Bioware: Rise of the Rakghouls will “show everyone how serious we are” about SWTOR

Wednesday, 18th January 2012 20:23 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Bioware has released Update 1.1 for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Rise of the Rakghouls, which the game’s director said will “show everyone how serious we are about expanding” the game’s universe.

Speaking in a design note on the game’s official website, Jame Ohlen said the update was just the first in a series of content, as the team has many plans in place as it continues “expanding and exploring the galaxy.”

“There’s much more to come,” he wrote. “We have another major update planned for March and future content arriving throughout 2012 and 2013. We plan to release new Operations, Flashpoints, Warzones, Space Missions, single player content, vehicles, and companion characters.

“We’ll always be improving our existing game with additions like guild banks, PVP ranked matches and interface customization. Our Legacy system expands in March, bringing more options and a new level of depth to the existing character classes.”

Ohlen said to also expect “a few surprises” between game updates, as “you never know when the Republic might strike Dromund Kaas, if a mysterious alien fleet could appear in the Core Worlds.”

“Changes are coming, and they’ll affect everyone,” he said. “We fully intend to support Star Wars: The Old Republic—and our players—for many years to come.”

You can read patch notes pertaining to the update through here.



  1. TheWulf

    Maybe they’ll add some actually interesting playable species.

    When did Star Wars become Star Trek, where all aliens are just humans with slightly bumpy heads? That’s all you have in SWTOR, there’s really nothing interesting there at all for the more adventurous of us to play as. It’s one of the primary reasons that I’ve had no interest in playing this.

    At least in Guild Wars 2 you have the likes of the sylvari and the charr, so that’s still the most appealing MMORPG to me, amongst other reasons. Really though, SWTOR has still done nothing to provide any sort of hook for me. I wonder if they’re making loud noises like this due to sales suffering? Really, SWTOR just doesn’t seem that interesting as a world or as a story. Kind of boring, really.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. GrimRita

    Oh Bioware are serious alright – even surprised me by taking one of the worst UI’s in MMO history and making it THE worst. Congrats. That new ability cooldown animation is a work of art, by a complete tit in your ‘design’ team.

    Warzones now take even longer to exit, and, find a game plus are Bioware trying to make a new world record attempt for the amount of times you see the loading screen in any one day?

    #2 3 years ago
  3. viralshag

    Quoting myself:

    “I do agree though, released content that is fully tested is better. I’m just waiting to see that in practice from TOR. Want to make a friendly bet that Patch 1.1 brings in as many bugs as it removes?”

    Sometimes, it just feels really nice to be right. I quote myself again:

    “My example of Rift is mainly how to do a good launch, in which Trion hands down did a better job than Bioware. I’m not even sure how you could say otherwise to this?”

    This still stands.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. GrimRita

    Well Bioware are THAT serious, servers are coming down AGAIN today from 2pm-6pm ( ) LOLOLOLOL. In true Bioware style, no word on what is being fixed – probably a roll back after that dreadful update yesterday.

    I think going forward, they should use the theme from Benny Hill because its turning into a joke now.

    But like I said yesterday, this ‘new’ crap update has helped me decide what to do on Friday – subs cancelled.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. Kalain


    And Blizzard/Turbine/Sony/CCP have never done this to a game that has only been out a month? I think you have a very short and selective memory. I rememeber when WoW first came out and Blizzard had the servers down for 2+ whole days, I know this because Zenedar was one of them. That is far worse than bringing something down for a small patch for a couple of hours. Also, the WoW servers were down after the release for BC for a full day because the servers were unstable after they patched them. I guess you wouldn’t remember that either Mr Selective Memory.

    No, this is not bad for a companies first MMO, could be better though.

    Just put it down that you don’t like the game and move on, whilst others do. Or maybe you have a personal beef against Bioware for some unknown reason known to man.

    No, this isn’t as bad as what other companies have done.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Erthazus

    Good luck fixing broken game, while excuse me, i will finish my Dragon Soul Raid.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. GrimRita

    @5 you know something. I just love how people keep comparing back to WoW. When was that game launched? END of debate imo. If a studio cant learn from those mistakes/issues back in 2004 then they should simply close.

    This genre has been around long enough now to iron out stupid issues. However, when something is design flaw – not a bug, then you have problems…HUGE problems.

    Yet again to pull Rift out. Trion manage daily updates,fixes,patches without the need to pull their servers down for 8 hours at a time, two-three times a week – so why cant someone like Bioware?

    I dont have a beef with Bioware, but I do with their shitty service – there isnt one. The patch was delayed and then pushed out still broken and clearly they knew that, because of todays down time.

