.

    #1 3 years ago

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