Activision equates Call of Duty with “a year-round activity” instead of an annual release

Saturday, 3rd March 2012 19:59 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Activision has said any negative connotations which can come about with annual game releases don’t really apply to the Call of Duty franchise.

That’s according to the firm’s publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg.

“That’s the conventional wisdom in the gaming industry,” Hirshberg told ”If you start from that place, of looking at what gamers want and what their behavior would suggest- they want more DLC, they want more new gameplay experiences.

“And so, we’re starting with that and building it out. We’re not starting with the conventional wisdom of the industry and going in. So, if you look at it like an annual retail release, by those standards, it’s easy to get nervous.”

Hirshberg, who has seen the firm’s shooter franchise evolve from a yearly, one-off event into a full-fledged service, equates the series with the NFL as a “year-round activity.”

“If you look at it through a different lens; if you look at it like, the NFL happens every year and people like it every year and they obsess over it every year and they come back for more every year and I think that it’s an entertainment relationship that’s pretty unique in the gaming space,” he said.

The way to keep things fresh, and curtail fatigue, according to Hirshberg, is with regular content releases  - something the firm is currently experimenting with via Elite.

“You can’t find a metric that would indicate that it’s fatiguing or that there are signs of slowing. The concurrency of players is higher than ever and not only that, it’s across several games… what we’re trying to do is make it more of a diversified business within itself. ”

Earlier this week, the firm announced the Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #1 would release on Xbox Live March 20 and  Content Drops 4-6, featuring Black Box, Negotiator and Black Ice, would be available for download on March 13 for Elite members and available on other platforms at a later date.



  1. LOLshock94

    Best game series everrrrr!!!!!!!

    #1 3 years ago
  2. K-V-C

    call of duty is good fun !!!!! but like anything else what goes up must come down and call of duty is no different why there releasing it every year is a no brainer for the MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY no for the fans

    #2 3 years ago
  3. DSB

    I like the idea of making a competitive shooter iterative like a sportsgame. I mean why couldn’t you?

    If you look at EAs sportsgames though, there are two things that have helped keep them afloat. One is license hogging, being the only show in town, and the second is (or at least it was until recently) knowing when it was time to innovate and shore up one of the franchises for the next batch of iterations.

    Call of Duty hasn’t done either of those things, and based on MW3, I think it’s peaked. It’s time to innovate and shore up the basics again.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. Lounds

    MW2 was the peak, unless they bring out a new games engine soon, then I hope COD dies a fast death.

    But if they do make a new graphics engine and the game set in a Future environment 2050, then I’m in.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. OrbitMonkey

    @DSB, I’d argue that CoD already is a sportsgame as far as the fans are concerned. I know a few guys who only have FIFA or CoD in their machine.

    #5 3 years ago

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