ESRB rates two Game Gear titles for 3DS

Thursday, 2 February 2012 00:16 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Nintendo looks set to deliver on a promise of classic Game Gear releases for the 3DS’s Virtual Console.

Tiny Cartridge has dug up ESRB ratings for two Game Gear games – Sonic Triple Trouble and Shinobi – for the 3DS.

The two titles are expected to be the first games from another company’s platform to launch on the 3DS’s eShop.

For those of less venerability, the Game Gear was an ill-fated handheld released by Sega to combat the Game Boy; it has a loyal fanbase, but failed to catch on very strongly. You could buy a TV tuner and a Master System adapter for it but the battery was absolute balls.

Thanks, Shack.