Slightly Mad raises €500,000 for Project CARS

Tuesday, 27 March 2012 11:24 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Slightly Mad Studios has announced its raised €500,000 for its crowd-funded title Project CARS.

CARS, the first game being made under Slighty Mad’s World of Mass Development scheme, or WMD for short, has seen 40,000 members sign up to contribute towards its development.

“It’s great to see our WMP portal performing well. It’s nothing less than a revolutionary new approach to game development and funding. It allows developers to make the game they want to make, without undue publisher pressure,” said studio CEO Ian Bell.

Development director Andy Garton: “WMD is therefore a unique prospect for both developers looking to raise funds for their projects and gamers that want to get involved in the exciting process of game development.”

Project CARS, Slightly Mad’s first project since Shift 2: Unleashed last year, is expected to launch next year for PS3, 360, PC and Wii U.