IndieRoyale’s New Year’s Bundle includes Super Crossfire

Friday, 6th January 2012 02:35 GMT By Brenna Hillier

IndieRoyale has lifted the lid on its New Year’s Bundle. The new bundle, which is available for five days, sports Nuclear Dawn; Max & The Magic Marker; Fractal; and compellingly, Super Crossfire, previously available only on iOS, with the PC and Mac versions currently exclusive to IndieRoyale. As always, the minimum price of the bundle goes down if you pay more than required, and goes up if you decline. It’s sitting at $3.99 at time of writing, but more generous purchasers will receive a free copy of George & Jonathan’s Beautiful Lifestyle album.

Thanks, Joystiq.



  1. freedoms_stain

    I got in on this at the preorder stage, mostly for Nuclear Dawn, which I almost bought before, considering it’s £12.99 on Steam alone £2.55 would have been a freakin steal with 3 other games. Since I believe freakin stealing is wrong I paid £5 which is just a regular steal

    #1 3 years ago

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