E3 2012: Beyond: Two Souls leads Sony conference

Monday, 4 June 2012 16:07 GMT By Patrick Garratt

David Cage took the stage at Sony’s E3 2012 press conference to debut paranormal thriller, Beyond: Two Souls, amid an Assassin’s Creed blow out and new footage of Naughty Dog’s anticipated The Last of Us.

Sony E3 2012: At a Glance

Quantic Dream’s new project is called Beyond, the story of a girl in contact with the afterlife.

Nathan Drake and Big Daddy confirmed for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, which will sport cross-platform play between PlayStation 3 and Vita.

LittleBigPlanet to receive cross-controller DLC linking the PS3 and Vita versions.

PlayStation Plus to add new games each month; 12 new additions in June beginning tomorrow.

PSOne Classics coming to Vita.

Hulu Plus and Crackle coming to Vita.

Call of Duty: Declassified to launch on Vita during the 2012 holidays.

Assassin’s Creed: Liberation confirmed for Vita release alongside Assassin’s Creed III, with a female assassin and New Orleans setting.

A new Vita bundle will debut the Crystal White console alongside Liberation.

A new PS3 hardware bundle will launch with Assassin’s Creed III, including exclusive DLC.

There will be cross-promotional content unlocks between Assassin’s Creed III and Liberation.

Assassin’s Creed III will have naval battles.

Far Cry 3 will have a four-player co-op campaign, and the PlayStation 3 version will come with free exclusive DLC.

Android platform PlayStation Suite renamed PlayStation Mobile; HTC announced as first third-party partner.

The Wonderbook – an AR experience for PlayStation Move – was announced. The first release is Book of Spells, partially written by Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

New gameplay footage was shown for God of War: Ascension.

The Last of Us was the final live gameplay presentation.

Sony kicked things off with a sizzle montage, mixing Move and casual with core games with core footage, references to PlayStation Plus, and upcoming third-parties including BioShock: Infinite, Assassin’s Creed III and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for Vita.

“We have the most passionate consumers in the world,” SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton said. “This is the Superbowl for those of us who live and die in the games industry,” he added, making a sly reference to Sony’s reputation for producing E3 memes.

“It makes hosting this event so fun and relaxing for me,” he joked.

Sony Corporation President and CEO Kazuo Hirai was in attendance, but as befits his new role outside the PlayStation umbrella, he remained off-stage.

When a Heavy Rain image was splashed on the stage backdrop, the audience began to murmur, and David Cage announced Beyond: Twin Souls.

“Death is the biggest mystery of mankind. What happens next, no one knows,”

Beyond will tell the story of a life over 15 years. The character’s names is Jodie Holmes, and she has a connection to the afterlife – and will be played by Academy Award nominee Ellen Page, as rumoured.

A real-time demo was shown of one of the first scenes in the game. In a dingy police office, an adult male officer spoke to the short haired Jodie, who sat silently unresponsive to his gentle questions.

“I found you by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Was there an accident? Did someone try to hurt you?” he asked, bringing the audience up to speed.

The demo showed Quantic Dream’s trademark expressiveness as Judy showed a trace of fear in the face of a strange shaking it seemed only she could feel. Things took a turn for the weird when the police man reached to touch a scar on the back of Jodie’s head, somehow triggering a coffee cup to fly across the room and smash.

“I know, they’re coming,” a voiceover said – possibly Jodie’s internal monologue. Special forces burst into the station and seemed hesitant about approaching the office where Jodie was sitting. The officer from earlier opened the door for them but before we saw what was inside, it cut to a montage of explosions, motorcycles, helicopters, flipping cards and even swearing, with an older-looking Jodie promising to “kill everyone” next time she is bothered, and speaking to an invisible companion.

“Beyond will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before,” Cage promised, speaking of the game’s maturity and emotion.

“If you make the right decisions, maybe you will discover what lies beyond.”

Tretton then turned to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, calling last year’s Michael video the most successful tech viral effort of 2011. A new trailer showed only characters already confirmed.

Superbot’s Chan Park introduced a team of Superbot staffers playing a match between the melee-focussed Kratos and Fat Princess, the tactical Sweet Tooth, and stealthy Sly Cooper, on the Metropolis level from Ratchet & Clank. A Hydra from God of War burst through the scenery; it can interfere with the match.

