Wildstar to support player-authored add-ons

Monday, 7th May 2012 23:43 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Wildstar lead client engineer Jon Wiesman has written a passionate blog for the upcoming MMORPG’s website in which he explains his frustrations with the learning curve of new programming environments. As a result, he vows to make it easy for anyone with a little programming knowledge to develop user interface add-ons. This is very exciting for some pretty nerdy and talented people. Carbine’s debut title was shown off at Gamescom last year but is yet to be dated.



  1. TheWulf

    Not sure about this.

    On one hand it’s nice to be able to fix things that the developers didn’t, on the other hand it seems like an excuse for them to be lazy and not develop the UI as much as they would have otherwise.

    Moreover, it introduces the possibility of endless metres, which is one of the things I hated most about WoW. WoW required so many plugins that it felt more like playing a metagame with the UI than anything else. That’s just not fun at all. At all.

    If you have a great UI like GW2 does, then you shouldn’t need plugins.

    I’m quietly hopeful for this game. Quietly so. I don’t have my expectations high but it would be nice to have some variety out there. Though things like this seriously worry me.

    #1 3 years ago

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