Hawken to launch as free-to-play on December 12

Tuesday, 7th February 2012 02:11 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Indie mech sim Hawken is taking beta sign ups ahead of its launch at the end of the year.

VentureBeat reports the game will release on December 12.

The free title will be supported by micro-transactions, with weapons, armour and defences mentioned as possible purchases.

If you want to get on board the multiplayer combat sim (and if you’ve seen any of our earlier coverage, how could you not?), visit the Hawken website and sign up for the closed beta.

Developer Adhesive Games has spun off a division called Meteor Games to handle the publishing side of things; Hawken will be the first title launches using its proprietary online platform.

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  1. TheWulf

    I still love the aesthetics of this game. It trumps so many mainstream games I’ve seen recently.

    This is something that infuriates me on some levels. The likes of Hawken and Natural Selection 2 are so much more visually inspired than the nonsense we’re treated to with mainstream titles, and yet they’d never have the budget or the manpower for a single player campaign. So all they can manage is yet another multiplayer game.

    And whilst I’m sure that Hawken will be a bloody amazing multiplayer game (I’ve seen the footage and I want it a lot), it’s just a pity that it can never be anything more than that.

    And with how visually inspired Hawken is, it deserves to be.

    There’s just an inherent unfairness that whilst so much money is pumped into utterly flavourless, generic nonsense, so that gaming becomes like so much mindless detritus, we see indies like this showing how things could be done – but not actually getting the money to improve upon these ideas.

    It’s for reasons that this that I think the games industry is more than a bit broken at the moment. I keep hoping that one of the few good developers (like Valve) pick up groups like this and fund them and provide them with resources and manpower so that they can turn their visions into storied, single player campaigns.

    Because when I look at Hawken, all I can think about is how much I want to know the story behind that place. It’s evocative, and even intoxicating to a degree in just how much they’ve managed to diverge from any artistic approach to mechs we’ve seen before.

    If you’re not familiar with Hawken though then I urge you to head on over to Youtube and watch some of the videos. Some of those mechs look so odd, and odd in a good way – they’re designed in peculiarly organic ways, and I’d love to actually see them come up with some faux scientific reasons as to why this is. It’s just one of the elements of their Universe that I’d like to see fleshed out.

    But yeah, I can totally understand why they’re just going for a multiplayer game with this – because they don’t have the funds for anything more. And if you’re wondering why I get annoyed at the likes of Amalur, then now you know. It’s because people are being paid big money to crank out the same old nonsense, and then you have stuff like Hawken.

    And these guys don’t have huge amounts of money to throw into further development. But they should!

    Bah, bah, and BAH again.

    #1 3 years ago

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