Players score by racking up kills over the course of times matches. The game’s focus seems to be focused on the generation and strategic use of supers, played from a 2D perspective across simple multi-level platform stages. Sweet Tooth’s level three super was shown; the killer clown turned into a mecha version of his van and used a chain gun to take out all three rivals, and even dropping Kratos a second time. Fat Princess emerged victorious.

Two new characters were confirmed – Uncharted’s Nathan Drake and BioShock’s Big Daddy, as rumoured. Tretton also confirmed All-Stars will feature cross play between PlayStation 3 and Vita.

The PlayStation Network

On a cross-platform note, LittleBigPlanet is going to receive something called Cross-Controller DLC, which will allow Vita and PlayStation 3 players to play alongside each other, as demonstrated at TGS 2011.

Tretton revealed that 80% of PS3 and Vita consoles are connected to the Internet, that the PSN offers 1,500 downloadable titles, and that Journey is the best-selling PSN game of all time.

On the PlayStation Plus side, 12 new games will arrive over the next month, including LittleBigPlanet, Saints Row 2, and Infamous 2, starting tomorrow.

New offerings will be added each month, and Sony announced a new pricing plan of $5 per month. The audience members were awarded a free year of PSN subscription.

For Vita, PSOne Classics are due to launch this month. Hulu Plus and Crackle are on the way too.

Sticking with the new portable, Sony confirmed Call of Duty: Declassified, promising more information this month ahead of a holiday release.

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation was next, confirming a female lead and New Orleans setting. The game will feature some cross-promotion with the PlayStation 3 version of Assassin’s Creed III with multiplayer modes, skins, and single-player upgrades. An Assassin’s Creed Liberation bundle will debut the Crystal White Vita in the west.

The Assassin’s Creed III team turned up to give an all-new look at the game – naval battles. Connor, apparently impersonating an officer, took the helm of the ship, guiding it between rocky atolls to avoid and return cannon fire. Ubisoft noted the sea battle system includes dynamic weather.

Leaving behind the idyllic islands, the frigate headed to open sea where a minor storm more than made up for the lack of obstacles, rocking the boat from side to side in accordance to its angle of approach to the swell. It didn’t make aiming look easy. An enemy ship was sunk, vanishing with ponderous dignity below the waves. Coming alongside the remaining vessel, Connor was shown boarding in trademark Assassin style.

Assassin’s Creed III will launch with a day-one hardware bundle, including exclusive DLC.

Ubisoft stayed on board to talk about Far Cry 3, debuting a dedicated four player co-op campaign. One player asked for and received a boost to health regeneration via a “battle cry”. The team attempted to tale and hold a bridge long enough to bomb it. One character was slowed, carrying the payload, and then the four fled ahead of the explosion, which was celebrated in a brief cinematic. The PlayStation 3 version comes with a free exclusive DLC, too.

PlayStation Move was the next major topic of conversation, with BioShock: Infinite and DUST 514 mentioned as among the 250 games soon to be available for the device.

PlayStation Group president and CEO Andy House turned up to debut something a little unusual; a new kind of augmented reality experience using the PlayStation Eye and a dedicated platen called the Wonderbook.

“Wonderbook puts a physical book in your hands,” House said. “It isn’t limited to just stories. Imagine sailing the seven seas to discover an atlas. Walking with dinosaurs.” House said Sony is working with authors, educators and scientists to create both entertaining and educating Wonderbook titles.

One of the first comes from Moonbot, but everyone instantly forgot about that because the very first is Book of Spells, which was written in part by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, as part of Sony’s collaboration with online world Pottermore. A reader demonstrated how the PlayStation Move becomes a magic wand, although it’s not required throughout the whole experience. On screen, a dragon flew out of the pages and circles the living room, setting the book on fire.

The tech behind the Wonderbook seemed quite impressive, with the user able to pick up the platen and wave it around without disrupting the experience, even when a full paper theatre was projected onto it. The book seemed quite detailed and packed full of Harry Potter trivia; no doubt Pottermore fans will get more out of it than the baffled audience.

