EVE Online SM council chairman intending to resign over suicidal remarks at Fanfest

Wednesday, 28th March 2012 07:34 GMT By Johnny Cullen

EVE Onliine’s chairman of stellar management council Alex Gianturco has announced his intention to resign from his role following drunken remarks during an EVE Fanfest panel that mocked a player with sucidial thoughts.

Gianturco, who was recently re-elected to his post, mocked the player – who seemed to suffer of suicidal thoughts and depression – at an Alliance panel in Iceland last week, before going on to name him.

“Incidentally, if you want to make the guy kill himself, his name is [REDACTED],” he said (via EG) in the presentation that can be watched here. You can watch the remarks from 1 hour and 12 minutes in.

In a tweet, Gianturco – known in-game as The Mittani – said: “Just landed. Step one, apologize profusely. Step two, resign. Step three, send all my isk to the victim. Entirely my fault and unacceptable.”

He had already issued an lengthy statement on the EVE Forums.

CCP had already said it’s investigating the matter.



  1. TheWulf

    Sending the money like that is just insult to injury, really, since it would feel like ‘dirty money’ to the person involved.

    I’m amazed CCP didn’t act on this.

    Still, I guess that shows their policies on things. A decent company would have fired the guy and banned him from all current and future games by the dev. But nope.

    C’est la vie.

    I hope the person in question is doing better now, though.

    I won’t get into too many details, but in my circle of friends we had one person who suffered with suicidal depression. It got really bad for him since he was feeling like he had a hard time facing the next day.

    Once you’ve seen someone going through something like that, you can’t be anything but appalled at what this guy did. And geez… the people who laughed… despicable.

    Suffice it to say, I had a pretty low opinion of CCP originally. Now that opinion has divided by zero.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. noherczeg

    If one is soo stupid like that Mittani, behaving like that, then I can only see one reason he resigned: CCP.

    He just behaved like an average eve player in the sandbox, wich is natural in-game if you are a simple player, but despicable if you have a duty like what he had. Sad thing but the real world works exactly the same way.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. endgame

    “21:10:18] Xeross155 > Heya
    [21:10:22] The Wis > Hello
    [21:10:29] Xeross155 > Getting swarmed with interviews I can imagine
    [21:10:50] The Wis > No why?
    [21:11:57] Xeross155 > With this BS and all
    [21:12:21] Xeross155 > Pretty sure the name Mittani called out was “The Wis”
    [21:12:31] The Wis > Oh I will have to check that out.. What is going on?
    [21:12:58] Xeross155 > You sent him a mail when you got scammed and your Mackinaws destroyed or smth
    [21:13:41] Xeross155 > Or at least one of his alliance mates
    [21:14:13] The Wis > Could have.. been a long time. Might have been when they had the safe mining offer when you guys were doing your anti ice thing.
    [21:15:08] The Wis > I did have someone ask me if I was ok.. Becouse he said that I had killed myself afterwards and he thought it was funny.. I did not see it so I have no clue what was said.
    [21:15:52] Xeross155 > Basically some idiots are all butthurt and are calling for him to step down from CSM and ****
    [21:16:51] Xeross155 > Basically, enjoy your 5 minutes of fame, multiple gaming press websites are putting the story up
    [21:16:58] Xeross155 > Leaving out your name though
    [21:16:59] Xeross155 > one sec
    [21:19:54] The Wis > Well I am not sure what is going on.. I know I have had some people say I should put a pentition in. Witch I have not. Since I have not seen the video or anything. But that would also explain why the goons are moving into my system now and starting
    [21:19:57] The Wis > ganking here.
    [21:24:54] Xeross155 >
    [21:26:17] Xeross155 > That’s basically the snippet that people are upset about for some reason
    [21:29:34] Xeross155 > Anyway, CCP is doing an internal audit and **** about it, 3 game news websites have reported it so far, basically tagging it cyber-bullying
    [21:30:50] The Wis > Ok.. Well that is nice. Hmm.. wait.. If i do kill my self they might arrest him and prosicute him since he is in the US.. That would really be bad for him.
    [21:31:01] The Wis > Just kidding of course but a thought.
    [21:31:20] The Wis > Fly safe. I have real life stuff to do now.. ANd to watch for goons in system.. Fun Fun.”

    #3 3 years ago
  4. PEYJ

    Well that kind of put the case in a different light. What the hell is going on, on those forums.

    I never really understood why when someone with an authority or in a high position has fewer rights than the guy on the floor/the little man. This could be an indication of how wrong that assumption is.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. DarkElfa

    I was gonna laugh but I remembered I didn’t actually care.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Big Gaz

    so Mittens says a few things about a suicidal guy in a forum and gets hung. drawn and quartered??? I’ve had a damn sight worse thrown at me when i was a noob, crying ove the loss of my only ship and again from emo-rage square-dancing redneck pilots when i’ve trashed their newly purchased & T2 fitted ship (in sweet revenge ofc) and the chat logs to prove it

    [time]*****> i will come to you, i will rip your eyes out, i will slit your throat, i will f*** your wife babies and then i will hang you all out to make it look like suicide. You f*** with me you will get f***** 10 times as bad!!

    [time]*****> awww such a shame you lost your shiny ship but if it helps, i will come over and assist you in your quest for infamy. How do you wanbt to end it? razor to the wrists? i’ll bring an open one [time]*****>over….Pills? i’ll go down to the drug store for you and get them personally, hell i’ll even pay if it helps get rid of your whining sorry butt-f***** ass

    So, its a hard call for this. CCP didn’t do anything when i complained so why are they investigating now…oh, i see, its because its Mittens!!

    #6 3 years ago

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