Sony: Vita had a very “good start” in Japan

Friday, 3 February 2012 13:45 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Sony feels Vita has had “a good start” in Japan, and doesn’t feel the handheld is experiencing any “problems” in the marketplace.

After a promising start initially, the handheld has slowing declined in sales week by week since it’s release in December, and after a slight bump last week, LtD sales in the region are around 535,423 according to Media Create figures.

“Now the company has not publicly announced the units of shipping and sales, [but] at the appropriate time, we would do so,” Sony’s chief financial officer Masaru Kato said during the firm’s financial call this week.

“But as far as sell-through, three weeks have passed and our sell-through is 500,000. This was announced on the 10th of January. So as a start, I think we had a very – a good start.

“Including software and hardware, we are carrying out the sales promotions and we do it to boost the sales, and we do not think we have any problems.”

PlayStation Vita launches in the US and UK on February 22.

Thanks, Eurogamer.