VG247 at E3 2012 – what’s happening and when

Sunday, 3rd June 2012 13:21 GMT By Patrick Garratt

It’s time. Head inside for full details of our E3 publishing schedule and everything you need to know about this year’s press conferences. The action is go.

VG247 has a large team covering this year’s E3, bringing you 24-hour coverage of videogaming’s biggest, most controversial show. On the ground we have Nathan Grayson, Dave Oshry, Stace Harman, Sam Clay, Jem Alexander and Alex Donaldson. Our full-time news team will be working on shifts in timezones around the world, making sure the site’s constantly updated with the information that matters. Steph Nunneley (US), Johnny Cullen (UK), Brenna Hillier (Australia) and myself, Pat Garratt (France), will be on constant watch.

In addition, we’ve pulled in expert freelance analysis from Rob Fahey (Games Industry, The Times) and Johnny Minkley (Eurogamer, BBC) to provide insight into the platform holder press conferences.

Press conferences

Here are all the press conference details. In addition to the links listed below, also try GameTrailers, G4, Gamespot and IGN.

(Key to time stamps: PST – west coast US; EST – east coast US; BST – UK time; CEST – European standard time; AEST – east coast Australia.)

Sunday, June 3

Monday, June 4

  • Microsoft (9.30am PST/12.30pm EST/5.30pm BST/6.30pm CEST/2.30am AEST) – You can watch this live on Microsoft’s E3 page. A recording of the event will be delivered for viewing after the fact in the same place. You’ll also be able to watch it as it happens on Xbox Live. Xbox’s Facebook page is carrying a live stream.
  • EA (1.00pm PST/4.00pm EST/9.00pm BST/10.00pm CEST/6.00am AEST) – Watch this on EA’s E3 site.
  • Ubisoft (3.00pm PST/6pm EST/11.00pm BST/12.00pm CEST/8.00am AEST) – Ubi’s streaming this live on YouTube.
  • Sony (6.00pm PST/9.00pm EST/2.00am BST/3.00am CEST/11.00am AEST) – You can watch on either the US or EU PlayStation blog; through PlayStation Home; on a dedicated site; through the Nico Nico app on your Vita; at Ustream; on Google Plus; and via Facebook.

Tuesday, June 5

  • Nintendo (9.00am PST/12.00pm EST/5.00pm BST/6.00pm CEST/2.00am AEST) – You’ll be able to watch the Nintendo conference on the company’s official E3 site.

Publishing schedule

Here are the features we’re going to be publishing this week. This is subject to change, for obvious reasons, but assuming nothing explodes our E3 coverage will look like this. All timings are European. Obviously, we’ll have a huge amount of additional content coming from the show in the following weeks.

Sunday, June 3

  • Nintendo pre-E3 Wii conference report (Brenna)

Monday, June 4

  • Microsoft press conference liveblog and report
  • EA press conference liveblog and report
  • Far Cry 3 preview (Nathan)
  • Ubisoft press conference liveblog and report
  • Sony press conference liveblog and report

Tuesday, June 5

  • Nintendo press conference liveblog and report
  • Opinion piece on EA press conference (Brenna)
  • Opinion piece on Microsoft press conference (Pat)
  • Opinion piece on Sony press conference (Rob Fahey)
  • Opinion piece on Nintendo press conference (Johnny Minkley)
  • Interview with Chris Lewis, vice president of Interactive Entertainment Business for Microsoft Europe (Pat)

Wednesday, June 6

  • Interview with Shuhei Yoshida, president of Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment (Nathan)
  • Report on first-party Sony title (Nathan)
  • Interview and impressions of Tomb Raider, including video (Stace, Sam)
  • Report on first-party Sony title (Jem)
  • Interview and impressions of Hitman: Absolution (Dave)