    Bioware themselves have said, updates will be weekly and that yet hasnt happened. Delays last week, delays this week, extended downtime over xmas. They just are not learning anything.

    And with Friday looming, EA must be shitting themselves as to see how many will actually stay or cancel. They are even sending out emails with a ‘Founder badge’ if you subscribe to a months play.

    I always thought that those who purchased and played on day one are the ‘founders’ but not in their eyes. You need to commit to another months play to be a ‘founder’.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. viralshag

    “I always thought that those who purchased and played on day one are the ‘founders’ but not in their eyes. You need to commit to another months play to be a ‘founder’.”

    This. I saw that email this morning and couldn’t quite believe just how blatant they were being in the bribe-with-goodies tactics. It just smacked of desperation to me.

    And it did fuck me off that a “founder” in their eyes is only if they continue their sub. Cheap. A medal (probably just as fucking useless as the social badge that gets deleted right away) and a title (as if “founder” is even a good title).


    #8 3 years ago
  9. GrimRita

    I think thats the first time Ive seen you swear Viral lol

    Isnt it funny – SOE with SWG showed how NOT to treat a community when they released CU and NGE within months of each other and now Bioware are showing other developers how NOT to run a service for a Star Wars game – FYI, todays update has been DELAYED AGAIN. Now 3.30-7.30pm GMT

    At least Blizzard offered extended play when they screwed up…….

    #9 3 years ago
  10. viralshag

    @Grim, It’s been a long week of SAP training – which I would like to say as a business tool, is useless and awfully designed.

    That email just really annoyed me. If we were three months in and I had a great time but getting a bit tired of TOR, it would probably make me say “yeah, what the hell” but the fact is, we’re only just getting out of the first month and they’re already trying to sway me to stay with additional “limited” content. Rubbish content at that.

    I mean other than the STAP, I was pretty disappointed by the DD Edition goodies. Flare Gun – Shit, Holo Dancer – Shit, VIP Area Access – Utterly shit, Training Droid – Pointless, and last of all the HoloCam… giving me an item that takes first person screen shots… well blow me down. You know I could just scroll up to first person, Ctrl+U and take a screenshot?

    And a “Founder” title… this was the best you could do to sway the on-the-fence people? Are you seriously taking the piss, Bioware? I just think they are actually mugging me off now.

    Like I said before, new content is great but fixing the game is more important. Forget some shit about rakghouls, that most people haven’t finished grinding their shitty daily quests to do anyway, and fix all the stupid bugs in the game.

    It’s called priorities, Bioware, and right now yours are in a muddle.

    #10 3 years ago
  11. DSB

    It is a really weird way to treat your customers though.

    If you preordered the game and played it since day 1, or within short time of that, then shouldn’t you be awarded for your patronage if there’s any plan of such an award?

    To me it seems like saying “Fuck you, we want your money bitch”. Which they already have, so really they just want even more.

    I guess it’s only a problem for the people who don’t want to re-up, but it’s still a pretty weird message to send. They probably should consider that even the people who don’t re-up now, might reconsider later, but that kind of attitude will probably be discouraging.

    MMORPG players are nothing if not anal.

    #11 3 years ago
  12. viralshag

    @DSB, I won’t disagree with you, I do think MMO players are/can be anal but to me an MMO is not a regular game. It’s an ongoing service as much as anything and part of that is wanting to feel like I’m getting my monies worth for a continuing subscription. I can replay Fallout or Skyrim as much as many hours as an MMO but that was a one-off payment.

    I always use Rift because they are a good example of how to make a good MMO, in the sense of a game and a service. Their GAME had a lot of content and their SERVICE was on time, efficient, updated and they treated their customers, new and old, very well.

    For an example which is related to this, I logged into Rift after being un-subbed for about 4-6 months and I got an achievement and some goodies for subbing or being a member for a length of time based on what I had played. Regardless of the fact this was introduced while I was not subbed, I still got it.

    And this email, titled “Earn the exclusive Founder title for a limited time” – earn? EARN? Surely I earned this by buying the game?

    Last part of my rant was wrong, I took that back. ;)

    #12 3 years ago
  13. DSB

    Oh I wasn’t judging, even if it sounded that way.

    I was always telling myself I had “distance” to WoW when I was playing it, and I believe I tried my hardest, but the truth is that you get such a big stake in those games, that it’s hard not to react really strongly to the way developers handle them.

    Reporting for 4 hour raids several times a week, grinding for consumables, managing addons, it’s hard to avoid that becoming a life within a life.

    And I absolutely think it’s counter-productive to insult your day-one base like that, even if I can’t personally get incensed about it, precisely because I’m not playing it and I don’t have that stake.