House moved onto PlayStation Suite, promising to bring the world of PlayStation to Android devices “in a major way”. Sony is partnering strongly with HTC for its first third-party agreement, and for some reason, is renaming the service PlayStation Mobile.

Tretton returned to note that Sony has the largest first-party studio line-up of any platform holder, which was an excuse to introduce Sony Santa Monica for a God of War Ascension blow out.

Tod Pappy presented a live demonstration in which Kratos encountered a dying man on a dock. A horde of goat men of some kind had apparently attacked the city, so Kratos killed them, including dispatching one by the simple expedient of grabbing its horns and yanking its head off. A larger goat man didn’t fare much better; Kratos chopped his feet off and shoved his own sword through his body.

After some sort of giant sea monster damaged the docks, Kratos summoned a green suspension field and used it to repair platforms in order to advance. Having advanced, he killed more goat men, this time with a throwing spear and the suspension field. A quick time event made short work of a tentacle attack, and also finished off some kind of gladiator. After beating up some more things, Kratos beat up an elephant man and some goat men at the same time; the finishing move had Kratos stabbing the mini-boss literally in the brain, before launching himself out at the leviathan.

The theatre was dropped into near dark momentarily, as The Last of Us demo kicked off with no introduction beyond the breathless, panicked voice overs of the main characters.

The gameplay footage was everything you could ask of Naughty Dog; colourful, detailed, and atmospheric. Some of the more amazing scenes included an overgrown atrium, a flooded street, and a broken glass arch.

The presenter controlled Joel while the AI handled Ellie, who traversed the ruined urban environment without assistance form the player. Joel took down an enemy by strangling him, a lengthy process, before looting a gun and triggering a cover shooting sequence. Throughout the battle, Ellie followed behind closely, keeping out of trouble.

Joel punched an enemy into submission then took him hostage, using him as cover to take down another before knocking him out and returning to cover. When Joel ran out of ammo, Ellie threw a rock at an enemy so Joel could take him down with melee. Later, he set a man on fire. Ellie seemed slightly more impressed than the remaining foes. The demo ended with a fierce grapple with one last armed enemy.

Tretton closed the press conference on this high note, calling PlayStation the “epicentre of gaming for 17 years” and promising to do everything in his power to “raise the bar” on gaming in the future.

Relive our liveblog below.


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  1. Ireland Michael

    2AM. Oh god. *staples eyelids open*

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Razor

    Yeah, wish Sony would go back to being last again.

    Those 7.30pm UK time starts were great.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Patrick Garratt

    I’m going to be sleeping. I’ll wake up and it’ll all be laid out for me in neat words.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. 0ldsnake1

    5:30 AM here in Middle East , oh God…

    #4 3 years ago
  5. poketrainer

    Very excited for Sony. MS did decent this morning. I just wish Sony was better at keeping surprises like the new Resident Evil and Metal Gear on PS Vita

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Dragon246

    Watching at 7:30 morning.

    “Prays to God to that Sony makes his dull day worthwhile”

    #6 3 years ago
  7. Da Man

    They ‘ll be announcing permanent maintenance after nagging about shipped figures and showing a demo of some hooker robot.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. Pigginz

    5:00 for eastern us feel bad for you guys in the uk. Super excited though!!

    #8 3 years ago
  9. GwynbleiddiuM

    seriously man I was just going to bed when I told myself let’s check vg247 before hitting the bed and baam, 5 minutes till sony’s conf.

    #9 3 years ago
  10. lexph3re

    haha someone needs to fix this guys voice

    #10 3 years ago
  11. lexph3re

    so far Beyond is the best thing shown for sony. Pretty underwhelming so far

    #11 3 years ago
  12. lexph3re

    ok that Last of Us was just fantastic.

    #12 3 years ago
  13. daytripper

    @13 yep pretty meh but the last of us made up for it, day one. the motion capture and interactivity with the kid was amazing.

    #13 3 years ago
  14. Yoshi

    Last of Us just completely stole the show. That was fooking amazing.

    #14 3 years ago
  15. lexph3re

    @daytripper 1 word…Brains

    #15 3 years ago
  16. tatsujin

    God of War: Ascension
    The Last of Us

    Okay … now I know where to spend my money on. <3 you Sony.

