XSEED no longer handling Grand Knights History

Wednesday, 2nd May 2012 10:45 GMT By Johnny Cullen

RPGGamer EIC Michael Cunningham has said on Twitter that XSEED is to no longer publish the western localisation of Grand Knights History. XSEED, via a tweet from Cunningham, said a lack of “development resources” from developer Vanillaware was to blame. In Europe, Rising Star is launching the PSP RPG later this year.



  1. mtnman3888

    Wonder what’s going on over at Vanillaware? First Dragon’s Crown uncertainty and now this. I hope they pull through and everything is ok over there because they make good games, doesn’t sound promising though.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. CycloneFox

    as said in the topic, it happened because of resources. they shifted the development resources from Grand knights history into dragon’s crown.

    So @1, i think you needn’t care about dragon’s crown, as they spend more resources for localizing it.

    it’s a shame for grant knights history anyway. but there is still a fan-translation work in progress for grant knights history, you can patch your japanese game with.

    i wonder whats about the localization of trails in the sky second chapter though. that’s by far the most interesting title, published by xseed in the West, judging from trails in the sky, which came in late 2011.

    #2 3 years ago

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