    #13 3 years ago
  14. GrimRita

    I feel your pain Viral How do you think those poor suckers feel who bought the Collectors Edition? Nice statue – great but the ‘exclusive’ vendor only sells a 1.5 million credit speeder – thats it! LOL

    And i thought the holocam actually recorded game play, like RIFT does, then upload your footage to you tube – for me, that was a brilliant feature in Rift.

    Even today, they delayed the hot fix twice. Now the servers are down, and their useless community team on twitter, point you to the website for server updates, which of course you cant view as they are offline (or there is ‘high’ levels of traffic.

    I frankly have never seen such a shambolic service in years. For me, the fact SWTOR is such an average MMO may have kept me playing for a month or two but the recent spat of shit updates, downtime and hot fixes have all but confirmed I wont be subbing tomorrow.

    The ‘new’ cooldown ability animations are unreal. I have NEVER seen so many design flaws littered across a single MMO in years. With EA being public, they have to publish the numbers/income from this white elephant and the next investors call will make for very interesting reading.

    By reckon that by the middle of the year, a lot of the design team will be released and a new breed brought in. Please please please, bring in Jake Nerri from LucasArts. He turned SWG from the NGE, brought back many key features and made the game playable again. He really is the only hope Bioware have of saving this game from becoming the laughing stock in the MMO gaming community

    #14 3 years ago
  15. viralshag

    I’m just annoyed. And you of all people know I was happy to defend this game till the cows came home before it came out because I wanted/hoped they would deliver on what looked to be a promising game.

    Maybe I got myself over-hyped or expected too much or maybe I’m just frazzled when it comes to MMOs. Either way, for me personally, it just doesn’t do enough to keep me interested. And if anything, all this talk of Rift has made me want to go and play that a bit haha.

    #15 3 years ago
  16. GrimRita

    Oh yes, I remember all the debates :) Can I say ‘I told you so’? :-p

    I would return to Rift myself but I sold ALL my gear, gave away ALL my cash so I would be a) naked b) broke – a bit daft really.

    And FYI, Bioware have now posted that the downtime will be extended until at least 8.30pm What a bunch of tossers.

    Instead of using their only Brain in Bioware, by shutting down Ilum(where the problem is, so I have read) and let the rest of us play the game, then bring the servers down over night, they decide to ensure that everyone cant play.

    Star Wars: the Downtime Republic. Set 300 years before the invention of Customer Service, a bunch of clueless clowns banded together to push out an unfinished product.

    Although not learning from previous mistakes, the evil Emperor ELECTRONIC ARTS released his beast to the galaxy, only to lose total control early on, and causing chaos within the Republic.

    With only days left to safe themselves from total destruction, two Jedi Knights have been dispatched to save the day…..

    #16 3 years ago
  17. Ireland Michael

    Man, you people have such rose tinted glasses. Not to mention blind, extremist attitudes.

    The game hasn’t even been out a month. There are going to be bugs, there are going to be problems, and they will get fixed in time. Go out and smell some fucking roses or something in the meantime. Jesus.

    WoW was nearly unplayable for its first six months, due to server instabilities and other issues. Heck, it took practically a year for us to get our first bit of new content, and those content updates were few and far between.

    Compared to that, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a freaking nirvana, but it’s good to see that Star Wars is successfully nurturing a community culture of self entitled whiners who have nothing better to do with their lives. Just like WoW.

    #17 3 years ago
  18. GrimRita

    I bring you to the point I made at number 7. If you cant learn from someone elses mistakes, then you shouldnt play with the bigger fish.

    #18 3 years ago
  19. NeoSquall

    @17 Haters gonna hate, Michael.

    #19 3 years ago
  20. viralshag

    @17, You mind where you throw such generalisations such as “you people”? Don’t think I’ve mentioned a comparison to a game 7 year old anywhere.

    And yes, I will whine, thanks, and I believe I’m entitled to because I have paid for the game I’m whining about. Once my sub officially runs out past tonight I will have no reason to complain about it because I have no investment or entitlement to do so.

    I would also just like to point out that some people love to say “YOU CAN’T COMPARE THIS GAME TO WOW, IT’S HAD SEVEN YEARS ON THE MARKET!” and then in the next comment will say something along the lines of “LOOK AT WOW, THAT WAS UNPLAYABLE FOR THE FIRST SIX MONTHS AT LAUNCH!”

    You will find examples like that in most TOR articles on this site. Either use it as a comparison or don’t. Which is why I like to use Rift as an example, because it’s not more than half a decade old and a good comparison of how to do certain things right.

    #20 3 years ago

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