Marvel MMORPG retitled as Marvel Heroes

Tuesday, 20th December 2011 02:03 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Gazillion’s upcoming MMORPG based on the Marvel comics universe has been renamed.

Now rejoicing in the title Marvel Heroes, the game has fronted a new logo and a piece of Spider-man artwork, which you can admire at your leisure below. The game remains undated.

An interesting upshot of the change is a distancing of the upcoming title from Cryptic’s Champions Online, which was originally developed as a Marvel-licensed game under the Marvel Universe moniker. According to Shack News, Gazillion commented that the new title better reflects the “pivotal” role of the iconic Marvel characters in the game’s universe. Gazillion has hinted in the past that it has an unusual solution to the problem of the relationship between player-created characters and established heroes.

Gazillion’s other Marvel title, the free-to-play, kid-friendly browser MMO Marvel Super Heroes Online, has attracted 1 million registered players.



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