Next Xbox, PS4 need to deliver “maximum amount of power” for consoles to “remain relevant for another generation,” says Epic

Wednesday, 14th March 2012 10:44 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Next-gen consoles like the next Xbox or PlayStation 4 need to bring their A-game in having their power maxxed out so consoles can “remain relevant for another generation,” Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has told GI International.

“Really, that’s the reason consoles exist in the future,” Sweeney said in a GDC interview. “They have an enormous amount of graphics processing power that delivers an experience that goes far beyond what you can get on a lighter weight device.

“Pushing forward, we measure that performance in teraflops, trillions of floating point operations per second. When I started programming, you had about one thousand floating point operations per second. Now we have, on nVidia’s fastest hardware, two-and-a half to three teraflops.

“To push next-generation up to those levels will really ensure that they will remain relevant for another generation, even as other cool consumer devices like iPads and iPhones become more prevalent.”

Epic showed off Unreal Engine 4 to a group of developers at GDC last week who had signed NDAs beforehand, with the company hopeful for a public showing later this year.

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  1. fearmonkey

    I Hope MS listens to Epic again, but I have this fear that MS is going to make a “good enough” console rather than try and be the powerhouse that the 360 was at launch. The GPU the 360 was based on was released the same year as the 360, and it wasn’t till the year after that the R600 with the unified shader tech was released.
    Those rumors talking about the 6670 concern me as that GPU is so weak, especially considering that Epic just mentioned that Nvidia now has a card that can play the Samaritan demo that previously required 3 580′s to play.

    I hope that these rumors are just rumors but with MS being so focused on the Kinect, I would hate for them to skimp on ram and performance to include that in the box. I just don’t care about Kinect, I want a very powerful console and a controller, the other stuff can be fun but I don’t need it.

    If MS does skimp, then Sony could bring the thunder and release a the console we all want. This is my hope anyway.

    Edit:Thinking about it, wouldnt Epic have a dev kit already in MS is going to release a 2013 console? Maybe his comments are to inspire Sony, the next xbox/ps4 is as powerful as it should be and he is building up hype for his new engine, or maybe the hardware spec isnt yet set in stone and his is trying to inspire them to ante up.

    #1 3 years ago

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