Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition to include explanatory content

Monday, 5th March 2012 00:39 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Xbox 360 fans will not be dropped into the world of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings without a little handholding.

“Don’t worry, we added some content to the Enhanced Edition to make new players familiar with both – the game world and the first part of the game,” CD Projekt’s Adam Badowski told GamingNexus.

Badowski said the game’s unusually dark fantasy setting, drawn from a series of novels, will be “explained in more detail” by the added content, and that the extra material may be given general release.

The Enhanced Edition will also pack in additional content designed to address criticisms.

“We wanted to make the game almost perfect. We listened, and continue to listen, to our community. We learned what annoyed players and proceeded to change it. We’ve added some new gameplay to Chapter 3, which many players thought was simply too short,” the developer revealed.

“In the two new quests, players will visit new locations, meet new characters, and see that the story is even more intriguing. Xbox players will receive a new user interface and controls, specifically adapted to the new platform,” he added.

Badowski noted that CD Projekt intends to pursue multiplatform development from now on.

“In our development plans our next large titles will be released at the same time for at least two platforms,” he said.

“Our technology, the REDengine, was designed as a multi-platform tool. But right now, we are concentrating our efforts on the Xbox adaptation only. It’s too early for any declarations regarding other platforms.”

That said, CD Projekt is strongly messaging the Enhanced Edition’s free release for PC owners.

“As you can see, PC players are still on our minds, and we have not forgotten about our fans,” Badowski said.

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  1. Dinasis

    The way CD Projekt treat and have treated their existing customers, especially as they release new content for The Witcher 1 and 2, is what makes them such an exceptional developer. Their approach to digital distribution with and that they’ve made two amazing games based on a world I never would have enjoyed without them is frosting on the cake.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. unacomn

    “Xbox players will receive a new user interface and controls, specifically adapted to the new platform”

    Then why in the nine hells did you make that monstrosity of an interface and control scheme for the PC version? Are you that upset that Bioware ripped you off with Dragon Age that you’re lashing out at your fans on a subconscious level?

    #2 3 years ago

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