    #16 3 years ago
  17. GwynbleiddiuM

    Man if a zombie apocalypse ever happened please don’t shove a shotgun in my face. Also is it wrong to like wonderbook?

    All in all I think it’s very awful that publishers now have their own E3 shows, Microsoft and Sony’s shows feels less exciting, even though Sony’s conference felt much better than Nintendo and Microsoft thanks to Beyond and Last of Us.

    #17 3 years ago
  18. Razor

    Well this doesn’t look good for Vita.

    Last Of Us looks great though.

    #18 3 years ago
  19. daytripper

    @17 Brains?

    #19 3 years ago
  20. Gama_888

    i cant believe i stayed awake for that.
    20 mins on fucking wonderbook, fucksake.

    Admittedly Beyond and The last of us looked amazing and i cant wait for either of them, but no mention of the deal with gaikai, no mention of a vita price drop, no mention of any NEW ips exclusive to Vita.
    I hate to sound like Erthazus but sometimes the asshole is right.

    all Vita has is ports and spin-offs atm, and i was relying on this to give me the nudge to getting a vita, and they didnt. i thought they were announcing Ps Vitas Playstation plus aswell?? where was that??

    While it was A good show, im disappointed. it could have been great and it just wasn’t, and now its 25 to 4 in the morning

    #20 3 years ago
  21. daytripper

    It’s seems more obvious than ever the next E3 will be the one we see the birth of a new set of Sony/MS systems, the likes of the last of us, tomb raider are pretty nice ways to bow out on though.

    Just thinking what the likes of naughty dog,epic and so forth will be able to do with more capable consoles has me excited already.

    #21 3 years ago
  22. Ireland Michael

    Beyond looks stunning, but lacked gameplay. Will be interesting to see what they do with that.

    The Last of Us looks like Uncharted. Way too much like Uncharted. It looks like Uncharted with a name change. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing, but I was expecting something not quite so… practically identical.

    Wonderbook looks like a fun idea for kids – I know mine will love it. But the tech definitely needs some work.

    #22 3 years ago
  23. typeface

    @24 have to disagree that it looks just like uncharted, there’s definitely differences. If the menu is any indication this is pretty much uncharted with more survival elements. Limited ammunition (6 bullets?) combining items and things like that. It’s pretty much if the people behind uncharted made a survival horror. I’ll wait till I see a bit more but at the moment that’s what it looks like.

    i do agree with you on the other two, though they probably should’ve wasted less time with wonder book and made the press conference tighter. It should’ve been wrapped up in 60-70 instead of 90ish.

    #23 3 years ago
  24. mathare92

    @24 Seriously? It definitely has that now-characteristic Naughty Dog feel about it, but I think they’ve done quite a bit to differentiate it from Uncharted.

    The action is more grounded and gritty, the enemies appear smarter and more paranoid, and the firefights are a lot more tense given the lack of bullets and absence of regenerating health. That, the dynamic music, and the STUNNING visuals have helped create a pretty distinct post-apocalyptic vibe. It’s The Road to Uncharted’s Indiana Jones.

    #24 3 years ago
  25. lexph3re

    Brains! you know the Elephants Brains!lol

    #25 3 years ago
  26. daytripper

    man god of war was fucking brutal, gameplay looked repetitive though

    #26 3 years ago

    So what happened to OnLive…?

    #27 3 years ago
  28. Dragon246

    THAT is precisely the problem with unsourced leaks. So much was rumored that the actual show felt like a dud. Vita news was scarce which is bad. I hoped they would announce 5-6 AAA games from vita. E3 is not over, so hopefully more news comes in days ahead.
    On the side note, only thing that was completely original and not leaked was wonderbook (guess no one cared to leak it anyway)

    #28 3 years ago
  29. M. K.

    Glad I did not stay up. It seems even more boring then the MS PC. At least vita fans got something….

    #29 3 years ago
  30. Dragon246

    You are wrong, no presentation at E3 could be worse than microsoft.

    One more thing , is Sony giving up on vita (life lol)? NONE of their first party is developing anything for vita (at least not announced). E3 was the best place to at least announce them (giving details later). With only cod and AC being 2 exclusives for vita, as a Vita owner I feel let down by sony.

