SWTOR: Surprise Rakghoul Plague live event in progress

Monday, 16 April 2012 01:23 GMT By Brenna Hillier

A surprise live event has Star Wars: The Old Republic players ignoring official travel warnings to descend on Tattooine for a Rakghoul Plague outbreak.

BioWare made no announcement of the event, instead springing it on players via an in-game news broadcast.

Head to the Dune Sea on Tattooine to fight off the swarms of Rakghoul; these nasty little creatures, invented by BioWare for Knights of the Old Republic, carry a disease which turns infected hosts into more Rakghoul.

Happily, medical droids are carrying a vaccine – although if you do allow yourself to catch the plague, you can collect DNA samples, which will allow you to grab some exclusive new goodies, including a Rakghoul pet. You can also score 11 DNA samples through daily events, and there are nine codex entries to collect.

The event seems best suited to the level 20+ range, and three of the area’s bosses have been infected, making them worth another look.

You can watch the news broadcast for yourself below.

Thanks, Massively.