Dark Souls creator “masochistic”, made the game for himself

Tuesday, 31st January 2012 23:11 GMT By Brenna Hillier

From Software doesn’t take pleasure in your pain over the punishing difficulty of Dark Souls: Creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki tailored the game to his own wants.

Edge asked Miyazaki how he felt about being called cruel and sadistic.

“If I had to say for myself, it’s actually the opposite – I’m more masochistic,” he replied.

“Because I created Dark Souls while thinking about what type of game I would personally like to play. I wanted somebody to bring out a really sadistic game, but I ended up having to make it myself.”

That said, Miyazaki is aware that not everybody wants to be relentlessly beaten to a pulp, and gave assurances that using “cheap strategies” is a perfectly valid way of playing.

“I want people to have fun with strategising,” he said, mentioning tactics like poison arrows and coaxing enemies off ledges.

“That was definitely something that was intentional. There’s one approach to combat that involves a head-to-head collision, but luring enemies and using cheap strategies is one of the joys of this game as well.”

The developer also acknowledged and apologised for issues which plagued the game at launch.

“There were technical difficulties. I don’t believe that it’s okay to have them, but realistically speaking, it was quite a large-scale game – even in terms of budget and expectations,” he explained.

“So we’re very sorry for the trouble we’ve caused by our processing errors and bugs from Japan. It was a title that we haven’t really experienced in all aspects, so there were areas where we felt our technical side couldn’t keep up with the game’s scope, like an increasingly growing ache.

“I didn’t mind the growing pains. We accept the game as it is, and that it’s just a part of the learning curve.”

Dark Souls released last year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and is perfectly splendid.

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  1. Maxey

    Nothing to disagree with here… I really need to dedicate a whole day playing this game.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. YoungZer0

    “The developer also acknowledged and apologised for issues which plagued the game at launch.”

    When was the launch? Yesterday? Because Blighttown still runs like shit, as do most areas in the game.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. fearmonkey

    So, I took a chance and rented Dark Souls from Gamefly. I spent up to 5 hours to 10 hours and said meh and sent it back. I didn’t see what everyone thinks is so great. Its a hard game definitely, but the gameplay wasn’t amazing, just hard. I went back to playing Skyrim and was much happier. I think Kingdoms of Amalur is going to fill that Combat action need for me, without the difficulty for difficulties sake.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. Telepathic.Geometry

    Blighttown was the only place where I got slowdown as far as I can remember. Overall, considering the budget they would have had and the time they had to make it, I think they did a pretty decent job on the game. I can only hope that they get a chance to make another with a grander budget.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. YoungZer0

    @4: The budget and time? Please enlighten me, how high was the budget and how much time did they have? The game was fairly successful so i don’t see any reason for them to just abandon the game.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Telepathic.Geometry

    Well, a game like this doesn’t have that big of a potential audience. I have a few hard-core gamer friends who tried to play this and just gave up before making any kind of progress at all. It’s too punishing a game to have a broad fanbase. Hence, they wouldn’t have had a big budget, at least I imagine so.

    As for time, I don’t really know to be honest, I just imagine that with a ‘risky’ project like this, the publisher won’t let them release it “when it’s ready.”

    Also, maybe you’re misinterpreting my comment. I loved Demon’s Souls and really liked Dark Souls. I’m just being realistic. I don’t know that a game this hardcore can ever garner a big enough fanbase to justify pumping triple A money into it. That’s all I’m saying.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. polygem

    i am very late to the party. i just started playing demons souls and haven´t yet touched dark souls. i only killed the first two bosses. i have chosen the royal class because of that ring it has when you start and the magic spell, i liked that…the game is hard but absolutley playable THIS FAR. for now i ask myself if it will get harder or if people overreacted a little bit. i mean it definitley is tough but if you are playing very slowly and analyze every situation you get along quite well…ok i have just started- i will probably get crushed soon enough. it is the best survival horror game i played in ages. sure it´s a fantasy rpg but it really is a game that gives your heart a tough time. it is awesome. the reason i haven´t played it yet is that i really do not have as much time as i had 10 years ago to play games. a game like this needs full attention. for a long long time…i like to play a lot of different games on different platforms in the little time i have. this sucks up a lot of time that i just don´t have very often.
    i have heard that for dark souls 2 they are planning to implement easier modes and i can already smell the outrage this unleashes. i would personally embrace this idea if they keep the standard/hard mode intact.
    give those gamers who want the true experience more trophies, unlockable gear, stuff like that but make it a little more easier for people who want to dive into this great, terrifying world but wont have the passion and guts to play it the real way…maybe just make them wear a clown mask the whole game or something and when people online see you playing it it will show the clown icon right behind the game title ;)
    everyone will see that you are playing it the kiddo way.
    i really can see why people hesitated to pick this up and it is a shame. the game would still be awesome if it would be a little easier. i wouldn´t mind if there would be an option to chose difficulty…but that´s just my opinion.

    #7 2 years ago

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