    #30 3 years ago
  31. mathare92

    @31 The MS conference was worse than boring. It was redundant.

    #31 3 years ago
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  • Digital copies of Far Cry 4 are being deleted from Uplay

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  • Gearbox wants “badass” talent for the next Borderlands

    Borderlands 3 may not have been announced at PAX this weekend, but studio boss Randy Pitchford is currently recruiting for the next game in the series. We are recruiting for next Borderlands. This is the big one. Industry badass? E-mail me: — Randy Pitchford (@DuvalMagic) January 26, 2015 A recruitment push would suggest […]

  • Destiny: less grind, fairer economy in House of Wolves DLC

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  • Homeworld Remastered Collection dated, first gameplay footage released

    Homeworld Remastered Collection has a release date, and as promised, the gameplay footage of Gearbox Software’s remake has been released along with the news that Homeworld Shipbreaker development continues. The video was shown during the Inside Gearbox Software panel earlier this morning at PAX South. Last year, Gearbox had said hoped to release the title […]

  • Clock Tower spiritual successor Night Cry has landed on Kickstarter

    The Kickstarter for Clock Tower spiritual successor, Project Scissors, recently announced as Night Cry, has launched. A teaser directed by The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu was released for the game earlier this month, and the full short film can be viewed below. Shimizu is also creative director on the project and Silent Hill creative and environment […]

  • Toukiden Kiwami mission trailer released, pre-order bonuses detailed

    Pre-order bonuses for Toukiden Kiwami have been announced for PlayStation 4 and Vita. Here’s the pre-order bonus list for each participating retailer: North America GameStop – Armor inspired by new slayers Reki and Soma’s costumes and classic armor from Toukiden‘s six original NPC slayers. Amazon – 2 exclusive pieces of armor: a set of Tenko […]

  • More Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Final Fantasy 15 info doled out by Tabata

    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD director Hajime Tabata took part in a Reddit AMA yesterday, and answered a variety of questions pertaining to the game and Final Fantasy 15. According to Tabata, the first playthrough of the game will last around 40 hours, but “the real fun” starts from the second playthrough which contains new events. […]

  • This video gives you an idea of what Borderlands Online is like

    A video for Borderlands Online, the China-exclusive title from 2K, Shanda Games and Gearbox, has been released. Posted on MMO Culture, the video was released to announce the “technical test” which started today. Borderlands Online is an instance-based online shooter, and will probably never reach western shores. Still, you can have a look anyway.

  • Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is the MMO’s first expansion

    The first expansion for Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, was announced today during PAX South, and ArenNet has posted a few content details for it on the official webiste. Heart of Thorns contains a reimagined progression with the new Mastery system, which provides new training opportunities for characters beyond level 80. Players will be […]

  • Turn-based action platformer Ronin has been polished up, nets a publisher

    Tomasz Waclawek has polished up his freeware title Ronin and will be releasing it through publisher Devolver Digital later this year. The turn-based action platformer stars a vengeful ninja who is determined to kill important memebers of a powerful corporation. Weapons at your disposal include razor wire and a katana, or you avoid combat by […]

  • Footage of cancelled Justice League brawler surfaces

    Footage of the cancelled Double Helix-developed Justice League brawler has surfaced online. The game was supposed to be a tie-in title for the also cancelled Justice League film directed by George Miller, according to leaked images and information from 2012. Jon Gwyn, the game’s artist and now Rockstar San Diego staffer, said at the time […]

  • Free Icona Vulcano DLC for DriveClub releases next week

    Sony has posted a video of the Icona Vulcano, which will be released as DLC next week for DriveClub. The video was posted on Facebook and we’ve embedded the video below courtesy of GamesHQMeida. It was announced earlier this week the Icona Vulcano would be released on the PS Store as a free download.

