Plant beans, harvest new equipment in Nippon Ichi’s Legasista

Thursday, 1 December 2011 01:32 GMT By Brenna Hillier

More details have surfaced regarding Legasista, the new game from Nippon Ichi and ClaDun developer System Prisma.

Siliconera has posted a second batch of screens and artwork for Labyrinth Tower Legasista, only it’s spelling it LegaCista, which is an equally valid interpretation of the Japanese letters.

The dungeon crawler has 17 year old protagonist Alto entering the Ivy Tower, sealed for a millenium, to find a cure for his petrified sister. He’ll meet robot Melize, after which gameplay will be split between the two characters.

As equipment wears out and the tower’s denizens are keen on status effects, you’ll make good friends with one of the Ivy Tower’s caretakers, Ms Dungeon. She’ll sell you bean sprouts, which you can plant to grow useful items and equipment. What.

The game sports continuous environments and is expected on Japanese PlayStation 3’s on March 15. No Western release has been announced, so we’ll have to wait to resolve the troubling spelling question. Send your frantic requests to NIS America.