Blizzard details assistance for GAME Australia Diablo III pre-order customers

Friday, 25 May 2012 09:03 GMT By Alex Donaldson

A Blizzard Community Manager has detailed exactly what steps customers who pre-ordered Diablo III at in-administration GAME Australia have to take in order to get their money back.

The instructions posted up on Blizzard’s official Diablo III message boards involve taking a scan of your receipt and sending it to Blizzard customer support. To be eligible customers must have purchased Diablo III direct from Blizzard before May 21st, as was previously announced.

Those who pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition will even get the digital Collector’s Edition items added to their account manually by Blizzard. There’s a few terms and conditions to understand but the process is otherwise easy. Blizzard will be checking submitted claims against a list of pre-orders obtained from GAME.

GAME Australia confirmed that they wouldn’t be stocking the title in-store upon entering administration early last week. The situation of the struggling retail chain hasn’t improved since, with the company today closing 60 stores and laying off 281 staff.