  • The Bard’s Tale 4 announced by inXile Entertainment at PAX South

    The Bard’s Tale 4 was announced today by inXile Entertainment CEO Brian Fargo during a panel at PAX South. inXile hinted around back in December that a sequel was in the works. Granted, The Bard’s Tale wasn’t mentioned. Still, everyone figured this was the game when Wasteland 2 project lead Chris Keenan stated the team […]

  • Here’s another Majora’s Mask 3DS vs N64 comparison video

    Last week, YouTube user Master0fHyrule uploaded a Majora’s Mask 3DS vs N64 comparison video, and we’ve embedded it for you below. The video shows 4.5 minutes of footage which appears before hitting the start button and the first meeting between Link and the Skull Kid. Another comparison video was released by another user back in […]

  • The Game Awards 2015 already in the planning stages

    The Game Awards 2015 are already in the planning stages, according to Geoff Keighley. The inaugural show took place on December 6, 2014. Keighley announced the 2015 show during his Storytime with Geoff Keighley panel at PAX South this weekend and through Twitter. He said more details will be announced in the spring. You can […]

  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered listed for January release

    It looks like Quantic Dream’s Indigo Prophecy is returning in remastered form next week, if an Amazon listing is any indication. According to the listing posted on NeoGAF, the uncut version of the game contains Steam DRM and will release January 29 at 12pm PST/3pm EST for a Linux, Mac and PC download. Titled Fahrenheit: […]

  • Indie Flash Sale kicks off on North American PS Store

    The North American end of the PlayStation Store is hosting a Flash Sale a beefy list of indie games and some films. The sales includes titles such as Resogun, Shadow Warrior, The Unfinished Swan, FEZ, Costume Quest 2, Joe Danger, Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons, and more for up to 80% off. The full […]

  • The Witcher 3 Twitch stream to show 15 minutes of new gameplay footage

    New The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay footage will be shown Monday, January 26 on’s Twitch channel. Along with the footage, the developers will be answering questions from the community as well as providing commentary on the gameplay being shown. Live questions posted via Twitter chat will be answered by senior gameplay designer Damien […]

  • Borderlands 3 information teased for tomorrow’s Gearbox PAX South panel

    During PAX South this weekend, Gearbox Software is hosting a panel titled Inside Gearbox Software which will provide “the latest news and updates on Borderlands and upcoming Gearbox titles.” Yesterday during Gearbox’s panel called Question and Answer Time, CEO Rady Pitchford was asked “when or if” fans can expect Borderlands 3. “I’ll tell you what,” […]

  • Best Buy cancels multiple pre-order units of Limited Edition Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL

    Multiple sources reported overnight Best Buy has cancelled some pre-orders for the Limited Edition Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL. As of press time, it appears to only affect those who pre-ordered more than one system. Only one system was allotted per order, so the cancellation notices were sent out to comply with the restriction. Those […]

  • Rob Huebel is your KillCameraman in this CoD: Advanced Warfare video

    A live-action video for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Havoc has been released by Activision. Subtitled: Randall Higgins: KillCameraman gives you a look at the action from a different perspective. In the video, Higgins is played by comedic actor and writer Rob Huebel (Children’s Hospital, Parks and Rec, The Mindy Project). The first DLC […]

  • Xbox App features included with Windows 10 January build outlined

    The January build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview includes a basic version of the Xbox App announced earlier this week. With the initial preview release, the team at Microsoft wanted to only include the basics such as high resolution monitor support along with keyboard and mouse input. Additional functionality will be released with each […]

  • Standalone version of DayZ has sold 3 million units

    The standalone version of DayZ sold 3 million units, Bohemia Interactive has announced. Release Just over a year ago on Steam Early Access, the milestone was hit yesterday. The standalone version was created by Dean Hall as a Arma 2 modification which has been updated 24 times since its initial release. In 2014, the development […]

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video shows gameplay clips, global hands-on events

    CD Projekt has released a video for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, giving a glimpse of gameplay and noting that hands-on impressions of the game will be bombarding the Internet next week. We’ll have extensive coverage of The Witcher 3 on Monday Jan 26 at 3pm GMT. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming to […]

  • Microsoft looking into possible HoloLens support for PC, Xbox One

    Microsoft’s HoloLens may be a dedicated device, but the company is obviously looking into how it could be used with PC and Xbox One. Speaking with Polygon, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said should the stand-alone product become a success, “specific scenarios” on how it could be used with Xbox One are already being brainstormed. “We […]