Bethesda – developers walk a “weird line,” when it comes to DLC

Wednesday, 6th June 2012 23:38 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Bethesda’s Todd Howard feels developers walk a find line when it comes to releasing DLC: do it too soon, you alienate your customer base. Do it too late, you alienate your customer base.

Speaking in an interview with Joystiq at E3, Howard said the most important thing, when developing and releasing DLC, is striking a balance between quality and timing.

“There’s this weird line between – if you do DLC too early everyone’s pissed off. We have found, if you wait too long, they’re pissed off,” Howard said. “We have a very smart audience. We do feel the pressure to make sure it fits into the game smoothly.”

Howard said with Dawnguard, the team at Bethesda wanted to make sure the DLC didn’t take away from the players’ experience; therefore, they won’t be notified when the content is available. They must discover it for themselves once the update is patched.

“One of the potential negatives to like ‘Joe Consumer’ is they’ll buy it, they’ll load up Skyrim, they’ll be like, ‘Where is it?’ Well, you gotta go find it,” Howard explained.

You can get the entire 11 minute interview through the link.

Dawnguard releases on Xbox 360 June 26. Once the 30-day exclusivity period ends, PC and PS3 users can pick the content up. You can sign up to be a participant in the 360 beta here.



  1. ejams

    That last comment sounds kind of iffy, but I see where he’s coming from. Of course people will want to know where it is because they obviously want to play it, so why wouldn’t it tell you? Or am I missing something? I think it has to do with how like in Oblivion with Shivering Isles, it was like “…And then suddenly out of nowhere a massive portal has opened in the middle of a lake… so go there”

    #1 3 years ago
  2. A Zombie Riot


    And he’s right. You see video games have day-1 DLC and on-disc DLC and gamers are angry about it. As they should be. I feel that DLC should at least come out a month after the game has come out. You know, to give people more time to experience the game instead of thinking “Oh, hey, I need this piece of DLC to fully experience the game.”

    Also, in the beginning of the article, isn’t it supposed to say “a fine line” instead of “a find line” ?

    #2 3 years ago

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