Diablo III has more voice acting than any other Blizzard game

Tuesday, 8th May 2012 08:06 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Blizzard considered getting well-known actors in for Diablo III’s voice overs, but had to give up due to prohibitive costs.

“I don’t know the exact length of the final script, but it’s definitely got more voicework than any game Blizzard has ever made. By a lot,” game director Jay Wilson told MCV Pacific.

The size of the script had knock-on effects beyond increasing the budget for the writing department.

“I know that at one point we were talking to a well-known famous actor to play one of the characters and we decided not to because the number of lines was something like 25,000,” Wilson revealed.

“And the cost per session was reasonable, but the number of sessions we needed to do was kind of outrageous.”

Although Blizzard might have brought in a superstar for a smaller role, it didn’t seem worth it.

“With a role like that, can we really justify getting a well-paid famous person acting in that role?” the director said.

Diablo III comes out next week, OMGWTFBBQ.



  1. Judicas

    Classic example of how far Blizzard have fallen. They used to go all out for games and now that they truckloads of money coming in from world of warcraft they no longer try. They used to be my fav gaming company, now they are too much like EA.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Gekidami

    ^ I’m not going to say Blizzard havent done some retarded stuff in their latest games, but i dont see how this is an example of that.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. MFBB

    He means Blizzard could easily afford that salery for a good/known voice actor/celebrity.

    Which is true.

    But they rather hire someone cheaper.

    Also Blizzard did kinda become a money whore with all the pay2get stuff they offer for WoW/SC2/Diablo3 (fees they charge).

    I can clearly see how Blizzard has changed, trying to make money out of everything where companies like Valve/CD Project etc offer things for free (DLC etc) and have fair prices (Blizzard prices always high).

    But that dosnt mean Blizzard makes bad games, they are great.
    They just put those money traps in all there games now :)

    #3 3 years ago
  4. freedoms_stain

    Eh, they’re not talking about hiring bums off the street instead of quality voice actors, they’re talking quality voice actors over big name celebrities.

    How many games actually have big name voice actors? Very fucking few, and the ones that don’t are not immediately shite for that fact.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. Judicas

    Yeah I’ve never played a bad blizzard game, although some of my die hard starcraft fans HATE the storyline in starcraft 2. I enjoyed the game myself but… wasn’t really a massive fan so didn’t mind the story too much. They always I feel used to go all out for games and try make the game is good as it could get, and now they have the money to actually do anything they want, yet don’t do as much as they could.

    Non WoW players won’t feel the changes as much as WoW players do, as that game used to be amazing and now is so damn watered down its insulting. I put over 300 days into the first 2-3 or so years of WoW, which is a fairly large chunk of time, yet now the games… just not what it was.

    Still looking forward to Diablo 3, but not looking forward to wow mop or sc2 xpack 1 at all. Used to look forward to all their games.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. DSB

    I reckon people are just looking for something to bitch about at this point.

    On the one hand, Blizzard is spending too much money on animations, but when they try to save some by hiring people who don’t charge for their names/movie of the month, they’re being cheap.

    So which one is it?

    A lot of the really iconic voices from the previous games have been done by Blizzards own developers, so I really don’t see a problem in Mr Creampuff not being on the roster.

    Then again I really suck at spotting celebrities in videogames. I had no idea I was running around with Danny Trejo in Fallout: New Vegas until very recently.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. TheWulf

    People have actually said that Blizzard spends too much money on animation? Not me. I reckon they could hire a few more animators. If there’s one area Diablo III really lacks in (which does make it look sterile), it’s the art department.

    I couldn’t really care less about what they’re doing with the voices, to be honest. GW2 didn’t have any big names and that was absolutely fantastic (the BWE was so good that it has literally ruined gaming for me and I’m now pining for it). I mean, one of the only really big names there is Steve Blum, but people mostly know him from anime and other games.

    (Though he does have a voice to die for, does Blum. I’ve rarely heard a more attractive voice.)

    So yeah, despite not being a fan of Blizzard, I don’t think this is a big deal, either. If the voice-acting is good enough, then that’s fine. I just wish they’d look more at other lacking areas – like art direction, storyline, and game mechanics. It’s the lack of those that made the DIII beta feel so very sterile and barren to me.

    For those curious, a friend managed to swing beta keys and demanded that I give it a go. Which I do, since I tend to give most things a go. I will try anything, even if I’m feeling negative about it.

    And… it just feels empty. That’s my main problem with it. It does feel like a single player MMORPG. And it feels like they’ve done ‘just enough’ to make it fun enough for the right group of people. But like I said, I’m more about getting intellectually or emotionally invested in games. I like my games having a good story.

    And in that respect, it felt like they could have spent more money on people who really could write. And people who could bring those stories to life with striking art, that too.

    #7 3 years ago

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