Operation Rainfall pushing Pandora’s Tower with publishers

Monday, 23 April 2012 01:27 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Pandora’s Tower, the only Wii JRPG of the “holy trinity” yet to make it to the US, is the focus of a new, third party-focussed campaign by Operation Rainfall.

Having learned that third party company’s may have helped spark US launches for earlier games, Operation Rainfall has turned its attention away from Nintendo of America.

In its latest efforts to bring Ganbarion’s epic States-side, the group will target six third party publishers, selected based on their experience with localisation and the Wii.

The six companies – Aksys, Atlus, NIS, Rising Star, Ignition and XSEED – will each receive a promotional package including a copy of the PAL release, hi-res printouts of concept art, positive reviews and possibly even the entire Operation Rainfall petition. It’s an ambitious plan and the group is asking for donations to help fund the campaign, even offering rewards to those who participate.

The other two games which were the focus of Operation Rainfall’s efforts – Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story – have both been localised, released in Europe, and made it to the US. Nintendo has made no comment regarding a US launch for Pandora’s Tower, which arrived in Europe earlier this month, but has indicated strong European sales affect its decision making process.

Thanks, GoNintendo.