Guild Wars 2: second beta weekend to kick off next week

Tuesday, 29th May 2012 08:39 GMT By Johnny Cullen

ArenaNet’s announced the second beta weekend for Guild Wars 2 will launch next Friday from midday PST (8pm BST).

The beta will come to an end on Sunday, June 10 at 11:59pm PST (7:59 BST).

ArenaNet has announced that characters made from the first beta weekend haven’t been deleted and can be carried over into the second weekend.

Original plans for the second weekend were on hold due to the implementation of new hardware.

“The participation and enthusiasm we’ve seen has exceeded our expectations, and we’re all very grateful and appreciative here at the studio,” said the studio’s Chris Whiteside.

“Your support during our first Beta Weekend Event and throughout development has been instrumental in getting us prepared for launch and helping us take massive steps in the evolution of Guild Wars 2 as a whole. You, our community, are an integral part of the development process, and Guild Wars 2 simply would not be what it is today without you.”

Guild Wars 2 is set to launch sometime this year.



  1. GrimRita


    Well it looks like June 28th as a release date isnt going to happen. Or could it? Or will it be September?

    Cant wait to get back into this. I’ve gone back to Rift just to keep me busy until this comes out

    #1 3 years ago
  2. endgame

    And gmg still don’t have the standard digital edition for sale. WHYYYY!?

    edit: I knew I should have bought it when it was first available. Now they only show the deluxe digital edition because they know they can milk the idiots.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. GrimRita

    @2 I think it will go on sale after this beta event. The servers simply didnt cope at the first beta but now they have installed some new tech to ease the pain. I guess, depending if it all works will determine if they re open the digital sales

    I think Amazon have copies left – worth checking. I bought the DE version because I think I will be playing this for a long time. Then again, I said that about SWTOR when I downgraded from the Collectors to the DE version. Thank god I did although both were a waste of money since the items you were given were crap.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. viralshag

    Still gutted about this. Really not interested in the game having played a fair bit in the first beta and it could barely raise my interest longer than about 10 minutes in the last short stress test they held.

    Still holding out that I will see what it is that other people like about this game, otherwise what a waste of £50.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. GrimRita

    Cant judge on a beta viral. Still early days. It took some major adjustments in my style of gaming to get into this considering how upskilling works.

    Personally, I am not a fan of the art direction. Cities etc look great but I dont want to play in a painting!

    But I am more or less happy back in Rift with a new toon

    #5 3 years ago
  6. viralshag

    Don’t get me wrong, Grim, I’m not passing a final judgement on the game. I’m just saying for me personally I don’t think this game will hold anything for me. And I think a beta is more than enough for me to get that feeling.

    Mostly because it has nothing to do with content/endgame or even the PvP. I just didn’t take to the controls for movement,and as for the combat I found it rather repetitive. And I’m basing future play in later levels on the spells I used in the unlocked PvP matches which didn’t do much for me either.

    I like the visual aspect of the game in environments and characters. I just felt like it was a little too messy and “busy”, mostly in the layout and set up of the main cities.

    I don’t have anything against the game and I can easily see why other people like it, I just don’t think I get the same vibe from it. I’m going to play it with friends regardless and make the most of it at release, I just don’t hold much hope of it entertaining me past a couple of weeks.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. GrimRita

    @6 I do hope you’re wrong lol. Im hoping that they do make some changes – especially to the Auction house tabs and menus, it was worse than SWTOR and that is saying something, since they had an utter shit auction system.

    The in game events kind of reminded me of Rift. At least it gave you something to do and as often as you wanted, unlike SWTOR where you just repeat the same old dull Flashpoints – WITH STORY – that you’ve heard over 100,000 times.

    Maybe I am expecting too much, who knows but I have bought it, its free to play so it wont be costing me anything going forward to play(apart from any MTs if I decide to stay) which I can deal with.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. TheWulf

    I’ve always been a fan of this sort of art direction because I’m an artsy type and details matter to me more than graphical fidelity. I mean, look at The Secret World, it has DirectX 11 and all of the graphical fidelity, but it still looks like a dog’s dinner because of a lack of good art direction.

    This video does a great job of explaining why the art direction is important, and showcasing all of the details. It just points out a lot of things. Such as how in other MMOs, where a statue might have been just a normal NPC model scaled up and textured grey (Champions Online and WoW have both done this), ArenaNet actually went out of their way to build actual sculptures which are not the same as the character models. The strip metal sculptures in the Black Citadel being an example.

    The attention to detail really makes it work for me. I like being in a painting, personally. I play games like this to get away from reality, after all. It’s escapism.

    As for the game itself, an adjustment in style is needed. You can’t stand there and press buttons or you will die. You have to use all of the tools at your disposal, and you have to dodge. I played an Engineer, one of the more underpowered classes, and I had a hell of a time with some of the events. The difficulty level was right up there.

    You have to use movement and the environment to your advantage, you have to use your head and dodge at the right time. It’s great. And even all the projectiles are targeted, so if you’re clever you can dodge out of a lot of damage. This isn’t like the usual MMO where every single projectile is a homing missile. (My most entertaining example of this being the fruitarangs the deathknights get to see on their first visit to Stormwind in WoW. Fruit goes around corners just to hit you.)

    It’s like the natural evolution of the promise of games like Champions Online. And if I had to say anything, I’d likely say that the combat reminds me of Monster Hunter. That’s not at all a bad thing.

    But yeah, if you’re after the button spammy, endgame-laden, traditional MMORPG approach, then no, Guild wars 2 doesn’t offer that. In fact, it offers the exact opposite of that for people who’re sick of it. Personally, I hate it. I was sick of it even before TOR launched, and now I just really want a system where I decide through my skill whether I live or die, rather than having numbers decide that for me.

