Authenticity in MoH: Warfighter means “everything for us”, says Danger Close

Thursday, 15 March 2012 14:08 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Authenticity means “everything” to Danger Close with Medal of Honor: Warfighter, producer Rich Farrelly has told CVG.

“That’s everything for us. I think that’s what separates Medal of Honor apart from the other guys,” he said.

“We take it very seriously. Without that, an interesting setting and story… we’re a floating gun in a world. At least that’s how we view it. It’s really important for us – that’s Medal of Honor’s identity. Respecting the soldiers and telling the story from their point of view.”

Farrelly added bringing in multiplayer development in-house for the sequel – DICE handled MP on the original in 2010 – was “huge” for the studio, continuing it was looking to have “one single vision” for the online effort.

Warfighter’s out this October for PS3, 360 and PC.