Halo 4 to have co-operative, episodic multiplayer

Wednesday, 11th April 2012 08:37 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Game Informer’s cover story has detailed Halo 4′s competitive and co-operative multiplayer, filled in some of the story blanks, and more.


Halo 4′s multiplayer will have direct ties to the story. Players are Spartan IV soldiers aboard the UNSC Infinity, a vessel Master Chief will encounter several times through the core campaign.

There are two kinds of multiplayer. The traditional competitive multiplayer includes a number of old and new modes, and is explained as Spartan IV training sessions in the ship’s holodeck.

Players can apply upgrades and mods, level up through the ranks, choose loadouts and purchase new gear with earned points. Other new additions include weapon drops and medals awarded in-match.

A new mode called Regicide has been added; the leading scorer is “king,” and for each new kill he or she makes, the point value of taking him or her down goes up.

Two maps were described – Wraparound, a Forerunner solar power facility, and Warhouse, a UNSC manufacturing plant of three stories. We saw both these levels recently in San Francisco.

The second multiplayer experience, Spartan Ops, is a co-operative mode for up to four players which will be released in weekly instalments.

Each week players will gain access to a new cut-scene and group of missions as they explore a story comparable to that of the single-player experience. All updates will be free.

Both multiplayer modes will support drop-in play, eliminating lobby wait times and rage quit issues, and character progression and unlocks are continuous across both.


The relationship between Master Chief and AI companion Cortana will “take centre stage” in Halo 4, as the latter confronts “rampany” – the AI equivalent of senility.

Nevertheless, 343 Industries intend “the return of the Master Chief” to be the core focus, reiterating earlier comments that the developer intends to explore the enigmatic Spartan’s character.

Gameplay described in the magazine builds on an earlier teaser trailer, revealing that the ship on which Master Chief awakens, four years after the events of Halo 3, is being boarded by hostiles.

The enemy turns out to be the Covenant, but quite why they have broken their truce is unclear, especially as the recurring villains will not be the game’s primary antagonists.

Instead, a new, unrevealed enemy will take the spotlight, proving very very different from either the Covenant or the Flood. 343 promises these new adversaries will “work together in collaborative ways” and are “elevated in terms of their intelligence and complexity” over past enemies.

Halo 4′s plot will explore the Forerunners, the mysterious alien race which used the Halos to wipe out sentient life “in order to save it” over 100,000 years ago – including waging a war on humanity which devolved us back to primitive cave dwellers.

The Foreunners’ artificial Shield worlds, refuges against the menace of the Flood, will play an important role. At one point, Master Chief and Cortana crash land on one called Requiem.

343 Industries now boasts around 250 staff, up from just 30 about three and a half years ago. Halo 4 is expected exclusively on Xbox 360 during the holiday season.



  1. JackTheFaux

    The Multiplayer is starting to worry me a bit. I mean, upgrades and mods (besides armor) don’t sound like Halo to me. Neither does instant respawns. Keeping the currency was a good idea, in my opinion. I just hope that they don’t use the currency as experience like in Reach. In that game, it was “Invested time = Rank”. You should be able to be demoted or de-ranked. Also, the random weapon drop system doesn’t sound like too good of an idea. What they’re trying to do is make the game very “noob friendly” and while that isn’t really a bad thing, it’s a bad thing. I don’t know, it just worries me a bit. Everything else seems pretty awesome though. Spartan Ops seems cool (although it needs a name change). I like how they have put a story behind multiplayer, even if that means the loss of playable Elites.

    I also noticed a few things the article did not mention:

    Medals have almost always been awarded in-match.

    The DMR has made a return.

    “The enemy turns out to be the Covenant, but quite why they have broken their truce is unclear”. The humans have a truce with the Elites. These attackers are more than likely Covenant Loyalists such as the Brutes, Grunts, Jackals, and Hunters.

    That’s all I have to say on that subject. I just hope that I can put my fears to rest upon release.

    #1 3 years ago

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