    That’s my issue with traditional MMORPGs. I fight a monster, I die. The numbers were wrong. I put on a more brightly coloured shirt with plus this and plus that, I fight the monster again, and I live. I have no say in whether I win or lose, it’s entirely the plus this and that on my shirt versus the stats of the monster. It doesn’t even need me to be there, at all. I could go and make a sandwich and let a very basic bot handle things. There’s no… connection. I don’t feel like I’m in the world.

    I see the numbers and only the numbers. I don’t want that.

    Others might want the whole number thing and the complete absence of skill, sure. But not me. I want skill in my MMORPGs. I want to feel that if I move or make a decision, it has an impact on whether I win or lose.

    The combat has a chaotic element to it, but so does the world, it’s a very believable world. And speaking of the cities… well, go to a city. If a sapient group of beings create a city, usually it is busy and cluttered. That’s what a city is supposed to be. it’s not supposed to be this highly organised and tiny outpost with ‘city’ written on it. I know past MMORPGs have done that, but Guild Wars 2 was a delight for me in actually giving me cities.

    I revel in the fact that it’s not all so structured, frankly. I think that it’s going to appeal to some mindsets and not to others. If you’re a number fan and an achiev-o-matic bot, then you just want to head to a city, sell your stuff, equip your new stuff, and head back out and let the numbers do your talking. You’ll do that again and again until the end of the game.

    I don’t want that.

    I want something that is a bit organic, a bit out of left field, something that’s worth exploring and understanding. Something that I actually feel like I’m a part of, instead of being on the outside of.

    I think this is where we differ: Guild Wars 2 is an explorer’s paradise, no doubt about that, but if you’re an achiev-o-matic type, then you won’t like it so much, because you have to explore to win. It’s been a long time since I played a game that actually encourages you to use your mind, instead of just following an arrow, and facerolling buttons whilst stats do your work, then doing it again and again.

    …it just makes me happy.

    Different strokes.

    To try to sum up a bit…

    Ultimately, I like the chaos. A bit of chaos is good because it actually means that you have to think about what you’re doing or you’re going to die. In structured games like those mentioned favoured above, I feel like a programmed robot who’s just following orders. I don’t see that as playing a game, I see it more as just a person sitting there and pressing buttons. It feels like work, it doesn’t feel like a game, it doesn’t involve me in any meaningful way.

    So yeah, you can’t zerg in Guild Wars 2. People tried that against a level 3 (LEVEL 3) boss and died in droves. What happened then was people started figuring out tactics, and groups got together and started using cross-profession combos, targeted ground heals were used more efficiently and so on. In that fight, people had to THINK. I’ve never played a traditional MMORPG that forces you to think.

    This is why WoW and games like it feel so much like work for me. The ‘gameplay’ feels like entering things into a spreadsheet with little to no feedback. And sometimes you get 40 people to sit there doing this for many hours at a time. This must seem like an accountant’s dream. Each player just runs down their shopping list, hits their buttons, and… that’s it. You hit your buttons until the foe dies and you move on. Where’s the fun in that?

    In WoW, if you see a gigantic fireball coming down from the sky, you just stand there, keep spamming attack, and expect the healer to spam their heal button. In Guild Wars 2, there are no dedicated healers, and spamming doesn’t work. You have to get the hell out of the way. And no, in GW2 that fireball isn’t going to home in on you. If you dodge it, it’ll either hurt you less (splash damage) or it won’t hurt you at all.

    I’ve played traditional MMORPGs, they’re usually just: W until you get to a mob, 123123124123132123141 and so on. That’s it. There’s literally no thinking involved. Yes, there’s chaos in Guild Wars 2, and things can be complicated, but that’s good. Thinking is good. I like thinking. I like actually having to navigate my way around a city too, and actually getting lost because it’s so big (that’s amazing), rather than just going to this outpost where everything is clearly defined and you can just hop in and out quickly.

    See, the latter really takes me out of the game because I can SEE the game mechanics, I can see what they’re doing. And all of this contributes to making me feel like a robot. So in a town in WoW, everything is laid out sensibly, but it’s done so like programs in a folder. None of the NPCs feel like people, they all feel like robots doing their designated tasks. And I’m a robot doing my designated task. I hate that, with a passion.

    I find nothing more off-putting.

    So yeah, GW2 is chaotic and forces you to use your brain. I’m a person, not a robot. I want that.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. viralshag

    What a long winded way of trying to say “different is better”. It’s not, different is different, so please stop trying to make out you have to be something you’re not to play or enjoy this game. Or on the flip side that you wouldn’t like this game because “you don’t like to think.”

    It’s an MMO, numbers still count and so do levels, you CAN stand there and spam spells just as me and many others around me did on many many occasions, PvE and PvP, you’re still just pressing number keys 1 through 8 or whatever and you don’t have to “navigate” around cities because you can port to pretty much anywhere you need to go.

    You don’t need to change your “style” as you’re still just pressing number keys, only this time in a different “rotation”.

    #9 3 years ago
  10. roadkill

    viral? Guess what? You need a way to quantify stuff so you use numbers. You need to make your character respond to your commands and since you are using a keyboard.. SURPRISE!! you have to use keys! You’re a f**king moron! You don’t like the game? F**K OFF then! Don’t try to act like you have an IQ.

    #10 3 years ago
  11. viralshag

    Erm, thanks for pretty much agreeing with what I said…

    #11 3 years ago

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