“No plans” for Dragon’s Dogma on PC, launch trailer released

Thursday, 10th May 2012 17:01 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

When Dragon’s Dogma was announced, many in the gaming community felt Capcom missed out on the opportunity to add co-op elements, especially once the pawn system was revealed. However, producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi said the team never considered adding co-op, or multiplayer for that matter, for a couple of reasons.

Speaking with CVG, Kobayashi said cooperative play was nixed in order to “focus on the single-player experience while being able to use network functions.”

“A big reason for that is that we wanted to let players make their own character as well as their main pawn,” he said. “So their pawns weren’t actually other people playing, but were ones that you had made and levelled up through the game.”

The pawn system is also the reason why the game isn’t being released on PC, as the team found it “a bit difficult,” considering players will be able to borrow and lend out their pawn to other players. Still, the game could end up on other platforms besides PS3 and Xbox 360, possibly even Wii U providing the first outing does well, according to Kobayashi.

“If people like it, there is definitely a possibility of future installments,” he said. “As far as future consoles are concerned, we’re still not sure yet: we want to focus on the first one and see how well it is accepted around the world first before we can even think about next-gen consoles.”

Dragon’s Dogma releases in North America on May 22 and across Europe on May 25, and for those disappointed in the lack of multiplayer, there’s always the Ur-Dragon challenge available through PSN and XBL.

Enjoy the game’s launch trailer below.



  1. CyberMarco

    No PC love! :(

    #1 3 years ago
  2. nofear360

    I bet the game would fare better on PC then it will on the consoles.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. voxelman

    what’s difficult about sharing Pawns on PC? All CAPCOM games on PC use GFWL anyway. And hell I would take a PC version without Pawn trading if it meant mod support.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. leonkento

    TBH you might have lost alot of money not putting it on PC. PC Gaming has become much bigger then most condoles.But w/e GG

    #4 3 years ago
  5. no_end

    I buy a GTX560 and Capcom makes the perfect game: dragons, knights, Olde English accents, incredible mechanics, painterly artwork, an engaging customization system… then they don’t port it to PC. They’ve ported every game for the last five years!


    #5 2 years ago

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