Bethesda sends copyright infringement notice to Skyrim app provider

Thursday, 17 May 2012 08:03 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Rick Blalock, the creator of Skyrim iOS app Dragon Shout, has said he’s been sent a copyright infringement notice by Bethesda over the program.

The app provides maps and a journal for those playing Skyrim. Bethesda already has an official mapp app on the App Store.

But in a Facebook note, Blalock didn’t quite get the reason why for all the fuss.

“Hey all, just received a notice from Bethesda/ZeniMax Media Inc that I should take the app down due to copyright infringement. Looking in to this now. Will let you know,” he said on the app’s Facebook page.

Blaclock has confirmed in a TouchArcade interview he hasn’t received a Cease & Desist order yet.

“ZeniMax didn’t specify what the app is specifically violating,” said Blalock. I did my best to ensure the app was not violating anything,” he said.

“I looked up US trademarks and copyrights for ‘Dragon Shout’ and at the time there wasn’t any. I had the map hand drawn. I intentionally didn’t use any graphics or wording that would possibly be owned by Bethesda. So, I’m still not sure what they say the app violates.”