Sanctum 2 development underway, due next year

Monday, 6th February 2012 22:35 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Joystiq reports Coffee Stain Studios is already at work on Sanctum 2, a sequel to its successful indie combining shooter and tower defence mechanics. The follow-up is expected in 2013, on PC, the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, thanks to a publishing deal with Reverb. If you haven’t checked out the original Sanctum, which sold over 30,000 copies on Steam alone, it’s on sale for $3.39, which when divided by the number of joyful hours it will bring you, is pretty much no money at all.



  1. TheWulf

    Sanctum was a pretty great title. Aesthetically it was a thing of rare beauty – and it many ways it reminded me so much of Phantasy Star Online (and that’s not at all a bad thing). It was vibrant and clever, and I liked it a lot. Though it was really just a collection of stages with no real story, and it suffered for that.

    For that reason, I still prefer Defence Grid: The Awakening to this, as DG has a really wonderful story told by one of the most wonderful voice actors I’ve heard in an indie game. If you haven’t played DG yet then I glower at you, because it’s worth experiencing. And the Portal levels in DG where the old bloke AI and GlaDOS prattle back and forth are simply glorious.

    My ideal really would be to smoosh the brilliantly narrated story and voice acting of DG together with the aesthetics and art stylings of Sanctum. If they could pull off something like that then I would be throwing my debit card at the screen in frustration.

    Still, I do want to see an evolution of Sanctum even as just Sanctum, because it has a lot of promise and potential.

    Though – conversely, I suppose that this is why I’ve been avoiding QUBE. I don’t want to tarnish it in my mind. It seems so much like Portal but without any sort of story backing it up, and I feel that I’d end up being disappointed by it if it’s just endless rooms of moving things around (as seemed to be the case in TotalBiscuit’s review).

    Here’s a thought:

    Indies have proved time and again (time and again!) that they have some of the best artistic talent out there. We can’t doubt that. (Have you seen Overgrowth as well? Brilliant stuff.) And we’ve also seen that indie games are capable of some truly fantastic narration (Bastion, Trine, and Rochard in equal amounts).

    What I’d love to see is for some of these indie developers team up with a few budding authors. Not only would it help them get themselves recognised for future book sales, but it would also help with adding some story-based depth to indie games, which is one of the only things I feel is lacking at the moment.

    It’s just a thought, anyway. One of many that I have.

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