OS-X Mountain Lion to block non-App Store games

Thursday, 16 February 2012 21:57 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The next major update to OS-X will introduce another barrier to Mac gaming.

Mountain Lion will introduce a new security feature called Gatekeeper, according to Gamasutra. By default, the system will block games and applications purchased or obtained outside Apple’s closed App Store offerings.

Although users can disable the feature (or ramp it up), on first install Gatekeeper will stand between users and games bought from third party stores, distributed by individual indies, or sold through schemes like the Humble Bundle.

It’s not clear whether Gatekeeper will have an effect on Steam installs; the Steam app itself is not available through the App Store.

Luckily, developers can circumnavigate the system by obtaining an official Apple Developer ID , which costs $99 per year.

Mountain Lion, which is expected in northern summer as a premium upgrade, will also add Game Center to desktops and laptops. The iOS social network has 100 million registered users on iDevices, and its appearance in OS-X should allow for cross-platform multiplayer.