Three faction PvP coming to RIFT, testing to occur May 17

Tuesday, 15 May 2012 16:53 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Trion has announced three faction PvP and open world conquest for RIFT. The area of Stillmoor is being revamped with “cross-shard, open-world PvP control points and sourcestone powered fortifications,” according to TenTonHammer, and in order for your faction to win, players will need to claim 40% of the control points or rack up 5,000 kills. Players will also need to align themselves with one of three factions and their totems: Dominion – The Ram, Oathsworn – The Lion, or Nightfall – The Raven. A PvP test for the new content will occur on RIFT’s pulic test server on Thursday, May 17 starting at 4.00pm PDT. Head on through the links to learn more.