PS3 firmware 4.00 removes quick and easy PSP install option

Friday, 16th December 2011 00:48 GMT By Brenna Hillier

After installing the latest PlayStation 3 firmware, players can no longer copy PSP games from their home console to their handhelds.

Prior to the release of firmware, players could connect their PSP to a PlayStation 3, and as long as the consoles were paired and configured with the same PSN ID, could choose “copy” from the XMB to transfer the game directly to the handheld.

Now, when players highlight a PSP compatible game such as a Mini, PSOne Classic or multiplatform PSN release, the option is simply missing. Players must re-download games directly to their PSP, something of a problem given the ageing hardware’s limited WiFi compatibility.

PSN Stores first noted the strange change, and debunked a theory that the problem was related to a maximum number of installs.

Sony is yet to respond to requests for comment.

Firmware 4.00 preps the PlayStation 3 to serve as a hub for the Vita, which releases in Japan this weekend.

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  1. Kaufer

    The option to copy to PSP from PS3 is still there.

    Re-downloading to PSP isn’t the only option. If you re-download it to the PS3 again the copy to PSP option reappears.
    If you watch this video it’ll show an old version of Chrono Cross doesn’t have a copy option but on the latter half a new version of Chrono Cross does.

    My guess is they updated all PSONE and Minis in the PSstore so its compatible with Vita.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. mojo

    fair enough but they still removed it from curretn installations. not having to redownload shizzle is the entire point behind that feature. so having to redownload the title to get the option to not having to redownload it is rather stupid.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Kaufer

    If you look at the new PSone icons it is now inside a bubble. And the Vita’s UI uses bubble. Maybe the bubble are important so Vita can recognize games. And its not like PSone games seeks online for an update patch likes most modern games do.

    #3 3 years ago

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