Thursday, June 7

  • Interview and impressions on unannounced Ubisoft title (Nathan)
  • Interview and impressions of Halo 4, including video (Stace, Sam)
  • Interview and impressions of unannounced Microsoft game (Alex)
  • Interview and impressions of Borderlands 2 (Dave)
  • Interview and impressions of Elder Scrolls Online (Dave)

Friday, June 8

  • Impressions of Wii U hardware and first party software, including video (Alex, Sam)
  • Interview and impressions on Forza Horizon (Stace)
  • Interview and impressions on Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Dave)
  • Interview and impressions on Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Nathan)


As mentioned above, we have a team operating 24 hours a day for the entire week for E3 2012. You’ll be able to find updates from everyone in the same liveblog, which we’ll be moving around articles as needed. Check it out below.



  1. Yoshi

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    1 thing some of the times in Monday are little off.

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  5. Patrick Garratt

    @3 – That’s right, soldier.

    @4 – Argh. I hate timezones. Thanks.

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  6. slayernl

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  7. kony 2012

    i faught last year ubisoft were the best one and this year again because far cry 3 gameplay and AC3 aswelll xbox will only be good for tomb raider and halo ps3 all stars and ea with fifa and nfs

    #7 3 years ago
  8. AHA-Lambda

    woah, I thought Ubisoft’s conference was at 11pm BST and Sony’s was 2am BST?

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  9. StolenGlory

    That schedule looks like the schedule that I have for my blog.

    Just without any of the interviews, fun stuff or being there.

    Ah well :)

    Looking forward to it!

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    @8 – Yep, they were a bit off. I’ve edited it.

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  13. Erthazus

    Not really excited for E3 so far because of last two boring years and i just don’t “feel it”.

    Probably will play Diablo III Inferno some more. Maybe i will watch MS, Ninty and Sony’s press conference if i will have some free time. I will check VG reports for sure.

    Best of Luck to VG247 team. I hope you will enjoy E3.

    #13 3 years ago
  14. manamana

    Admiral Garratt has his battalions in position I reckon. Good staff, I can not wait to see what they come up with. Btw. Isnt Nintendo one hour earlier: GMT 23:00/CET 24:00 on their site…?

    #14 3 years ago
  15. Pytox

    Nintendo’s pre-conference Wii U conference (3.00pm PST/6pm EST/12.00am BST/1.00am CEST/9.00am AEST)
    is wrong it’s June 3rd 24:00 CEST

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  16. NeoSquall

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    “CEST – European standard time” nope, it’s actually Central Europe Summer Time.

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    I’ve fixed the Nintendo time. It’s 11pm BST/12pm CEST tonight.

    #23 3 years ago
  24. The_Red

    Will the impressions / interviews be like the recent Hitman A video feature that Sam did? Because it was AWESOME. Hoping to see more hands-on / impressions videos with gameplay.

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  25. Lewis247

    Ummmm, what’s with the eckies for the picture all about? lol

    Oh and btw does anything have a small feeling that this year might actually… dare I say… Good!? *gasp*

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  26. Cozzy

    @Johnny Should’t it be 12 if it’s BST? It says 11pm GMT on the website.

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    You forgot tonight(sunday 3rd) Game of Thrones Season 2 finale. Rookie mistake.

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    If its on the Japan site is it not going to be in English?

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    its meant to be
    “VG247 at E3 2012 – WTF happening and when”

    also no (Africa) reporter on VG24/7?:/

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  34. mathare92

    Sam in goal, closest to the cameras. Steph, Brenna, and Johnny on defensive duties; letting nothing pass. Fahey and Minkley: wise old heads reading the game in midfield. Dave working tirelessy to support the young and sharp attackers on the frontline: Jem, Alex, Stace. Who’s that up ahead in the no. 10 shirt you ask? Why it’s Lionel Grayson of course, recently signed from RPS FC, carving up competitors with a flurry of brilliant features and interviews.

    Orchestrating it all from the sidelines, hair slicked back, cigar in mouth, and $10,000 dollar suit donned, the manager watches on. They call him Pat Gar round these parts.

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