Japanese social games warned off shady freemium schemes

Tuesday, 8th May 2012 06:21 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency is cracking down on free to play social games which offer random rewards in return for micro-payments.

The Yomiuri Daily reports the CAA has completed an investigation into “kompu gacha” gaming, and concluded that some such games are in violation of the law.

Kompu gacha model games offer random items in return for payments, rather than letting players choose what they will purchase, and then hand out additional rewards if players manage to complete a full set.

The CAA will release a full report and will pursue legal action against companies who continue to utilise the illegal business model.

The agency launched the investigation after receiving complaints of high costs from users of social networks like Gree and Mobage.

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    This sort of thing should be banned.

    Seriously, you have to be so synical when downloading anything “free” these days.

    EA are really guilty of trying to decieve people into spending money, too.

    For example, you can DL Theme Park for “free”, but according to the reviews on iTunes, you can’t actually build one without spending at least £30!

    It’s ridiculous.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Gekidami

    But… Hold on, isnt this exactly the same principal as ‘booster packs’ for card games like Magic, Pokémon, & Yu-Gi-Oh?; You buy the pack not knowing what exactly is inside, you either get new cards or doubles. The idea with some is to get them all (“gotta catch ‘em all!”), only you get no reward for doing so unlike in this social game.

    …Am i missing something?

    #2 3 years ago
  3. lolblue

    @2 I think the point is that people are paying for a “pack” with real money expecting or atleast hoping to get the top prize which is often needed to get anywhere in the game. I know there is a few card games (one by Mobage that comes to mind called Rage of Bahamut) that do this with random card packs which are (imo) ridiculously overpriced… not only is there a very rare chance to get a rare card you have more chance getting something you could quite easily get yourself just playing the game (a “high normal” card)… Why would you want to spend your money to get something you probably dont even want? it’s like give me $10 and i will either give you a $1000000000 or a bag of dog poop It’s false advertising on the card shop area with pictures claiming you can win high rare cards.. they should put the chance of getting it as well really .. like buy card pack NAO with 0.01% chance to get a rare card!! I’m sure that will get alot of buyers! … Even worse is if you get a rare card its not good enough on it’s own . you need 4 of them (or 8 if you have more money than sense) to upgrade so it’s better than your easily upgraded normal cards.

    And to top it all off if your game crashes and you have to reinstal on some games that don’t save your information you lose everything you bought and won’t get refunded *cough* EA The Sims free play *cough*

    #3 3 years ago

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