Rumor – Forza Horizon in development at PlayGround Games, video shown

Saturday, 3 March 2012 17:40 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

The industry is leaking like a sieve and rumor mongering is at an all time high today, apparently, because now, AGB has posted a video for something called Forza Horizon which is in the works at PlayGround Games and Turn 10.

This also, like Fable: Heroes, purportedly came out of the Microsoft Spring Showcase event this week in California.

The video is less than a minute long, and shows a car speeding through the desert, close-ups of cars in the city with bright neon lights reflecting off them, and a concert with people jumping and fireworks.

At the end of the video, it says “fall 2012” as a release date.

Whether it will be released via XBLA or whether its a full-fledged retail release wasn’t mentioned in the “leak”.